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Storyboard Sheet. Notes. Notes. Notes. Notes. Notes. Notes. Notes. Team. CHERIE WENDY ALEX RICKY DEBBIE GROUP 3. Date. Communication passport? Factor made communication. Working Title/Learning Objective. 3/04/08. NON-VERBAL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION.
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Storyboard Sheet Notes Team CHERIE WENDY ALEX RICKY DEBBIE GROUP 3 Date Communication identification? Consider made correspondence Working Title/Learning Objective 3/04/08 NON-VERBAL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION Barriers Time Knowledge Understanding Awareness esteem Communication is deinfed as? Correspondence is a "two-way"process when you impart you see to different people reactions & possess your own contemplations and sentiments. It is just by focusing on the other individual that you have any thought regarding what to day or benefit next.When correspondence is missing , wellbeing experts can misjudge or be insensible of patients needs and desires: moreover patients may not comprehend their rights or decisions accessible to them. Described: RAISE AWARENESS: OVERVIEW OF OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNICATION APART FROM SPEECH Time postpone Then Faze in Notes STOP AND THINK ! Recordings cuts? – box-your reason – our imaginable criticism AIDS TO COMMUNICATION Someone taking a seat Behavior A rundown of Positive reasons Your Makaton Biting self - Objects of reference Why is your customer carrying on in that way? What might it be able to mean? outward appearance non-verbal communication BOX 1 ( media input)* errands Object of reference Guess what! Consider Pictures – Facial Expressions-ask what this expression is stating shopping What makes an arrangement of auto keys Communicate to you Blank to begin with Body dialect Go to work - Happy Picture Car keys Type answers Correct answer answers? Press for reply - Frightened Visiting mum and father Go to stop - Sad John can\'t impart verbally. When the time has come to go work we demonstrate to him a spanner. On the off chance that john needs to go to work he will get his spanner. To John a spanner speaks to Narrative Facial expression& non-verbal communication can be interpretted in various ways. Have a go at speculating & we will let you know whether you are correct BOX 2 May be in a stream diagram frame Common ordinary Signs Wave = leave Makaton Videos take in some basic signs 9 – Can you Now name 3 types of Non-verbal Communication and answers Video of signs-would you be able to think about what these mean? Our customers utilize a wide range of techniques for individualized correspondence. Ask them do they have a Communication Passport answer Makaton is imparting utilizing signs. Every word has a significance Further data, sites/glossary

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