Streak Week 5.

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Streak Week 5 Presentation by Mindy McAdams Posthumous: Streak 3 exercise Sliding board usefulness Utilization of enormous, excellent pictures (versus small pictures) Decisions for format of catches, content, and so on. Sliding board usefulness How about we take a gander at some phenomenal answers for the catch riddle …
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Streak Week 5 Presentation by Mindy McAdams

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Post-mortem: Flash 3 activity Sliding board usefulness Use of huge, delightful pictures (versus modest pictures) Choices for design of catches, content, and so on

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Sliding board usefulness Let’s take a gander at some incredible answers for the catch riddle … Two arrangements, each entirely distinctive

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This catch is not inside the film clasp (and notification the example name of the catch)

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There is a second catch underneath the first

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Notice the occasion name of the second catch

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Inside the motion picture cut course of events, the script addresses the secure occurrence on the primary Timeline (with _parent)

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The script inside the motion picture cut timetable is diverse for every position (out, in) of the sliding board

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Sliding board usefulness Now take a gander at an altogether different arrangement that is just as great …

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Here is the sliding board on the principle Timeline

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On the course of events of the sliding board motion picture cut, the entire board is a catch image

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The script on the catch in edge 1 of the motion picture cut

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Here’s the catch after “slideout”

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The script on the catch in casing 11 of the motion picture cut

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Sliding board usefulness Both of these arrangements are great on the grounds that the sliding board can just slide down when it is up , and the other way around Buttons that work the way you would anticipate that them will work improve the expert nature of a Flash bundle

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Now let’s examine outline Use of pictures in Flash Placement of pictures (not the same as on a standard Web page) Use the full Stage at whatever point you can Small is not wonderful

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Which looks better? (1)

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Which looks better? (2)

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Which looks better? (3)

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Again: Which is better? (1)

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Again: Which is better? (2)

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Placement of catches, boards Functionality first Alignment with different things on the Stage Avoid focusing much of the time “Don’t make me think” What will the client anticipate? What would the client like to do?

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Balance & arrangement An alternate arrangement changes everything

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Placement of sliding board Where might you put the sliding board?

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Placement of sliding board Appearance is like catches, yet not indistinguishable

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Placement of sliding board Enough space for board to look OK when it is unmistakable

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Positioning content & pictures What can be moved forward?

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Positioning content & pictures Photo size & arrangement; content arrangement

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Positioning content & pictures Placement of both content and photographs

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Positioning content & pictures Alignment directs the eye; vicinity shows connections. Utilization of space: Avoid “crowding”

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The End Presentation by Mindy

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