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As a matter of first importance attidude. Summer is overYou had months of fun..hopefully.. furthermore, most likely a mid year work now settle down to a school schedule. Also - state of mind . On the off chance that you are disillusioned with your outcomes you have a choice:To improve resultsTo keep feeling despondent and get more lost into not doing your work as an understudy due to self pityTo think you are sad and invest energy
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Think about Tips Career Guidance and Counseling Office Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary Naxxar Malta

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First of all-attidude Summer is over You had months of fun..hopefully.. what\'s more, presumably a late spring work now settle down to a school routine

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Secondly - state of mind If you are baffled with your outcomes you have a decision: To show signs of improvement results To keep feeling miserable and get more lost into not doing your work as an understudy in view of self indulgence To think you are sad and invest energy with companions doing nothing – you will get an A level in kinship and hanging about

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Thirdly - mentality Decide what you truly might want to accomplish with some exertion: During this year in the event that you are in course 1 or 2 During the following two years in the event that you are in course 2 or three

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Fourthly - demeanor If you don\'t do anything, nothing will happen Asking for help and data is fundamental as there are many further review alternatives

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Fifth point - disposition If you just think about considering nothing will happen… you have to take a seat, make an arrangement and begin… It would help on the off chance that you do this consent to begin together with a companion regardless of the possibility that you ponder independently

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Self assessment Everyone is diverse so on the off chance that you got high evaluations in your SEC outcomes then you can survey the measure of time you have to study to accomplish fair outcomes that you merit

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Self assessment If you got low evaluations and concentrated an extraordinary give you know you can do it yet you have to buckle down… don\'t surrender and begin with a relentless pace

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Illusions of certainty Whatever your evaluations for SEC are, for post auxiliary training you have to invest more exertion

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Simple review arrange Do your home works, articles assignments and ventures Keep your notes a la mode Disobey the guidelines of the three Fs: [ph]otocopy, record, overlook

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Simple review arrange So do the inverse: Revise amend modify read the notes and the books or freebees Ask your coaches when you don\'t comprehend and not three months after the fact but rather ASAP [as soon as poss]

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Simple review arrange – a few standards If your break is longer then your review period – it doesn\'t work!!!!! Figure how much time you use on MP3, fb, MSN, SMS, pets, PSP, TV, battling with mum and any individual who is around.., chasing for sustenance, clearing up your room [ha ha]

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Simple review arrange – a few guidelines When you ascertain how much time you utilize you will understand that you do have sufficient energy to study You do have sufficient energy to study You do have room schedule-wise to think about

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Simple review arrange – a few standards When you begin contemplating in the long run turn off your portable, your PC in the event that it is close you, and after that you can utilize them as a reward after you have considered.

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Simple review arrange Once your documents are sorted out Oops they are most certainly not? So compose your records and books

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Simple review arrange If you begin as ahead of schedule as October/November Half a hour for every subject every day [after you do you homework] and Saturday and Sunday are get up to speed days

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Simple review arrange Sat and Sun are make up for lost time days since you may have football, private lessons, scouts, expressive dance, music lessons, hanging out with companions on wellspring, Barrakka or Hastings in Valletta and so forth and so on week days

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Simple review arrange Sat and Sun are get up to speed days since you may have been out late on Fri or Sat and need to think about off however in 24 hours you can fit in 3 to 4 hours work

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Simple review arrange in the event that you begin later on in the year you should commit additional time per subject every day or you set yourself up for poor outcomes

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Simple review arrange Remember that in the event that you have free lessons in school you can begin to accomplish something - there is the library And you can drag your companions with you and all of you do some work – sit separately!!!!

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Simple review arrange Some individuals find that half and hour per subject could be too short so you can choose to utilize the time on one subject and after that the following day you concentrate another

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Simple review arrange You need self-restraint You may concur with a companion so you arrange together despite the fact that you work in particular homes so you will bolster each other – think about pal

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Simple review arrange You can likewise converse with your instructors at school or the direction educators They will help you to get sorted out If you do additional work you can request that your subject educator adjust it

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Simple review arrange Teachers are a decent race of individuals for the most part If you work they will help you progressively If you don\'t work they as a rule pursue you – it is their obligation – yet when you don\'t react or keep away from they will proceed onward

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So… … . Begin Start And proceed with Continue proceed

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So… … . Staff in the Career Guidance and directing office can help you to make them go

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