Study Tips.

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General Study Tips. Go to each class. Keep up. Work: For every class hour need. 15-20 minutes assessing past material. 60-hour and a half homework ...
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Study Tips It Isn\'t Easy But We Can Do It

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Overall Study Tips Attend each class Keep up Work: For every class hour need 15-20 minutes surveying past material 60-a hour and a half homework 15-20 minutes reviewing new material Be a decent audience Take great notes Ask particular inquiries Practice until homework issues are standard

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Preparing For An Exam Do not pack Do not retain Strive to augment comprehension of the ideas Know vital definitions, hypotheses, and techniques and how to apply them Make and take a practice test Strive to "second figure" the exam questions

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Taking An Exam Do the straightforward things first "Be speedy yet don\'t rush" Strive to answer each inquiry Don\'t invest to much energy in any one inquiry Show all work Check for inconsiderate blunders Be sane Relax "Achievement originates from the significant serenity of realizing that you have put forth a valiant effort"

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Success "At G-d\'s stool to admit, A poor soul bowed and bowed his head. I fizzled, he cried. The expert said, thou did thy best . . . That is achievement."

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