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Study Tips. Locate your own particular calm spot to consider. Arrangement a study time in your day by day plan ... Tips for Eating Well Everyday. Eat a lot of foods grown from the ground (At ...
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Study Tips Find your own particular calm spot to study Plan a study time in your every day plan Take short breaks to extend, move, get outside air, and so on. Abstain from eating while concentrating on, enjoy a reprieve to eat Get enough rest Join a study bunch Eat a light dinner before an exam. Try not to go to an exam hungry!

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Want to Get Ahead in the Workplace? Join clubs: Practice authority abilities Establish a hard working attitude Learn to accumulate data rapidly Get fit: Look, act & think sound Practice taking care of issues Improve composing aptitudes

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Plan for Success! Passage Student Success Center Academic Advising Career Counseling Employment Services Resources for: call 523-4772

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The Learning Assistance Centers (LAC) Offer: Individual mentoring Online coaching Study bunches Supplemental Instruction Study abilities help * Free administrations to understudies * Resources for help:

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Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep… Go to bed in the meantime consistently Exercise frequently – yet not very close sleep time Avoid caffeine toward the evening & evening Avoid nourishment & liquids close rest time Engage in an unwinding action before rest

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Timely Tips "For consistently spent in sorting out, a hour is earned." -Author obscure Write a To-Do-List each morning Break vast undertakings down into littler ones Seek equalization – plan time for what you need and need to do Make "holding up time" valuable time

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Consent is when both grown-up gatherings verbally consent to partake in a sexual demonstration. On the off chance that whenever, one of the members says "NO," then there is no assent. Without assent incorporates if the casualty is pressured or unequipped for giving assent by being affected by medications or liquor, snoozing, or intellectually disabled . Assets for Help: For more data on rape training, brutality anticipation, look at

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Healthy Eating What\'s in it for You? Great sustenance can enhance: Endurance Mood Strength Energy use Immune capacity Self regard Sleep Weight administration Stress administration Test execution

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Stock your small scale cooler with: Apples Grapes Oranges Yogurt Carrot sticks Low fat milk Tomato juice Bean burrito Stock your nibble rack with: Whole grain oat Granola Low fat microwave popcorn Bananas Herbal tea Oatmeal Healthy Snacks *Skip the high fat treats, chips, sweet and sugary oats

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Tips for Eating Well Everyday Eat a lot of foods grown from the ground (At minimum 2 glasses products of the soil ½ mugs vegetables day by day) Choose entire grains & beans, not profoundly prepared heated merchandise Limit soaked fat, included sugars & salt

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Nutrition Services at Fronske Health Center Nutrition Counseling For: Wellness Medical conditions Eating Disorders Weight Management Athletics Nutritionist: Jo Cahill, M.S.,R.D. *No referral required *Call 928 523-8995 to plan an arrangement *Fee: $18.00 per visit or FREE with Student Blue or Gold Plan

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Having Sex without Protection? Why take a risk? Get the actualities. Get secured. Go to … Online Birth Control Class A snappy, helpful approach to get the actualities and gain your introduction to the world power at Fronske

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Cold & Flu Prevention Get an "Influenza Shot". Call 523-6359 for information. Wash hands habitually Also, abstain from touching your hands to your mouth, nose, and eyes. Maintain a strategic distance from liquor and recreational medications they can bring down the insusceptible framework Get a lot of rest tranquilizers the resistant framework Eat an adjusted, sound eating regimen phytonutrients help the safe framework Exercise consistently direct practice alleviates stress and boosts the safe framework

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Getting Over that Cold Faster Plenty of rest. Dozing 8-10 hours a day can enhance recuperation time. Rest. Relaxing for a day or two to forestall confusions. Keep away from liquor and recreational medications. They bring down your insusceptibility. Drink a lot of liquids Choose water, juices, soups, and natural tea. Keep away from liquor and caffeine. Visit your human services supplier – Fronske suppliers can give counsel.

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Stay Healthy: Wash Your Hands… When your flat mate is wiped out Before embeddings contact focal points Before eating After working out After utilizing the restroom

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Stay Energized! Inhale profoundly Don\'t skip suppers Drink no less than some water each day Eat organic product rather than treat Stretch Take a walk Sleep 7-8 hours daily

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Feeling Depressed is Common 1 in 4 NAU understudies report being discouraged 3 or more times in the past school year. NAU Resources for Help

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Feeling… Exhausted (not from physical movement) Overwhelmed Very pitiful Things are sad Not resting soundly Can\'t focus or So discouraged it\'s hard to capacity This might be sadness. On the off chance that you are having any of these side effects for over 2 weeks, look for help . NAU Resources for Help

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We got the certainties from you. 71% of NAU understudies have four or less or no beverages when they party or mingle. We got the truths from you. NAU-National College Health Assessment 2007 Survey (740 respondents) directed to an arbitrary example of NAU understudies

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Use a calm, assigned driver Avoid drinking diversions Choose not to drink liquor Drink non-alcoholic carbon copies Pace beverages to one or less beverages a hour Decide ahead of time not to surpass a set number of beverages Eat before and/or amid drinking Keep track of the quantity of beverages expended Alternate non-alcoholic with mixed refreshments 98.6% of NAU understudies who drink report doing one or a greater amount of the accompanying: … dependably or as a rule when they party or associate

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Arizona\'s Impaired Driving Law: It\'s unlawful to drive affected by liquor or different medications when your capacity to drive is disabled to the scarcest degree . $1,000 fine in addition to extra charges $1,000 imposition expense $3,500-in addition to in lawyer expenses 10 days in prison Loss of time from school and work Inability to pick up vocation Cost of a DUI:

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92% of NAU understudies don\'t drink & drive If you drink, be mindful: Plan ahead, assign a calm driver, or call a taxicab. We got the certainties from you. Wellbeing & Wellness Survey 2006 (1,089 respondents) controlled to an arbitrary example of NAU understudies

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Have a Healthy Weekend Get a lot of rest Don\'t skip suppers Enjoy the outside Wear sun piece Study Plan for one week from now Contact companions & family Avoid mishandling liquor or different medications

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Why Exercise? To feel awesome To rest better To look great To discharge anxiety To stay loose To reestablish fearlessness To quit smoking To meet new companions To test myself

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Campus Fitness Resources Find an action that suits you. NAU choices incorporate : The Recreation Center 523-1732 Outdoor Recreation 523-2732 (excursions & classes) Intramurals 523-3111 Wall Aquatic Center 523-4509 Fieldhouse 523-1523 2 ball courts, 2 tennis courts

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Mental Fitness Tips Use positive self-talk Think hopefully Pay it forward Think hopefully View life\'s difficulties as circumstances Laugh Breathe profoundly

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Thinking about enhancing your mental wellness? Demonstrated anxiety decrease methodologies Recognize the need to adapt Identify wellsprings of anxiety Identify your indications of anxiety Generate numerous adapting systems Use an assortment of procedures to take care of issues and misery NAU Resources for Help

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Mental Fitness Tip: Coping with Disappointment Be adaptable, move with the punches Share your sentiments with another person Re-assess your desires change your desires Learn from the experience to end up more grounded Think emphatically

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