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Subcontracts Exhibited by: Victoria Tugade Subcontract Prepare This procedure is the same for generally alterations. Victoria Tugade, 626-5782 Email: Division Order:
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Subcontracts Presented by: Victoria Tugade

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Subcontract Process This procedure is the same for most changes. Victoria Tugade, 626-5782 Email: Department Requisition: Object code 3350 for the first $25K hampered on any new subcontract and article code 3340 for the remaining trusts Fax to our office (626-4520) the accompanying documentation: Scope of Work, Budget, Sole Source Justification, and Subcontract Monitoring Responsibilities Form. Division Approval: ORCA messages the draft to the dept for endorsement. The business director and/or PI survey the data and roll out any vital improvements. We likewise request any extra documentation as of now. ORCA Drafting the Agreement : ORCA gets the order after division and SPS approbation. We then compose the draft. ORCA Finalizing the Agreement : ORCA gets the completely executed report from the subcontractor and sends a PDF by means of email to the business office for their documents. ORCA Processing the Agreement : ORCA gets the dept regard and starts marks once a PO has been allocated by acquiring. IMPORTANT!!!!! NO Invoices may be paid until the subcontract is completely executed and the business office has gotten their completely executed duplicate.

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New Subcontract or Modification? Change Existing Subcontract Same FRS Account No. Carryforward Allowed Same Project Same Project however diverse FRS Account No. New Subcontract New Project Prime Award Change (New FRS Account No.- with a few special cases.) Need for Separate Accounting for Each Year (with a few exemptions)

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When is a Modification Necessary? ORCA needs to issue a composed adjustment to the subcontract at whatever point one of these things change: The Budget expands or diminishes The Scope of Work is altered The end date is amplified (No-expense expansion) The PI changes The legitimate name of the Subcontractor changes Any different terms or conditions are changed (i.e. at the point when receipts are to be gotten, aggregate evaluated expense of the venture, as strategy changes oblige changes to contract dialect, and so on.) A Change Order (CH sort) demand just should be entered for a no-expense augmentation, a lawful name change, or a financial plan alteration.

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Subcontractors versus Sellers A subcontract includes a synergistic working relationship between a UA Principal Investigator and a PI at another organization, organization or individual: The Subcontractor PI settles on project choices and teams up with the UA PI. Execution measured against a pre-planned extent of work. Responsible to UA for the utilization of any subsidizing gave through the Subcontract. For a subcontract, the University’s IDC is just charged on the first $25,000 of the aggregate sum (this is the standard case, in spite of the fact that it now and then changes). The other choice is to select a merchant to finish a work\'s piece: A seller gives products or administrations as a standard piece of its business operations as a component of a focused situation. For a standard buy from a seller, the University’s IDC is charged on the whole measure of the buy. This sort of joint effort is prepared through PACS Sometimes a “subcontractor” can have merchant like components, and soon thereafter ORCA and the office will cooperate to figure out whether a subcontract ought to be issued.

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Prior Approval for Subcontracts If a subcontract is not recorded in the prime honor spending plan, a subaward exposure structure is needed. It would be ideal if you contact your store bookkeeper for this structure. In the event that the prime recompense does not require earlier approbation for a subcontract, the Prime Sponsor is informed of the new subcontract as a letter. This letter must be composed by the division. The Letter layout is situated on the SPS site and is titled “New Subaward Disclosure Template”. The Letter requires the PI’s regard and in addition Institutional Approval through SPS. If you don\'t mind contact your store bookkeeper for help with or questions about this strategy.

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EAR/ITAR The terms and conditions in the prime recompense will stream down to the Subcontractor. On the off chance that your prime honor has EAR/ITAR consistence issues these issues will stream down to the Subcontractor. EAR/ITAR issues ought to be unveiled and examined at the subcontracting\'s onset process with both ORCA and the Subcontractor. ORCA finishes a Visual Compliance keep an eye on the PI and Organization when the Subcontract is a remote establishment. If it\'s not too much trouble see the Export Compliance, freebee number 1 For EAR/ITAR issues please contact Nora Moriarty at 626-2423 or .

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IDC and Object Codes Object Codes: The article codes for Subcontracts are 3350 and 3340. On the off chance that a demand is entered for a subcontract and the article codes are entered as something besides 3350 and 3340 the order won\'t be directed to me and won\'t be prepared as a subcontract. 3350 is for the first $25,000 of a subcontract when Indirect Cost (IDC) is charged. Any sum over $25,000 hampered on 3340 at a Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC) expense base 3340 is utilized for the whole subcontract sum just when the Prime Award does not take into account IDC. For this situation no sum is burdened/charged to 3350. It would be ideal if you see IDC data, freebee number 2

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Budget and Scope of Work The monetary allowance you accommodate a subcontract, or a subcontract alteration, must match the sum on the order that burdened the trusts. The extent of work ought to be clear in regards to the work you are hoping to be done, the deliverables you are hoping to get, and a course of events in which you are anticipating that the work should be finished and the deliverables got.

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Subrecipient Monitoring “Subcontract Risk Monitoring” structure for all subcontracts Delineates the office\'s obligations and Principal Investigator in guaranteeing that just ALLOWABLE uses are being paid. The PI is obliged to favor all charges on every receipt and compose “Approved” or “OK to pay” with a mark The Departmental approved offical is likewise needed to endorse receipts before they are sent to records payable. The level of observing needed for every subcontract is dictated by ORCA and gave to you at the draft stage. Danger level is surveyed by ORCA, in view of: Amount, Type of establishment, Subcontractor’s execution in earlier concurrences with the University, Relevant discoveries on the Subcontractor’s review, and Departments consistence with University approach and procedure. Change in Risk Level: Changes in the agreement circumstances or conduct of Subcontractor can trigger an adjustment in danger level. ORCA and Department will cooperate to settle on fitting choices on changes to hazard level Please take note of that this structure is a State\'s necessity of Arizona Purchasing System. If it\'s not too much trouble see Risk Monitoring structures and network, gift number 3

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Sole Source Justification A Sole Source Justification (SSJ) must be finished with every last New Subcontract. The SSJ asks the UA PI to answer three inquiries For what reason was this specific subcontractor chose to perform the work? Were focused offers looked for? Do you or any individual from your task staff, or any individual from you or your undertaking staff’s prompt families, have any individual or budgetary enthusiasm for the proposed subcontractor? Each of these inquiries must be addressed and the structure must be marked by the PI and came back to ORCA by means of fax If this data was contained in your proposition to the Sponsor, you may cut and glue that defense. If it\'s not too much trouble take note of that this structure is a State\'s prerequisite of Arizona Purchasing System. If it\'s not too much trouble see SSJ structure, gift number 4

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Independent Contractor Form We are currently obliging that an Independent Contractors structure be finished when subcontracting to a person. This structure can be found at . Finishing this structure will help both ORCA and Purchasing with the opportune consummation of inside printed material to transform your Subcontract Please see IC structure, gift number 5.

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Draft Documents Drafts: A draft that is sent to you for survey is an interior just record and ought not be sent to the subcontractor for audit by your office. The SC-227 Subcontract Approval Form is incorporated in the draft. It would be ideal if you guarantee that you give any data that is required as demonstrated by the x in the container comparing to the required archive. Keep in mind that the draft can\'t be finished for marks until the SC-227 and any asked for data is gotten by my office. If you don\'t mind see SC-227 format, freebee number 6

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Subcontracts with No Auto-vestige For Subcontracts that don\'t have programmed carryforward: You must get a receipt that is obviously stamped FINAL after the end of every financial plan period and that last receipt must be gotten preceding the UA’s monetary due date to the Prime honor. At the point when entering an order for the following years subsidizing the demand sort ought to be CH and, if the FRS number is changing, the FRS number ought to be changed on the order. In the event that the FRS number is changing from year to year, you should unencumber any remaining stores from the earlier years FRS.

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Paying Invoices on Your Subcontract NO installment can be made until we have gotten the completely marked subcontract. NO installment can be made on stores included an adjustment until we have gotten the completely marked alterations. Any installments made without a marked subcontract or alteration are at the PI\'s danger and division. Keeping in mind the end goal to send a receipt for installment the PI and Department regulatory authority must survey receipts and complete the Subcontract Payment Auth

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