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Obedience. Core Study Bickman 1974. Core Study. BATs Explain and outline Bickman’s research into obedience and the power of uniform Plan and collect data on a replication of Bickman’s research Evaluate Bickman’s research. Homework Answer questions 1-8 Activity 4.8 p57.
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Dutifulness Core Study Bickman 1974

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Core Study BATs Explain and framework Bickman\'s exploration into acquiescence and the force of uniform Plan and gather information on a replication of Bickman\'s examination Evaluate Bickman\'s exploration Homework Answer questions 1-8 Activity 4.8 p57

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What makes somebody comply? Setting Number of individuals around (accord) Culture Does the presence of a man in power have any kind of effect?

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Can you distinguish these regalia? Who are you destined to comply?

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Bickman 1974 Aim – Does appearance influence how individuals obey others? Methodology – Field test 3 male experimenters – each took it thusly to dress as a regular citizen (coat and tie), milkman, monitor uniform (resembled a cop) Gave requests to 153 arbitrary people on foot on a road in Brooklyn, New York Why did every individual need to spruce up in every ensemble?

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What were the requests? Grabbing litter – \'Get this pack for me.\' Coin and stopping meter – \'This man is overparked at the meter yet doesn\'t have any change – give him a dime.\' Bus Stop – \'Don\'t you know you need to remain on the opposite side of the shaft? This sign says "No Standing".\'

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Findings of Bickman\'s study 89% 57% Obedience Rate (%) 33% Type of Uniform

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Conclusion Demonstrated the force of specific sorts of uniform. Dress can recommend power . At the point when individuals think somebody will rebuff them, they will probably obey . Do as you are told – or something bad might happen!!

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Limitations of Bickman\'s Study There was an absence of control over factors… … variables, for example, swarming, climate and commotion could have influenced submission rates. The study was untrustworthy… … on the grounds that members had not given assent and may have been brought about misery, embarassment and inconvenience. The confederates (wearing the uniform) were all men… … so there may have been a sexual orientation predisposition in results – would individuals respond the same to ladies in regalia?

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Limitations of Bickman\'s Study Pedestrians were chosen by circumstance testing – The identity or conditions of the members were not known. They may have been in a rush, discouraged or simply distracted The study was just done in one city in one nation – There is proof that Culture influences submission levels. So we can\'t make sure if passers by from different urban areas or nations would be as respectful. Socially Biased research

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Work in 3\'s One of you will covertly record comes about Over to you … You should make a count diagram We are going to attempt to reproduce Bickman\'s Field Experiment toward the end of period 5!! How might we be able? Do you think understudies would will probably get litter on the off chance that you were … Dressed in ordinary school uniform? Wearing a Prefect\'s dark jumper and identification?

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What were your discoveries? You can either utilize you possess results or pool everybody\'s outcomes. Discover the rate acquiescence rate of every condition number of the individuals who obeyed x 100 aggregate number of individuals tried Draw a bar graph of your information Can you reach an indistinguishable conclusion from Bickman? What constraints did you encounter?

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Get prepared for one week from now … Write a letter to an individual from the School Leadership Team to welcome them to be talked with period 6 (from 3pm) one week from now. Mr Cook, Mr Allister, Mrs Thomas, Miss Manteghi, Mr Evans, Mrs Wilson, Mr Brunnock, Mrs Skuse, Mr Tetlow Heads of School – MR, CHy, SRn We will get some information about the elements that influence dutifulness and their part in keeping up train inside school.

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Extension In 3s make one road scene each from Bickman\'s study Make a funny cartoon with toon and discourse bubbles Some photos are accessible for you to utilize.

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Plenary Share your toon – who did the best one? Why? Homework Answer questions 1-8 Activity 4.8 p57 Look at p59 Doing Research – think what questions you could ask SLT

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