Sun based Vitality RESEARCH at IOC-Research and development Center, Faridabad.

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Sun based Vitality RESEARCH at IOC-Research and development Center, Faridabad Dr. D.K. Tuli General Chief (Substitute Vitality) Scope Sun oriented Vitality Research Arrangement of IOC-Research and development Approach Line of activity (procedure) Essential examination Sun powered Force Era Arrangements of IOC Sun powered Lights and different items
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Sun oriented ENERGY RESEARCH at IOC-R&D Center, Faridabad Dr. D.K. Tuli General Manager (Alternate Energy)

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Coverage Solar Energy Research Plan of IOC-R&D Approach Line of activity (procedure) Basic exploration Solar Power Generation Plans of IOC Solar Lanterns & different items Solar hydrogen apportioning station Large scale sun oriented ranches

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Three-Pronged Approach Infrastructure & Expertise Creation Product Development & Technology Evaluation Basic Research Projects

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R&D Strategy - Infrastructure & Expertise Creation Set-up lab office for testing of lights and other sunlight based vitality driven items Testing office for sun powered boards Up-degree of lab office To affirmation level Discussions with TUV, Germany and Fraunhaufer, Germany For Solar Cell Research For Solar Thermal Research

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Targeted Areas of Expertise Solar PV Testing of Modules & Components of PV Systems – Mechanical, Electrical, Environment & Other Related Tests Energy yield appraisals – Study of nearby illumination information & framework subtle elements and long haul yield gauges accumulation utilizing reproductions Site Condition Evaluation – Actual vitality yield at the site including shadowing/flavoring and sort of plant (off or on lattice, pump frameworks and so forth) Technology consultative administrations – Based on worldwide innovation assessment and applicable models/regulations Plant observing, yield vitality yields checks and assessment – Data logging and examination capacities Damage & shortcoming appraisal – Determination and investigation of harms & glitches of the frameworks including obliged repairs

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Necessity for Comprehensive Testing Why? Delayed introduction to climate and great temperature conditions Sturdiness of protecting materials Performance of wires Extent of current spillages Fire and wellbeing dangers For Whom ? Lattice tied frameworks Government refunds and assessment motivators House protection Off-network frameworks Current spillages Durability

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Benefits of Comprehensive Testing Facilities Setting up of complete lab office Can be used for all R&D purposes and in addition for confirmation reason Sole Indian party status and second Asian accreditation nation after Japan If used for affirmation, can acquire additional income All community oriented essential exploration endeavors should be helped by utilizing the lab office effectively and the pace of advancement will be upgraded by forceful foundation/modern joint efforts

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Targeted Areas of Expertise Solar Thermal Basic examination regions: Advanced coatings Improved reflectors Advanced warm authorities High temperature safe thermic liquids Applied examination territories: Hydrogen era through sun powered warm course Advanced galaxies for refinery steam pre-warming sun based helped biomass gasifiers air warming & drying and so forth

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Hydrogen through Solar Energy

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R&D Strategy Product Development & Technology Evaluation Technology/item tie-ups for LED lamps & different machines advancement for boards for sunlight based warm items IITs & CSIR labs, for example, CMERI, CEERI, CAZRI and so forth Existing innovation assessment and information era Actual field assessment exercise on controlled premise on a 10 KWp size plant complete with information administration offices Power era & information logging to assess all conceivable business PV advances amongst taking after : Mono and/or multi c-Si a-Si CPV CIGS CdTe Activity can be amplified further for all remaining cell advances under brooding

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R&D Strategy – Basic Research Focus on third & fourth Generation PV Cells Solar warm frameworks paving the way to hydrogen era Basic exploration for Improved Solar Systems Outsourcing & Collaboration

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Solar Lanterns from IndianOil Made for poor, loved by rich……. a practical sunlight based force era for India

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Kerosene use - Market Surveys Puri & Bhubaneswar

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The hows & whys of sun powered lights Solar light brighter, healthier & less expensive than lamp oil lights Brighter than lamp fuel lights 15-20 times better quality light 150-200 lumens versus 10-20 lumens (lamp oil ‘dibri’ ) No smoke Virtual disposal of ash related wellbeing danger Cheaper than lamp oil lights No moving parts, next to no upkeep Near-zero warmth Can sit near light: shelter to villagers & retailers Above all, perpetual wellspring of vitality

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Solar lighting choices for the poor & white collar class 3 alternatives 1. Focal accusing station of lamps on rental for low-wage villagers Regular pay for the provincial business visionary Micro-financing by MFI/RRB/CB for buy of lights by the poor 2. Sun oriented lights with little boards for moderately well-off villagers Direct buy & utilize 3. Town selection Options 1 & 2 functional for both urban & semi-urban clients Low-salary ranges Shops/mandis (commercial center) Emergency lights

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D(PBD) initiating SCS, Sathla KSK Rooftop sun oriented boards, Sathla KSK Solar Charging Station (SCS) The Concept Solar charging stations At RO/KSK/LPGD or Any focal area Direct charging amid the day Batteries inside the lamps

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Solar Charging Station (SCS) The Concept Customers pay rent for light & an expense for charging light on a day by day/month to month premise Every night, Customers bring the released light and bring an accused lamp of them Alternatively, the charging station proprietor organizes conveyance & accumulation of lamps

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IndianOil’s Solar Charging Station KSK, Sathla, UP

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IndianOil’s Solar Lantern Charging Rack KSK, Chokoni , UP

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IndianOil’s Solar Lantern being used Ujhari town, Gajraula, Bareily DO Sweet shops utilizing IndianOil’s sun based lamps A scientific expert shop utilizing IndianOil’s sun powered lights

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Solar Lantern’s Specifications

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INDIAN OIL ’s Solar Lanterns (Proposed Target Specifications )

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IOC-R&D Plan & Targets (2011-2013) New item advancement Rural use Lanterns Solar fueled fans Pump sets Street lights Urban use Home lighting frameworks Fans Garden lights Mobile chargers Street lights Inverters Captive influence creating sets Miscellaneous (Industrial including business structures) use Cookers Power producing units Demo Projects Installation of sun based controlled frameworks inside R&D Extending backing to introduce galaxies in sister divisions Setting up some demonstrated mechanical units in the nation as demo units to jump frog the specialized ability 2011 2012-13 ~ 50+ MW (12000 ROs x 6 W/d x 200 days x 4 years) Solar Mission target = 200 MW for of-network by 2013

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Development of Solar based HCNG administering station at Delhi amid Commonwealth Games Project Objectives To pick up involvement with on location Solar Hydrogen Production base and Hydrogen HCNG use in car vehicles To study execution, discharge, unwavering quality and security parts of hydrogen controlled vehicles To exhibit Hydrogen/HCNG fueled vehicles for open mindfulness and acknowledgment amid Commonwealth Games

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Work Plan Work Plan IOC will set up nearby Solar Photovoltaic/Electrolyser based hydrogen apportioning station. The station will include the accompanying Solar photovoltaic boards Electrolyser Hydrogen compressor Hydrogen Storage Blender & Dispenser

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Infrastructure Required

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Future Fuels A dynamic & gainful vitality focus of notoriety having universal level examination offices, improvement ability and confirmation accreditations

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Basic Research on New Generation PV Cells Possibilities: Multi intersection gadgets Stacks of single intersection cells in slipping request of band-crevice Top cell catches high-vitality photons and passes lay on to lower band-hole cells New materials/material innovations Nano PV cells Dye sharpened cells Polymer cells Concentrator PV Concentrates and uses most extreme sun power

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PV Cells….. hypothetical projections PROS: Multi intersection is one of the way to deal with surpass single intersection efficiencies For half effectiveness, it is specified that 5 intersections should be required expecting 80% ingestion is conceivable CONS The pair methodology is constrained by the accessibility of stable materials of coveted band holes Concentration have challenges in acknowledgment point and warm administration as the level of focus is expanded

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Solar Energy Some Interdisciplinary Areas of R&D Hydrogen era through Solar Energy Comparative investigation of PV & Thermal course Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic Emerging & promising range Polymeric Materials and chemicals utilized as a part of sunlight based boards Polymeric movies Adhesives Hybrid Systems Fuel cells Combustion designing

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Learning from the Workshop Solar PV and Solar Thermal are two unmistakable and separate regions of sun based vitality look into Traditionally, sun based warm was more being used quantitatively, while sun powered PV is currently spreading far & wide Total introduced sun oriented warm limit in world ~ 500 MW Total introduced sun based PV limit in world ~ 15 GW At present, introducing sun powered warm plant is generally less expensive than sun powered PV plant of identical limit

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Solar Thermal – Some Areas Under R&D Basic examination regions: Advanced force cycles Advanced coatings Improved reflectors Advanced warm author

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