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Cross-stage execution. Inserted in convenient electronic items ... Internet brought on quick hobby. Article Oriented Language. Accomplishes measured quality ...
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SUN MICROSYSTEMS Tony Almon Hoby Coleman David Gibson John Richardson

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ABOUT SUN Founded in 1982 "The system is the PC" has been the controlling rationality

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PRODUCT OFFERINGS JAVA Cross-stage execution Embedded in convenient electronic items Java is a key to Sun\'s prosperity

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PRODUCT OFFERINGS SOFTWARE Internet administrations Network availability Security Network administration Application servers

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PRODUCT OFFERINGS HARDWARE Desktop frameworks Servers Network availability Data Warehousing Peripherals

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BUSINESS PRINCIPLE MULTI-VENDOR SOLUTIONS Teams with programming merchants Brings Java and registering stage to the association Business accomplices Sun and Informix Sun and Netscape

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JAVA Based on C++ Sun presented in May 1995 World Wide Web brought about quick premium Object Oriented Language Achieves measured quality using Classes and Methods

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JAVA Classes and Methods might be developer characterized The Java Class Library or Java API gives predefined Classes and Methods Example: The Math Class gives a few scientific techniques such as: Abs (x) Min (x,y)

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JAVA/a straightforward Java program which characterizes class Welcome, and has one and only strategy Import java.applet.Applet;/imports the Applet class Import java.awt.Graphics/imports the Graphics class Public class Welcome expands Applet {   Public void paint( Graphics g ) {g.drawstring( "Welcome to Java Programming", 25, 25 );}

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JAVA Five stages to execute program:  Edit => save as Compile => javac Welcome.Java makes Welcome.class Create HTML record which incorporates applet called Welcome.class  Load => client\'s program will stack Welcome.html document Verify => checks that Welcome.class applet does not disregard Java security Execute => java translator inside client program executes Welcome.class applet

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JAVA Network Delivered Functionality Java Applet is put away on Server, not on customer Client needs just a Java bolstered program to execute applet inside Server html record Client does not require Java introduced locally Demonstrates influence of Java: Ability to give system conveyed functionality

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JAVA BEANS Reusable programming segments composed utilizing Java. Permits code to be shared past one stage, one design (circulated frameworks). "Compose Once, Run Anywhere"

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JAVA BEANS Allows applications to be amassed, as opposed to coded in the established solid style. Grasps web and addresses Client/Server arrangement/support issues by means of "meager customer". Gadget autonomous. Bolstered on Mainframes, PCs, Network Computers, PDAs, PDAs.

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BEAN FEATURES Introspection - manufacturer apparatus can naturally investigate how a bean functions Customization - capacity to modify appearance and conduct of a bean Events - empowers association and correspondence between Beans. Properties - empowers customization of Beans. Constancy - Storing of information crosswise over sessions.

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ENTERPRISE JAVA BEANS Model for the advancement and arrangement of reusable Java Server segments. Programming interface determination for building adaptable, dispersed, segment based, multi-level applications. Initially discharged to open March of 1998.

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ENTERPRISE JAVA BEANS Concerned with "Server-Side" segment of business applications. Maps correspondence among segments to basic conventions, for example, CORBA (Component Object Request Broker Architecture) and IIOP (Internet InterORB Protocol). Value-based point of view.

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ENTERPRISE JAVA BEANS Provides ordinarily application server capacities: begin, submit/rollback, security, database access Designed to be layered on top of existing IT frameworks. EJB Servers accessible in 1998 BEA WebLogic Tengah IBM WebSphere Advanced Edition Oracle Application Server

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ENTERPRISE JAVA BEANS Additional EJB Servers anticipated from: Fujitsu Informix Netscape Sun Sybase

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DATA WAREHOUSING COMPONENTS SunEnterprise 10000 "Starfire" server IBM DB2 Universal Database Sun StorEdge Arrays Sun StorEdge Volume Manager RAID Manager Solaris Operating System

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DATA WAREHOUSING PROOF OF PERFORMANCE AND SCALABILITY (POPS) TEST Standard test performed by Informix Supermarket 19,000 items 3.6 million exchanges for every day 35 continuous deals advancements Two truth tables/five measurement tables Sun 10000 Starfire and Informix Red Brick Warehouse execution 300 GB of crude information was inquiry prepared in five days Included all of ETT procedure

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WEB-ENABLED DATA WAREHOUSING NEED FOR WEB-ENABLED DATA WAREHOUSING Increased requests on IT Departments for reports and data Outside access for clients Outside access for portable clients

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WEB-ENABLED DATA WAREHOUSING ADVANTAGES (WHAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED) Better client support/lower cost More utilization of the information distribution center Better comprehension of information by end clients More refined questions Diminished need to amplify corporate systems Simplified framework organization Increased chance to outsource

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WEB-ENABLED DATA WAREHOUSING HOW COSTS ARE CUT Less costly desktop PCs Use of free web programs Less preparing costs Lowered correspondence cost Lowered application programming authorizing cost

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