Sun powered Structures: Accomplishment through combination.

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Sun oriented Structures: Accomplishment through reconciliation. Meli Stylianou, Sun oriented Structures Research System. VISION. Improvement of the sun powered streamlined working as an incorporated progressed mechanical framework that will approach by and large the zero-vitality target and be savvy.
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Sun oriented Buildings: Success through coordination Meli Stylianou, Solar Buildings Research Network

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VISION Development of the sun based improved building as an incorporated progressed mechanical framework that will approach by and large the zero-vitality target and be financially savvy. Propelled does not mean complex ; it unites “low-tech” detached sun oriented advances that seem straightforward yet for the most part oblige cautious configuration with “high-tech” dynamic envelope components, for example, mechanized blinds and wind stream windows with photovoltaics and shrewd prescient control frameworks. Sun based improvement obliges that the sun powered innovations are ideally incorporated into the outline and operation of the building.

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Government Universities Solar Buildings Research Network Utilities Manufacturers Energy Corporation Construction Industry Engineers, Architects,… Partners and linkages…

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2 . 2 Thermal Storage and DSM . 3 . 3 System mix of PV frameworks for private and business structures 1 . 5 Load and interest administration in sun based - upgraded structures . Exhibit ventures Workshops Projects and Linkages THEME 1 Integration THEME 2 Thermal THEME 3 Solar Electricity THEME 4 Simulation/Design 1 . 1 Integration of 2 . 1 Solar Combi frameworks Integration of building 3 . 1 Development of - 4 . 1 photovoltaic - warm Space Heating and segment models into creative force frameworks with exteriors , Cooling and Water - entire building transformation frameworks for rooftops and HVAC Heating . . reproduction Buildings . frameworks . . Expanding Solar 3 . 2 Development of 4 2 1 . 2 Solar enhancement of Energy Utilization propelled controls for PV border zones and through Modeling the frameworks in structures . 2 . 3 PV/T consolidated twofold faã§ades . Building Stock and photovoltaic - warm 1 . 3 Integrated demonstrating , Investigation of Market frameworks . plan and control of Forces 2 . 4 Development of direct pick up frameworks with 4 . 3 Prototype sun oriented window shading models . floor warming and BIPV . building outline 1 . 4 Integrated demonstrating , amalgamation investigation and reenactment and configuration of . advancement apparatus sunspaces/atria . Showing undertakings Workshops

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The numerous parts of sun based vitality

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Integration suggests the configuration and operation of the building/house as a framework: It goes past the establishment of a close planetary system on the rooftop. The envelope advances into a vitality change framework and a vital piece of the building’s vitality framework. The framework turns into the building, and its operation gets to be basic to its prosperity . What is «integrationâ»â€¦?

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Key elements of Alouette House Passive Solar Heating Large south-bound windows (RSI 1) Passive Charge Concrete Slab & Brick Wall Motorized Blinds BIPV/T PV board Cooling Drying Clothes DWH warming Ventilated Concrete Slab warming Geothermal HP Forced-Air Space warming/cooling DWH warming

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Innovation: BIPV/T rooftop development in industrial facility

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ECOTERRA EQUILIBRIUM HOUSE Integration – BIPV and aloof sun based Controls – how to get everything functioning admirably and with the uninvolved sun oriented configuration Unique empty center floor piece plan for capacity of warmth from BIPV rooftop Alouette Homes, Concordia (Athienitis and four understudies), Regulvar

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Integration is the key Integration of universes gives more than the singular\'s whole commitments: Photovoltaic (PV) boards mounted on the rooftop and faã§ade normally change over 6-18% of the sun’s vitality into power, 50-70% of the rest can be separated as warmed air from the PV boards while 10-30% can be used for daylighting with semitransparent frameworks. Consolidated sun powered vitality usage efficiencies of up to around 80% can be accomplished if legitimate reconciliation systems are executed. In fact, there is the potential for a building to accomplish, by and large, zero vitality utilization.

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3 rd Canadian Solar Buildings Conference 33 rd Annual Conference of SESCI 3 rd Annual Conference of the Solar Buildings Research Network August 20-22, 2008 Fredericton, New Brunswick

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For more data: Meli Stylianou, Network Manager, Email: Web: www.sola

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