Superior to anything Concorde .

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Better than Concorde?. The International Version of the French Baccalaureate (OIB). St Germain-en-Laye, France. Who are we? Where do we come from?. James Cathcart Coordinator of University Applications, History Teacher, OIB examiner. Nicholas Baker Deputy Head,
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Superior to anything Concorde? The International Version of the French Baccalaureate (OIB)

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St Germain-en-Laye, France Who are we? Where do we originate from? James Cathcart Coordinator of University Applications, History Teacher, OIB analyst Nicholas Baker Deputy Head, National Subject Leader OIB English

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Defining the OIB Background: the French Baccalaureate The OIB: the Cambridge A level segment The OIB \'understudy profile\' The eventual fate of the OIB Making offers: proposals The structure of today\'s discussion:

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French Baccalaureate The OIB = Cambridge A-Level standard segments in English Language & Literature History-Geography +

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Each surge of the Bac, regardless of its specific center, incorporates: French Literature (composed & oral exams taken in Year 12) An \'Augmented Project\' (autonomous research) Mathematics Science History-Geography (instructed as one subject) At slightest one Modern Language Philosophy (presented in Year 13) Sport Since passage to college is not specific, schools don\'t have a tendency to be \'results driven\' The French \'Bac\': an expansive instructive rationality

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S: Sciences Physics-Chemistry Life & Earth Sciences Further Mathematics One Bac, three streams L: Languages & Literature Advanced French Literature Advanced Philosophy Written exams in no less than two Modern Languages ES: Social & Economic Sciences Social & Economic Science Extra Mathematics (Statistics & Probability)

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Establishing an order of subjects: " Coefficients "

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The general Baccalaureate result is a total of all imprints granted in all examinations taken The general result is ascertained by subject coefficients (weightings) for every stream The \'relevé de notes " records the imprints granted for every subject and the general stamp All outcomes are distributed as a check out of 20 (\'x/20\') A chain of importance of \'distinctions classes\' exists for general results: 10-11.99/20 Passable 12-13.99/20 Mention Assez Bien 14-15.99/20 Mention Bien 16-20/20 Mention Très Bien Examination Results

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National Baccalaureate Results (2006)

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Comparison with A Level

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French Ministry of Education University of Cambridge International Examinations, part of the Cambridge Assessment Group (UCLES) The OIB: an Anglo-French Partnership

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A-level-standard exams in: English Language & Literature History & Geography Written and Oral exams taken in English Taken by understudies in each of the three Baccalaureate streams The Cambridge \'A-level\' segment

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Launched at Lycée International de St Germain-en-Laye in 1985 To give bilingual understudies a coordinated registration capability to permit them meet access to French & British advanced education To regard and sustain bi-culturalism Origins & Purpose

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Bilingualism (English dialect): permits ease in anglophone environment (scholastic or expert) Biculturalism (English Literature & History-Geography): inside & top to bottom learning of two societies (& instructive societies) Philosophy

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Cambridge Subject Inspectors guarantee that A-Level guidelines are kept up as far as both Examinable substance Assessment French Bac + A-level: registration standard in UK and France guaranteed by national powers Negates requirement for ESL/EFL capability Standards & Quality Control

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The OIB\'s " co-efficients "

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4 hours additional lessons for each week (+ noteworthy additional homework) Up to 40 hours of lessons for every week Practical results for understudies taking the OIB

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OIB understudies are Prepared for UK college training: taught to think, talk about, compose & look into in A-level style Equally arranged for French college They likewise have a tendency to be: Academically solid Highly roused & yearning Effective in overseeing substantial work stack Intellectually adaptable Multi-lingual Independent (Extended Project) Culturally versatile, global in standpoint Busy: they have little time for additional curricular exercises Some have IGCSEs (yet just English, History & conceivably Maths) 100% go ahead to advanced education OIB \'understudy profile\'

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UK (regularly Russell gather, yet expanding assortment) France: classes préparatoires, grandes écoles Canada (McGill) USA (Ivy association) Typical OIB college goals

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23 schools in France & Belgium (21 entering understudies for examination in 2009) Predominantly French state worldwide schools The OIB schools

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2001 12 schools: 285 applicants 2009 21 schools: 686 competitors The future French strategy of proceeded with development for OIB Effective Anglo-French organization Well-sorted out & dynamic group of schools Heavy interest for bilingual training in France Success & development

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OIB offers ought to be lower than those for the standard French Baccalaureate to reflect Recognition of the requests of the OIB contrasted and the standard French Baccalaureate The specific appropriateness of OIB graduates for advanced education in the UK A Mention Bien (14/20) is what might as well be called 3 As at A Level (OIB Handbook, Cambridge Assessment ) English Language Proficiency tests are not required Making Offers: suggestions

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Overall offer just Overall offer & conditions in key subjects Overall offer Conditions in pertinent subjects NB - Philosophy is a questionable pointer Making Offers: conceivable methodologies

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Making offers: equivalences source: Bristol University site

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