Supply Chains and Covisint.

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to best combine automobile expos and other advertising. correspondences to accomplish the ... purchasers. Above all, the report evaluates the estimation of auto ...
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Supply Chains and Covisint James Burns

Slide 2 go out to the site Was an inventory network demo Was another item improvement demo Was an obtainment demo

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Who runs/utilizes COVISINT? GM Ford Chrysler all auto suppliers 2500 of them

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Covisint A spot where car industry purchasers and dealers can meet electronically Supports full coordinated effort, correspondence, participation Implemented as a site on the Internet Totally changes everything about the way purchasers interface with suppliers about the way automobiles get outlined, secured, fabricated, disseminated

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Advantages of COVISINT disentangled acquisition lessened costs abbreviated process durations trade of data over the undertaking (store network)

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Advantages to Buyer Improved work process Access to expanded supply base Reduced buy exchange cost Reduced time to source the segment Decreased time to showcase

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Advantages to Seller Access to more potential purchasers Improved and all the more auspicious correspondence Single vender website Reduced procedure costs Advertising to a specialty market

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Covisint- - historical underpinnings Co llaboration Vi sion Int egration

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Invoice Transaction was $100 to $150 per receipt ENTER COVISINT now is $5 per receipt

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How extensive is the Auto Parts/Procurement Market? $500 billion a year

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How much cost reserve funds per auto? Relies on upon the auto low end: $1200/auto top of the line: $3500/auto that is OFF THE PURCHASE PRICE

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How much process duration decrease? For NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT was 42 months Enter COVISINT now is 12-year and a half not as much as half

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Purpose of Covisint Create a virtual spot where purchasers and venders can get together and streamline forms an institutionalized way to deal with utilizing the Internet to convey efficiencies to the car store network

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This is only one case of how the Internet has influenced the inventory network

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