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The Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Programs: Alternative Licensure Through Distance Education Orientation (53 slides). Financed by the Virginia Department of Education. CSEEP: Award Winning Programs!. Meet the Grant Directors.
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The Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Programs: Alternative Licensure Through Distance Education Orientation (53 slides) Funded by the Virginia Department of Education

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CSEEP: Award Winning Programs!

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Meet the Grant Directors Dr. Stephen Tonelson, Program Director Dr. Robert Gable, Program Co-Director Dr. Jane Hager, Program Co-Director Dr. Cheryl Baker, Program Co-Director

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Meet the Grant Staff Ann Maydosz, Program Coordinator Linda McNeil, Educational Specialist Tracy Murray, Applications Coordinator Jackie Royster, Grant Administrator

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Historical Perspectives

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Important Program Change Beginning with the Summer 2009 semester, the CSEEP/PPET gift will acknowledge applications from qualified work force in just the Virginia Superintendent\'s Study Regions 1, 2, 3, & 8. For point by point data on the Superintendent\'s Study Regions, visit the TTAC Online site at: coordinate any extra inquiries concerning this change to the CSEEP stipend office: Telephone: Hampton Roads territory: (757) 683-5372 Others: 1-800-968-2638 augmentation 5372 Email:

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Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Programs The Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Program (CSEEP) for restrictively/temporarily authorized uncommon educators*. The Paraprofessional Preparation for Extraordinary Teaching (PPET) program for non-authorized school division personnel*. The Virginia Consortium for Preparation in Vision Impairment**. *For a full depiction of the prerequisites for passage into CSEEP & PPET, see our site: **For a full portrayal of the Virginia Consortium for Preparation in Vision Impairment see:

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Program Goal 1: Utilize Technology Utilize satellite, TV, intelligent innovation, the Internet, and other electronic correspondence to give brilliant specialized curriculum courses to recognized people all through the Commonwealth of Virginia .

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Program Goal 2: Collaboration Establish a cooperative relationship among the Commonwealth\'s educational systems, the Virginia Department of Education, and Old Dominion University to encourage full licensure for a specialized curriculum instructors with restrictive/temporary licensure and qualifying non-authorized school staff.

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Program Goal 3: Curriculum Integrate content information, innovation principles, instructional techniques, and the Virginia Standards of Learning all through the course work, utilizing proof based practices .

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Program Goal 4: Evaluation Evaluate all segments of the undertaking including educational modules outline, course content, instructor use of learning and aptitudes, and general accomplishment in giving full underwriting to a custom curriculum educators in Virginia .

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Program Goal 5: Student Outcomes Assess P-12 understudy scholastic and non-scholarly change after some time .

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Program Goal 6: Teacher Retention Assess educator maintenance of stipend members.

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Grant Statistics: Public/Private* Division Representation Over 71% of Virginia\'s government funded school divisions and 31 private schools* have partaken in the Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Programs. * As of December 2005, the CSEEP projects can no more stretch out educational cost help to educators and other staff utilized in nonpublic (private) schools and offices.

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Term of Grant Award Funding is honored on a yearly premise. Extra years of stipend subsidized educational cost backing will be dependent upon Virginia Department of Education gift grants.

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ODU Student Responsibilities You should have as of now been admitted to ODU. This is a different procedure from applying to the CSEEP programs and will empower you to enlist for classes. As an ODU understudy, you are in charge of enlisting accurately and on time and dropping classes before the drop/include due date, if vital.

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ODU Student Responsibilities You are in charge of your scholarly execution. Any connection about your scholastic execution must happen amongst you and your educator. You are in charge of dealing with your understudy monetary and enrollment records through LeoOnline. You are in charge of actuating your ODU understudy email account and as often as possible checking your email.

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ODU\'s GPA Requirements All graduate understudies (CSEEP members included) must keep up a 3.00 evaluation direct normal toward stay qualified to enlist for classes at ODU. In spite of the fact that the gift acknowledges a B-, all B-grades must be counterbalanced with B+ or An evaluations to meet graduate GPA prerequisites at ODU.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the CSEEP Grants

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How Much Do I Pay? For each endorsed class that you take, pay your segment of tuition* into your understudy account before the educational cost due date. Try not to sit tight for a bill from ODU. It would be ideal if you likewise pay any extra expenses incorporated into your understudy account. Check your record to decide your charges—they fluctuate by area. * Tuition charges depend on Virginia Department of Education subsidizing and ODU\'s educational cost rates. You will be educated of your part of educational cost in your course endorsement letter .

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When Will the Grant Pay Its Portion of My Tuition? The gift assets are stored into the understudy accounts well after the educational cost due date—here and there as much as after 6 weeks. This permits us to give the Finance Office a far reaching list. You won\'t be in charge generally expenses in the event that you have paid your part and finished all required CSEEP frames by the assigned due date. In the event that you get a bill for educational cost after the 6 week time frame, yet have paid your part and finished all structures by the assigned due dates, contact the gift office.

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How Will I Know Which Courses to Take? You will get 2 course endorsement letters every scholarly year. One will list affirmed courses for the spring semester and the other will list endorsed courses for the late spring and fall semesters. These letters will be sent to your home and will touch base before the pre-enrollment date.

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I Have a Conditional/Provisional License. What Type of Courses Will the Grant Fund? Keep in mind that the stipend can just store classes essential for the supports expressed on your permit. For instance, if your permit states just learning inabilities, we can neither support nor reserve classes for mental impediment, enthusiastic unsettling influence or whatever other handicap.

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I Don\'t Have a Conditional/Provisional License Yet. What Type of Classes Will the Grant Fund? For those understudies in the PPET program, the gift will finance just ODU classes important for the Special Education—General Curriculum K-12 underwriting. For those understudies in the VI Consortium, the award will finance just ODU classes fundamental for the Visual Impairment support.

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What Type of Classes are Not Eligible for Funding? On the off chance that you have gotten credit for a project competency with past course work, the stipend won\'t support extra classes that meet the same competency. The stipend can\'t subsidize classes required just for the bosses degree. Likewise, the stipend can\'t support classes taken at another college.

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How Many Courses May I Take Each Year? The stipend will subsidize 3 courses for each grant term (regularly 3 semesters) and may affirm more in specific cases. You may, obviously, bring extra courses with subsidizing from another source.

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I Have a Conditional/Provisional License. What Happens in the event that I Can\'t Finish My Course Work Before My License Expires? As of September, 2005, the Virginia Department of Education has expressed that there will be no augmentations to contingent/temporary licenses. You should finish all necessities before the close date of your permit.

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I Want (or Need) to Take a Class at Another University If you have to take a class at another college, you should have the award office affirm ahead of time that the class meets your licensure prerequisites. As your authority licensure program, we will likewise require a transcript toward the consummation of the class. The gift can\'t support classes at different colleges.

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How Do I Contact CSEEP? Email: Phone: (757) 683-5372 or toll free: (800) 968-2638 expansion 5372 Fax: (757) 683-4129

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How Do I Get to the CSEEP Website? What\'s there? Pre/Post Task Rating structure Employer Verification (qualification check) structure Participant application structures and considerably more…

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How Do I Maintain my Grant Eligibility?* *Your proceeded with interest in the CSEEP gifts is dependent upon the accessibility of assets and your satisfaction of the obligations as laid out in the manual, the site, the appreciated bundle, and this introduction.

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Read the Administrative Manual . Accessible on the site at: ( - > click on Administrative Manual)

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Keep Your Grant-Funded Course Grades at B-or Above What happens on the off chance that I make an evaluation beneath B-? Your document is moved to idle. No further allow subsidizing will be given by the gift project to any after session or semester until the course has been effectively retaken to your detriment. You should illuminate the stipend office when the course has been retaken effectively.

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Inform The Grant Office If You Drop a Course Let the award office know whether you drop a gift supported course anytime amid the semester. You might be in charge of the expense of educational cost. On the off chance that a class is dropped after the drop/include due date, the member must record an educational cost offer. On the off chance that the offer is denied, the member must pay the whole sum.

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Inform the Grant Office of Any Changes in Your Status Let us know of any progressions to your

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