Supporting and Holding Staff: Advancing Consistency in the Lives of Families.

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Supporting and Retaining Staff: Promoting Consistency in the Lives of Families. Welcome and Overview. Dan McDougall-Treacy, MSW Valley Cities Counseling and Consultation Who’s Here? Where are we going?. The Benefits of Teamwork
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Supporting and Retaining Staff: Promoting Consistency in the Lives of Families

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Welcome and Overview Dan McDougall-Treacy, MSW Valley Cities Counseling & Consultation Who\'s Here? Where are we going?

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The Benefits of Teamwork How the administration demonstrate benefits the family What the group approach can bring Individual specialist - adequacy Leadership Practices Team arrangement and elements Communication every which way Staff Development and Morale Facing challenges Creating and Sustaining Relationships: Supporting and Retaining Staff

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Our Clientele Homeless Family Multiple issues and hindrances Let around numerous frameworks of care Little motivation to trust or trust

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Values in administration arranging and conveyance Client voice and decision Strengths based Flexibility, tirelessness and tolerance See for information in regards to Wraparound techniques and practice

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Family profits by the program plan and group approach Low caseload and high administration power Range of individual and expert aptitudes and mastery Mutual bolster Close correspondence Multiple wellsprings of support and accessibility

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Individual Staff: Skills Set On paper: preparing, learning and experience Additional abilities, qualities, premiums Effectiveness: three methods for moving Engagement Cultural fitness Advocacy

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Simple, persistent, deferential starting Develops just at the customers pace Must adjust customer/administrator. requests Depth and quality measured just by customer\'s activities, not by specialist appraisal Effective Engagement Skills: The Dance

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Effective Cultural Competence: The Dance Organizational duty At least, social interest. Festivity of contrasts Acceptance of disagreement Risk taking and sharing Our language, the "limit" thing, and so on .

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Effective Advocacy: The Dance Clients possess endeavors are depleted or met by frameworks hindrances. What can laborer convey to hold up under? Inside information Professional relationship or notoriety Agency alliance Class advantage Above all, judgment toward all. Laborer engaged by administrator and organization

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Supporting and Retaining Staff: Management/Leadership Team creation and elements Communication every which way Staff Development and Morale Facing challenges

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Team Composition Good procuring: selecting, organizing, and "the HR thing" Range of aptitudes and interests – including those not identified with work. Science = Diversity Achieved at various levels

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Teamwork: Operations Culture of regard toward customers, colleagues and group accomplices. Can-do climate Tolerance for vagueness Collaboration and correspondence – you/we can\'t do only it. Limit crossing abilities (don\'t remain in your case). All colleagues equipped for authority.

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Teamwork: a culture of wellbeing Self-mind and common dependence/bolster Knowing our breaking points and respecting the self-governance of others Patience, adaptability, imagination, funniness Make time for \'group breathing\': Check-ins, unique group occasions, withdraw, off the cuff move parties, down time, individual sharing, and so on

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Supervision Be an illustration: ethics,excellence, self-care, individual and expert development Consistent and clear interchanges: up, down, outward: enormous picture and small picture Comfort in numerous parts Reliable support and oversight of staff execution and adapting High desires: certainty

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Got believability? Got bolster? Group Organization Community Personal Reprise: Team health Clear correspondence Zen, adaptability, funniness Always imagine the future When the group is confronting emergency or test

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