Surviving the Pandemic; Mental Health Issues .

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Surviving the Pandemic; Mental Health Issues. October 12, 2006 Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI Barb Biddick LPC, Mental Health Team American Red Cross-Badger Chapter. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. 5. Self-Actualization 4. Status (Esteem) 3. Love/Belonging 2. Safety
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Surviving the Pandemic; Mental Health Issues October 12, 2006 Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI Barb Biddick LPC, Mental Health Team American Red Cross-Badger Chapter

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Maslow\'s Hierarchy of Needs 5. Self-Actualization 4. Status (Esteem) 3. Cherish/Belonging 2. Security 1. Physiological (organic needs)

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Surviving the Pandemic An infection that has never tainted people causes pandemic influenza. Immunizations won\'t be accessible until the infection is recognized & an antibody delivered. This improvement can take a while. Maintain a strategic distance from group. Wash hands. Prepare. U.S. Communities for Disease Control & Prevention 2006

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CDC 8/2006

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Antiviral Drug U.S. Dept. of HHS Secretary Leavitt declares GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is granted an agreement of $16,833,000 to give zanamivir (Relenza) to each of the 50 expresses, the Dist. Of Columbia, 5 U.S. regions, & 3 Freely Associated States of the Pacific at a financed cost. 7/20/2006 This spreads 25% of the populace.

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Surviving the Pandemic Virologist Robert G. Webster states: - We may have 5 years to get ready Time for researchers to create, fabricate and stock heap new seed stocks for antibodies and antiviral solutions, for example, Relenza and Tamiflu. - Until then, get influenza shots and pneumonia shots. - Practice great cleanliness; hand washing, don\'t shake hands. Fall 2006 AARP The Magazine

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Related Mental Health Issues Fear of the obscure Possible disorder (freeze, outrage) prompting emergency occasions Those who are as of now in emergency Those who are constantly rationally sick Stress of surviving and working for a considerable length of time before antibody is delivered Communication needs Scarcity of assets Grief and misfortune concerns Cumulative stretch

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Prevent Fear & Chaos Plan, Plan, Plan Regularly give precise, exceptional data with clear mandates. Create arranging associations with nearby offices such DHHS, Law Enforcement, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Schools, Businesses, and so forth. Administrative bodies decide a need rundown: Who gets treatment first? Medicinal services laborers, youngsters, and so on. Antibody, against viral meds, ventilators, and so forth

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Surviving the Pandemic Michael Leavitt, Secretary of Health & Human Services cautions that if the avian influenza comes, we shouldn\'t depend on assistance from the government. Arrange, get ready:

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Survival Stress Reduce push responses by arranging Stockpile nourishment, water, medications, family supplies for 3 months. Spare cash on the off chance that your occupation is shut. Plan to be homebound for a timeframe. Speak with others through telephone, email. Get ready for dislodging of relatives. Get ready wills, living wills, & human services intermediaries.

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Crisis Response Critical Incident Stress Dysfunctional families in emergency Accidents (More go in autos than air or rail) Shootings Sexual Assaults Suicides Disasters Fires/Floods

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Crisis Response Understanding subjective, behavioral, physical, and enthusiastic responses. What is ordinary; when do I require mental offer assistance? The effect of information taken in through the 5 detects. Emergency Lines, discuss it Distribution of writing Video cameras by means of web Self care data through media sources Distribution of merchandise, sustenance, water

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Grief & Loss Funerals Done by means of video nourish, web? More incineration? Care groups by means of phone calls, talk rooms

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Communication Needs Avoid disengagement Will our innovation frameworks be satisfactory in the event of over-burden? Work at home, individual correspondence Security of frameworks Crisis lines

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Scarcity of Resources Prepare Prioritize Contagion on transported products Fear, stress, outrage, dissatisfaction Instant satisfaction improbable Underground, bootleg market Barter

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Cumulative Stress One stressor after another or stressors running simultaneously Affects resistant framework Affects adapting capacity Depression Survivor blame Feeling overpowered

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Any Positives? Benevolent acts Appreciation of life preceding pandemic Quality time with families Human cleverness Resiliency Art, composing; reporting history Lessons learned

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