Sustenance and Refreshment Review.

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Sustenance and Drink Review What does the vocation way resemble? Nation Clubs Maps and Aides Lodging Retirement Groups Eateries Brandishing Occasions Travel Offices Contract Sustenance Administration Carriers Travel and Tourism Friendliness Travel and Tourism Commercial ventures
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Nourishment & Beverage Overview What does the profession way resemble?

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Country Clubs Maps & Guides Lodging Retirement Communities Restaurants Sporting Events Travel Agencies Contract Food Service Airlines Travel & Tourism Hospitality

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Travel and Tourism Industries

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Hospitality Industries

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The Hospitality Industry Lodging Food administration Clubs Cruise boats Gaming Theme parks Sports and diversion Travel

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The Hospitality Business Lodging – putting heads on beds Many U.S. markets are experienced Expansion and development abroad Food administration – placing cheeks in seats What might you want to eat? Where might you want to meet? Development and development abroad

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11.4M rooms overall 3M rooms in U.S. Abating in U.S. Exemptions; club, restricted administration, timeshare Continued extension Strong development $1 billion/day deals 10.2M representatives 12M in 2006 1/2 of all grown-ups/day eat in eateries 44% of nourishment $ spent in eateries Hospitality Industry Numbers Lodging Food Service

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Where are the occupations? Proficient Operations administration, money, bookkeeping, HR, client relations, showcasing, sustenance science Corporate Marketing, business improvement, HR, preparing, quality certification, land, bookkeeping, obtaining Entrepreneurial Owner, administrator, franchisor

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Food Service Eating and drinking places Quick administration eateries (QSR) Full administration eateries/bars White table material eateries/bars Lodging nourishment administration Education sustenance administration Employee nourishment administration Health care Recreational sustenance administration Off-reason providing food

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Banquet chief Bartender/mixed drink server Broiler cook Busperson Counter individual Dining room supervisor Dishwasher Executive culinary specialist Expediter Food & refreshment chief Food server Fry/Sautã© cook Host/entertainer Kitchen director Pantry cook Pastry gourmet expert Restaurant director Sous culinary specialist Storeroom individual Unit administrator Restaurant Industry Positions

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Hospitality Careers The business offers more profession choices than most The work is differed There are numerous chances to be inventive This is a “people” business

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Hospitality Careers Hospitality occupations are not nine-to-five occupations There are open doors for long haul vocation development There are advantages connected with numerous friendliness occupations Hospitality employments can be naturally fulfilling and important

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The Down Side Long hours Nontraditional calendars Pressure Low starting pay rates Frequent movement

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Lodging Careers

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Food Service Careers

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Chain Operations Better preparing More open doors for headway Better advantages Frequent migration More control by administration Bonus arrangements effect pay

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Independent Operations More opportunities to be innovative More control Better learning situations Less employer stability Fewer chances for progression Harder to market and offer

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Foodservice Industry Commercial Foodservices Institutional Foodservices Military Foodservices

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Foodservice Industry Commercial Foodservices Restaurants Lunchrooms Cafeterias Fast sustenance eateries Hotel foodservice operations Food stands Social food providers

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Foodservice Industry Institutional Foodservices Hospitals Nursing homes Schools & universities Correctional offices Employee cafeterias Airline cooking Surface transportation catering

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Foodservice Industry Military Foodservices Military bases Combat foodservices Officers clubs Cafeterias

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Restaurant Industry The National Restaurant Association [NRA] characterizes the eatery business as that which envelops all dinners and snacks arranged far from home, including every single takeout supper and drinks.

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Restaurant Industry Restaurant industry deals were conjecture to reach $ 399.0 billion in 2001, an increment of 5.2 throughout the year 2000.

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Restaurant Industry On a normal day in 2001, the eatery business will post normal offers of $1.1 billion

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Restaurant Industry Sales at full administration eateries are conjecture to reach $143.3 billion and deals at fast administration [fast foods] eateries are figure to reach $ 112.0 billion.

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Restaurant Industry The general effect of the eatery business is required to reach $ 1 trillion in 2001. This incorporates deals in related businesses, for example, horticulture, transportation, wholesale exchange and sustenance fabricating.

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Restaurant Industry Sales: $ 399 billion – normal $1.1 billion on a run of the mill day Locations: 844,000 – more than 54 billion suppers will be eaten in eateries and school and work cafeterias.

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Restaurant Industry Employees: 11.3 million – more than 8 percent of those utilized in the United States, which makes the business the biggest boss other than government.

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Food-and-beverage deals [billions $]

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Restaurant Industry 33% of all grown-ups in the United States have worked in the eatery business eventually amid their lives Per-individual check found the middle value of $4.72 in 1999 Average unit deals in 1998 were $ 601,000 at full administration eateries and $555,000 at constrained administration [fast-food] eateries.

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Distribution of Restaurant Customer Traffic [1998]

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Restaurant Industry Restaurant Industry stays to be exceptionally aggressive Three out of four purchasers report that they have a greater number of eateries to browse today than they did two years prior. Eateries are giving careful consideration to outline, dã©cor and climate

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Restaurant Industry: Ranking of Consumer Choices Food and Service Physical setting Moods and Impressions

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Restaurant Industry: Quick Service Intense rivalry Convenience is number one component Carryout or conveyance business sector Time reserve funds supper alternatives Ever-changing shopper needs Shortage of work Training needs

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Restaurant Industry: Full Service Tied to economy Baby-blast era Increased rivalry Importance of rehash clients Portion sizes Dietary needs

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Restaurant Industry: Growth in Other Segments Managed administrations [1%] Educational organizations [4.4%] Recreational administrations [3.3%] Transportation [3.8%] Health care [2.2%] Lodging spots [2.7%] Military [2.2%]

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Restaurant Industry: Trends Labor lack issues Cost of giving nourishment and administration Technology issues and advantages Consumer inclinations Training Expansion .:

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