Sustenance in North Korea: It's not just about nourishment.

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Sustenance in North Korea: It's not just about nourishment. Randall Ireson American Companions Administration Board of trustees. Starvation and Sustenance Help. "A ravenous youngster knows no legislative issues.". Ronald Regan. "An eager tyke knows no governmental issues, yet every ravenous kid is a casualty of legislative issues.". Erich Weingartner.
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´╗┐Sustenance in North Korea: It\'s not just about nourishment Randall Ireson American Friends Service Committee

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Famine and Food Aid

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"An eager tyke knows no governmental issues." Ronald Regan

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"A ravenous kid knows no legislative issues, yet every eager youngster is a casualty of legislative issues." Erich Weingartner

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Precipitating Factors: Flood Drought

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Mass aerobatic show lauding the Sun, Kim Il Sung (2005)

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"Arirang" Mass Gymnastics Performance (2002)

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Stunting: Low stature for age =Chronic lack of healthy sustenance Wasting: Low weight for tallness =Acute ailing health

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1998 2002 2004 1998 2002 2004

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Distribution of Stunting, All kids under 7 years. 2002 and 2004 information 2002 2004 Normal dispersion

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Causes = Policy Choices

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Rice Paddies North of Anju

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Harrowing a Rice Paddy

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The "Provincial Technical Revolution" Mechanization Chemicalization Irrigation Electrification

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Great Leader Kim Il Sung Teaches About Agriculture

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Fertilizer Use and Food Production in DPRK, 1989 - 2004 Food creation Fertilizer use

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Lessons for Us

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Crisis as Opportunity

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- another nourishment security Local, economical agribusiness frameworks

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Five doable changes

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Estimated Investment for Sustainable Agriculture System in DPRK

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Wind Turbines, for example, these can be utilized as a part of DPRK

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Extolling the Advantage of Raising Ostriches

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Mass Gymnastics Praising Modern Poultry Farming

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