Sutherland Shire Football Association Strategic Business Plan .

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Sutherland Shire Football Association Strategic Business Plan. Updated July 2010. Vision. Building healthy communities through sport. Scope.
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Sutherland Shire Football Association Strategic Business Plan Updated July 2010

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Vision Building sound groups through game

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Scope Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) was set up in 1953 and from that point forward has become the biggest grassroots Football relationship inside Australia  The SSFA has more than 17,500 individuals required in all parts of the game, going from non focused little sided football, aggressive junior young men, junior young ladies, men\'s and women\'s. It is basically subsidized through player expenses with little measures of corporate sponsorship. The SSFA has alliance with the Shire Referees Association (SSFRA), Futsal (SSFA) and Premier League club (Sutherland Sharks). The SSFA is a part relationship of Football NSW (FNSW) and eventually of Football Australia (FFA).

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Membership Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) has 26 Member clubs covering the limits of the Shire including 17500+ players

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Participation We hold diversions at 30 edifices more than 70 isolate playing fields. We hold more than 700 amusements every weekend for 18 rounds accumulating to more than 12,000 recreations in the general season We have more than 11000 junior players of which 3375 are junior young ladies. This speaks to 30% of our lesser players and is developing every year. SSFA has 5000 female players over all age bunches. Young ladies and ladies speak to 30%of our aggregate player numbers. We have another 200+ players in our agent groups We have another 50+ players in our Football 4 All club Titans who address the need of youngsters and grown-ups with uncommon needs Our Association covers groups from U\'6\'s to more than 45\'s. The most youthful players are 4 and our most established more than 60! The impact of our player base at a multiplier of 3 = more than 50000 individuals that have association as a player, parent, onlooker or companion each week. There is in abundance of 2500 volunteers included every week .

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Strategic Goals for Sustainable Growth Leadership through Structure and ability Identity - Branding and Alignment Football Development – Game/Player and Coaching Facilities – Home of football Operational Excellence Corporate engagement (Sponsors and accomplices) Communication and Technology Enabled

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Leadership - structure and capacity Community Leadership through Sport More then just football – building a group Modeling people group Values Inclusion and Diversity – Football for all Clarity of parts and reliable tone at the top for SSFA and part club panels Discipline over all included – Player, Coach, Spectator and Administrator Focus to incorporate working with different codes and different partners Collaborative basic leadership Delegate to SSFA a center capacity for clubs – correspondence and choices Less is more – 1 is adequate – 2 if subjects require mastery Constitution and standards which drive simplicity of comprehension, clarity of basic leadership and proficient conduct

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Identity - Branding and Alignment Common Goals, predictable models and an observable pathway FFA FNSW Sharks Premier League Club Grassroots individuals One Representative code mark – SSFA Sharks Enabled by Modeling comprehensive and \'working with\' conduct Logos/Uniform/Signage all steady Advertising/Web/Communication reflecting combination

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Football Development – Game Development Small Sided Football Womens Football 4 All Volunteer inclusion

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Football Development – Player advancement Development of Grassroots players inside part clubs Development of potential first class players Development through Representative squads

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Football Development – Coaching advancement Development of Grassroots mentors inside part clubs Development of potential tip top mentors Development through Representative squads Appointment of Head Coach/Technical chief in clubs with unequivocal duties to draw in the clubs grassroots mentors and be go-to person for SSFA Coaching Development group

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Facilities – Home of football Home of Grassroots Football – Bates Drive Head Office Administration/Coaching programs/Conference room Development squads and guiding projects Representative preparing and amusement days Feature coordinate days including finals Football for all - Titans Club grounds Working with Clubs and chamber to guarantee request v supply oversaw Resourcing Working with Clubs and committee to adjust commitments Seymour Shaw 1 Improve usage from Grassroots – organization Support advancement and income alternatives to help subsidizing of fruitful Male and Female Premier League

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Facilities – Home of Football Complete repair of Bates Drive building Engage Council for evacuation of dump webpage at access to HDFC for auto stopping Upgrade lighting Bates 2 – Night recreations Explore feasibility of manufactured field Bates 2 Explore need to introduce border fencing for whole complex Remove confine, expand turf for extra preparing

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Operational Excellence Management Capability Structure – Board Structure – Employees Capability of group Succession getting ready for Board – guaranteeing new thoughts and vitality Competition Management Weekly needs Tactical bearing re ground/day adjusting/club measure Financial administration and Balance Sheet quality Relationship with Affiliates – Sharks/refs/Futsal Governance and Risk Management Driving Income sources far from player charges Effective Capital arranging and execution Football and Volunteer organization training

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Corporate Partners

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Utilize player base to pull in corporate accomplices for common advantage – concentrate on occasion connections and general bolster Aim to use Sponsorship to drive development of honing and instruction programs through financing assets Aim to use Sponsorship to diminish cost of speaking to the SSFA at tip top levels Ultimately lessen cost of investment to individuals through subsidizing from interchange sources then SSFA expenses Corporate engagement - Sponsors and accomplices

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Sutherland Shire Football Sponsorship openings Naming Rights to Competition Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Game Day Seymour Shaw 1 Sponsor Final Series Representative Teams Sponsor

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Communication and Technology Enabled IT empowered Website – Informative/Interesting and current Online enrollment – Own or utilized ex FFA Competition Management - Flexibility Office Network Infrastructure Bates Drive Coaching focus – outfitted with Audio/Video bolster Bates Drive prepared to host Coaching evenings and different courses with A/V bolster Guest and EC presentations professionally held with A/V bolster when required Internal and outside correspondences Promotion of SSFA its Member clubs and/or players when and where fitting in different mediums – Web/Local & more extensive press/Recognition and Awards

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Contact subtle elements Operations Manager – Jeff Stewart Email : Phone : 02 9542 3577 Association President – Greg O\'Rourke Email : Phone: 0419242999 Association office – Sue Holloway and Kim Ryder Phone: 02 9542 3577

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