Swiss Association for Encouraging Speculations (SOFI).

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Because of its little size Eastern Europe s IT division s opportunities lie ... gatherings because of short travel separations. Social Closeness in the middle of West and Eastern Europe ...
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Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments (SOFI) Experience of Swiss SME\'s putting resources into move nations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the IT division Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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Missing the train ? Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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Subsegments of the data and correspondences innovation market ICT Telecommunication IT Software IT Services Hardware System Software Application Software Source: DB Research 2005 Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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Situation in the IT Sector in Eastern Europe Today..... what\'s more, tomorrow With 1 % Market Share of the worldwide Software Market Eastern Europe is a minor player today But......... Looking at the SW item deals, the development rate figures for 2008 of Eastern Europe are noteworthy with Germany surrendering piece of the pie to Eastern Europe Source: EITO, 2005 Still...... Because of its little size Eastern Europe\'s IT segment\'s chances exist in the corner portions Absolute in EUR bn (2008) 270 4 125 21 Source: DB Research, 2005 Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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Niche specialities by nation … where lie EE/CA Niche Specialities ? Space of Specialization Country Canada China India Ireland Israel Russia SEE/CA Countries Application Outsourcing BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Contact Centers Embedded Software Hardware Services Various Packaged Applications Product Development High-End Software Development Learning Systems High-End Software Engineering Software Programming Application Outsourcing Source: Gartner 2004 Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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Preferred IT-Offshoring Locations for West European Companies (concurring a conclusion survey among W.E. organizations of 2003) Source: A.T. Kearney, 2003 Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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Where lie the open doors for the EE/CA Region as IT Services supplier for Western European Countries ? Nearshoring Advantages like.... Geological vicinity streamlines process co-appointment Due to comparative time zones less demanding correspondence between administration supplier and client More conceivable outcomes for individual gatherings because of short travel separations Cultural Closeness amongst West and Eastern Europe Experts with English, as well as with German abilities The Newcomers-Advantages like..... As newcomers with little Information Technological history the passage on a high and innovatively advanced level is conceivable (no awful history) The Specific EE Advantages Big pool of IT-Experts in the Region Numerous previous Balkan war evacuees procured part particular know how and the comprehension of the social dfferences amid their stay in Western Europe and can receive now a bridgehead capacity between the administration suppliers and the western clients Gradual adjustment to EU IT/Telecom principles Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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What prerequisites of W.E. organizations are coordinated by EE/CA IT parts\' offer - Where are the holes ? DRIVER WESTERN REQUIREMENTS EE/CA OFFERS Metamorphosis in the European IT administrations market with outsourcing as a noteworthy technique for expanding aggressive ness Cost diminishment Avoidance of limit Shortage Access to new Markets High Quality stable Location - Very appealing Salaries - Experience without-sourcing systems - High Productivity - An extensive pool of qualified IT-Experts taught at neighborhood specialized colleges - Compared to Asian client advertise rather little potential - Robust base - Politcal and sparing steadiness and unwavering quality - Legal environment - Government Support - IPP (Intellectual Property Protection)  Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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What structure must be made for the fascination of the IT area ? Fundamental & IT Infrastructure Free administration for Internet Access and Services (prompts a dynamic extension of Internet Service Providers and in this way to an awesome diminishment of the value (Death of Distance) Stable and solid correspondence frameworks (altered and versatile lines and web) - further advancement of the correspondence market Strong scholastic environment with colleges and foundations willing to co-work with the economy and to teach staff concurring economy\'s need Support IT-Clusters Strong IT Business Community including Corporate Customers, Multinational Investors, High Tech Universities and the Government Governments considering ICT as a need segment, as ICT Investments are fortifying interests in different fields Strong backing of the ICT Investment process by the Government Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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Lessons learnt from SOFI\'s undertakings putting resources into the South East Europe/CIS IT area Strong Co-operation/Partnership with nearby organizations to guarantee neighborhood market access (e.g guarantee basic size) to intercede between western needs and desires and the neighborhood approaches for succeeding in the outsourcing business Combined "Nearby/Nearshore" Business model for the outsourcing business webpage location operation for the every day cooperation with the western customer Nearshore Software Development Center to guarantee quality improvement and cost cutting Intercultural Management Approach Leave the seaward office enough space to understand own arrangements (agreeing nearby market needs) => High inclusion of the nearby administration Usually the arranged task time skylines are unequivocally transgressed => Sufficient liquidity holds Deal straightforwardly with intercultural contrasts and point genuinely at a joint "Corporate Culture" Physical trade (staff turn) in both headings Appropriate and adequate specialized means for the collaboration and the data trade (nearby/nearshore) Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments

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