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Gauge versatile supporters around the globe 2.7 billions. ... association. Rising Trends of Mobile Application. Runs locally on the cell phone ...
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System Content & Applications in Mobile Devices Hafiz container Ismail (

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Do you have Bluetooth Capable Phone ? If it\'s not too much trouble turn Bluetooth on now for exhibit area

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Mobile Devices Handheld electronic gadget with constrained handling force and network generally use by end-client purchasers

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Examples of Mobile Devices Mobile Phones/Smart Phones PDA (Pocket PC/Palm) ‏ Internet Tablet (Blackberry/Nokia 880) ‏ Navigation Device

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What is not Mobile Device Laptop Personal Computer Game Console

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Why Mobile Device ? Cell phones has turned out to be progressively prevalent amid the most recent 10 years. Gauge versatile supporters around the globe 2.7 billions. As of now Malaysia alone have has around 11 a great many cell telephone clients a figure which anticipated that would increment throughout the years. (Agar, 2004) ‏

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Devices Popularity (Mobref,2007)

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Why Mobile Device Advancement of cell innovation has permitted Greater information exchange Faster preparing power Greater intuitiveness Wider availability

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Early "Portable Application" Limited handling power Relies vigorously on a server-side dialect Depends on outer program Characteristic by the utilization of WML, XHTML, cHTML innovation Does not really "keep running" on the cell phone.

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Early "Portable Application" Relies on the server-side to give both handling force and User Interface Little or no customer side preparing No customer side record/database stockpiling – everything on the server Solely relies on upon web association

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Emerging Trends of Mobile Application Runs locally on the cell phone itself Does not depend on outside program Depends more on Web Service API (SOAP/XML-RPC/REST) as opposed to the site itself. Focuses more on ease of use and substance conveyance

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Why do we require Native Network Mobile Application Easy to send in business sense Tightly coordinated into client interface Does not depend on outside program The application can store information on cell telephone Faster recovery and reaction time The application can get to cellular telephone functionalities (camera/sms/guest id/records) ‏

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Examples "Jeffrey needs to make an application which empowers him to share photographs taken from his telephone camera to some of his companions" Can it be finished with WML/XHTML based versatile application?

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Types of Mobile Application Email Applications Video Streaming Multiplayer diversion News peruser Instant Messenger Application Weather Forecast application Currency converter Location Base application Home/Security Monitoring Application

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Ways Mobile Internet Application Communicate Low Level TCP/IP Socket Connection UDP Datagram Bluetooth RFComm "Virtual" Serial COM port (on PDA)

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Ways Mobile Internet Application Communicate High Level (The BEST Way!) Achieve using Web Services XML-RPC SOAP ATOM programming interface Representational-State Transfer (REST)

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Why Web Services is the most ideal way? Utilizes disseminated figuring idea Widely acknowledged as an approaches to distribute API Portable, Web Services just depends on HTTP/HTTPS accessibility Becomes an Emerging measures of distributed administrations (W3C, RFC 4287)

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Organization that utilizations Web Service (ATOM - GData, SOAP) (SOAP) (SOAP) (XML-RPC) (REST) (XML-RPC)

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Organization that utilizations Web Service Publish Web API to empower designers to make application that can list most recent Amazon item, value examination and vigorously marked down and prominent things

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Organization that utilizations Web Service Uses web administration API to empower its clients to post/overhaul photographs utilizing any application. Versatile application that utilizations Flickr API : MobUp ( ) j2meMap ( ) Mickr (

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How Web Services Architecture Works ? DB Procedure put away on the server XML-RPC API Server ( Result() = 353.71 currencyConvert(USD,MYR,100) Less of 1KB information Less than 1KB information User Interface is inside the telephone

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But the same application can be composed in WML! Why trouble? Any conclusion ?

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Web Service is better since It isolates the engineers work and the administration suppliers work Developers just focuses on their best aptitude, creating portable customers. Designers does not have to keep up the data itself

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Web Service is better in light of the fact that In versatile application, size DOES matter! Information exchange should be advanced for quicker reaction time (inactivity) and cost) Locally run Mobile Internet Application that utilizations Web Service do only that!

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Bandwidth & Data exchange effectiveness Typical WML Application Request site Website (interface) showed index.wml – 4KB User ask for cash trade (process.php) – under 1KB

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Bandwidth & Data exchange proficiency DB Procedure put away on the server XML-RPC API Server ( Result() = RM 353.71 currencyConvert(USD,MYR,100) Less of 1KB information Less than 1KB information Total Data exchange = 1KB + 1KB = 2KB User Interface is inside the telephone

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Bandwidth & Data exchange productivity Typical WML Application Result showed result.wml (3KB) Total Data exchange = 4KB + 3KB + 1KB = 8KB Web Services is 4 times littler than a regular WML application !

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Why? The primary reason is the client interface of WML application is put away on the server not customer By utilizing web administration we are allowed to make our own client interface free of the administration supplier.

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WML Drawbacks from Commercial Aspect WML application are difficult to offer Hard to disperse Require steady support (server) Hard to modify on the cell telephone part (distinctive seller needs to put their own logo, underwriting) WML application can\'t utilize telephone highlights (camera,bluetooth, GPS, InfraRed)

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Further Reading on Web Services XML-RPC

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What Next ? Area Base Application (GPS) Car Navigation Fishing Spot Finder Speed Warning (GPS Auto) GPSolat More cell telephones are furnished with GPS beneficiary, it\'s the most recent pattern!

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Location Base Application

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GPSolat – Prayer time base on GPS Prayer time is distinctive as indicated by area, season and bearing. GPSolat utilizes area information to decide the Kiblah bearing and clients\' present area Base on that it can ascertains petitions time. No compelling reason to stress over supplications time when voyaging any longer!!

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Internet Mobile Application SDK You can make Internet Mobile Application utilizing any of these stages JavaME ( ) Symbian ( ) (Nokia) .NET Compact Framework ( (PDA)

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JavaME The best SDK for learning Supported by all cutting edge telephones Has incredible documentation Uses Java Has a great deal of libraries Implementations ensured to bolster HTTP/HTTPS convention for correspondence. Convenient

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.NET Compact Framework Great for individuals who are acquainted with .NET Supported by Windows Mobile PDA gadgets just More capable than JavaME Tighter coordination with gadget (Microsoft+Microsoft)

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Symbian Uses C++ Harder to code contrasted with others Very close with equipment execution Limited gadget, just bolstered on some Nokia and Sony Ericsson Smartphone

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Why Develop Mobile Application? The Desktop application market has been soaked and controlled by greater organizations. (i.e no one uses other application than MS-Word, Powerpoint) Mobile gadgets is the new play area. Chances to create limited substance Huge commercial center, can contend with each other reasonably. Specialty Market, you can offer through telcos

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Places to distribute Mobile Application And numerous others!

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Network Content Applications in Mobile Devices Q&A

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