System Estimation Apparatuses.

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System Estimation Apparatuses ESnet Site Facilitators Meeting 26 April 2000 Tracie Friar, UCSD/SDSC/CAIDA - Net Observing/Administration topology (mapping) workload portrayal (inactive) execution assessment (dynamic) steering (flow)
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System Measurement Tools ESnet Site Coordinators Meeting 26 April 2000 Tracie Monk, UCSD/SDSC/CAIDA -

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Net Monitoring/Management topology (mapping) workload portrayal (uninvolved) execution assessment (dynamic) directing (progress) representation (enormous datasets) system administration (connection & incorporation)

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framework: DNS roots RSSAC, DNS specialized consultative board of trustees to ICANN co-find skitter has w/root servers show root server execution in serving target group create procedures for assessing compositional optimality for root server position

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workload portrayal (inactive observing) uses: research, hardware outline, operational (building/security/policing), & bookkeeping switch based usage, e.g., cflowd, netflow remain solitary screens, e.g., CoralReef (OC3, 12, 48) industrious ongoing full casing accumulation security: dynamic pkt sifting trigger by assault forerunners Dag 4.1 (OC48 POS) testing arranged 6/00 NLANR MOAT - 15 screens gathering follows (

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investigation for peering & scope organization

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CoralReef: operational information

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applications synopses

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execution assessment (dynamic) system designers to analyze issues ISPs & clients to check SLAs & application execution Internet climate varieties of conventional devices (ping & traceroute) utilized as a part of most activities, e.g. NLANR/MOAT, SLAC, IPWT, Surveyor, business administrations (additionally treno, mping, & procedures estimation application perf.) detached strategies rising

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skping: rtt/misfortune & circulation

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rtt execution: h/w

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perf assessment needs definitions & measurements working gatherings, IPPM & CAIDA transmission capacity evaluation methods aloof procedures connection crosswise over sources w/workload, directing information substantial scale organization client interface to estimations

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steering 15 year-old innovation negligible estimation/windows makes it hard to relate with other information access to tables occasional some course tables accessible, e.g., Oregon’s RouteViews dynamic estimation procedures used to gage course strength

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perception (\'enormous viz\') huge datasets (terabytes) numerous information traits (complex) different viz techniques required coordination into system utilities - drill-down discriminating

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multicast checking

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system mgmt frameworks observing ongoing information - snmp information, estimation & configs pattern checking - essential for arranging & symptomatic purposes reconciliation of both with ticket following framework & different databases estimation information (twofold document group, e.g. arts++) RDBMS for net config, contacts, and so forth viz: natural, connected to utilities & drill-down relationship of various datasets reenactments required for arranging, tweaking IGP measurements, and so forth.

Slide 30 Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) University of California’s San Diego Supercomputer Center

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