Systems administration, Interchanges, and Base William Green ( green@mail.utexas ).

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... email, or by utilizing desktop customer programming or the Web interface ... Server farm excess offices for facilitating servers. Frameworks excess servers, server support. Client ...
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Systems administration, Communications, and Infrastructure William Green ( )

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Overview Introduction What may we accomplish for you? Ranges Remote administrations (OTS) Networking Voice administrations Campus building security frameworks Multimedia Video Infrastructure

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Central IT

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Federated IT Not all systems administration and base is brought together Some offices oversee departmental wired neighborhood A couple oversee departmental telephone switches

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What may we accomplish for you? Need more system ports/remote? Need another telephone or highlight (ex: SmartVoice)? Changing your building access/security framework? Redesigning or moving and need your administrations to run with you? Need mixed media support for an occasion?

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OTS Provide Wide Area Telecommunications Services (ITS-Networking organization) The University of Texas System Network (UTSN) Texas Higher Education Network (THEnet) Greater Austin Area Telecommunication Network (GAATN) Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN ) Most individuals don\'t collaborate with OTS

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Networking and Infrastructure Networking UTnet (107,000+ wired access focuses) Wireless (~3,000 WAPs)/Public Network Access (PNA) Residence corridor system (Resnet) Campus phone Dial tone and long distance(17,000 clients) Voice mail Telephone Directory Video Campus digital TV Satellite programming Video conferencing Webcasts and spilling media Campus/building security frameworks Article assurance cautions Electronic entryway access (nearness cards)

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Networking Critical Services: Campus spine Departmental systems Network administrations (DNS and so forth.) External availability Limited Internet transfer speed however boundless grounds data transfer capacity Off-grounds access through VPN Peering with Time Warner Cable\'s Road Runner administration, Bestline Communications, and Apogee Telecom to give speedier administration to UTnet to off-grounds clients in the neighborhood Austin region Reliable, steady, elite 24 X 7 X 365

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Department Networks Most divisions have Technical Support Coordinators (TSC) who work with Networking. Who is your TSC? Ask your administrator bolster staff or email us. In the event that you are a TSC, we give a broad toolset to deal with the system Who pays? Offices pay for gear utilized as a part of their structures. Organizing outlines, introduces, and works as a rule.

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Utilities for TSCs

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Public Network Access All remote and some wired ports in broad daylight areas (libraries/parlors) are worked by Networking Bandwidth impediment per client Options to buy extra individual or undertaking PNA transmission capacity TSCs may make visitor accounts (3 rd party alternative this spring)

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Networking Projects 3 rd Party Wireless System Firewall Support Program Network Operations Manual Bandwidth Awareness Tools

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Voice Services Critical Services: all inclusive phone framework Long separation administrations Voice mail Automated Attendant administrations Facilities task and record continuing (counting work request preparing) Department business/administrator staff regularly communicate with ITS/Admin. Offices submit work requests and are charged yearly to recur administrations.

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SmartVoice Voice mail message sending to your email inbox Message administration by means of telephone, pager, PDA, desktop customer or a Web program (utilizing your UT EID and secret key) Personalized welcome taking into account time of day or guest telephone number Call sending to pagers and PDAs Multiple telephone numbers attached to one SmartVoice post box With SmartVoice you can recover your messages by means of phone , email, or by utilizing desktop customer programming or the Web interface

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Distributed Antenna System Visually unpretentious equipment, no significant development Supports all remote administrations/administrators Option to and/or supplements customary cell locales Optimal remote scope - incorporating into building Base station hardware can be kept outside of anyone\'s ability to see Lower radiation levels than macrocell towers Improves framework for new applications

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Distributed Antenna System

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Video Campus digital TV Satellite programming Videoconferencing Webcasts & spilling media Departments put in work requests and are charged for the related expenses for different administrations (some repeating – CATV)

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Campus Security Systems Card Access Control Fiber Optic Loop Property Protection Intrusion Protection Panic/Duress Buttons Video Monitoring (shut circuit TV) Departments put in work requests and are charged for administrations. More than 10,000 alert point dynamic on grounds

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Building Access and Control (BACS) Replaced caution and entryway access framework (more than 30 years of age) Now supplanting a 15 year old framework (Andover)

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Engineering & Construction Planning & Design – correspondences & security base outlines and gauges to bolster development, redesign and departmental undertakings including: UT System Office of Facilities Planning and Construction (OFPC) UT Austin Project Management and Construction Services (PMCS) Voice and Security Installation & Repair Voice/Data Cabling Outside Plant (fiber & copper) Departments submit work requests and are charged for administrations. Expenses are ordinarily incorporated into expansive undertaking gauges by OFPC and others.

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UT Austin OFPC Capital Projects

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Cabling Trends Key Points: Cable establishment workload takes after the ebbs/streams of development and redesign ventures Voice link establishments diminished in 2005 and broke the example Building access control and security work requests are expanding

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BACS – A case of ITS cooperating Infrastructure Security Operations Center – Picture Perfect programming & organization, approach advancement and organization Engineering & Construction – plan, outline, assess new advances, cabling, establishment, repair Networking – FACNET Voice Services – reinforcement correspondences Data Center – excess offices for facilitating servers Systems – repetitive servers, server bolster User Services – desktop bolster Admin – venture bookkeeping, work request handling, acquiring ISO – security testing and survey

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