Table for Two { A Self-Amassing Movement Comic }.

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Outline Animation: The Mysterious Geographical Explorations of ... groups of onlookers would incorporate technophiles, gamers, and devotees of funnies and movement ...
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Table for Two { A Self-Assembling Motion Comic } A MFADT Thesis By Catherine Garnier Midterm Review

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Design Questions Can trying different things with cross-media account frames uncover the changing way of our association with narrating? Can dynamic, iterative, and non-direct narrating methods be utilized to investigate the way of sentimental connections? What are the intellectual contrasts in client experience between perusing, watching, and playing? Will a client be locked in on all these levels in a solitary story structure?

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Thesis Topic I am examining cross-media account frames since I need to find how the conjunction of those structures may uncover the way of our changing association with narrating in the new media age.

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Precedents Silhouette Illustration Art: Auguste Edouart & Arthur Rackham Silhouette Animation: The Mysterious Geographical Explorations of Jasper Morello Prince Achmed, Princes et Princesses

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Precedents Wordless Narratives: The Triplets of Belleville (activity) Thomas Ott (funnies) Peter Kuper (funnies) Stop-movement Studies by David Crawford

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Precedents Comics Theory Understanding Comics and Making Comics by Scott McCloud Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner Experimental Comics: 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style by Matt Madden

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Precedents Potential Literature Cent Mille Milliards de poemes by Raymond Queneau The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Italo Calvino

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Methodology Form + Genre Form The venture will be screen-based, however will utilize components of the page-based system of funnies and other static delineated account shapes Elements of time-based media (sound and movement) will be acquainted with this static structure Genre The underlying investigations will investigate the widespread subjects of the Love Story in a progression of miniaturized scale stories

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Methodology { Content + Experience } The mixing of page-based and screen-based story structures will uncover and try different things with the distinction in experience in the middle of perusing and review The utilization of the basic story develop of the connection between two impractically included individuals is both all around open and limitlessly adaptable The mix of static and element procedures will misuse the proficiency of the previous and the vitality of the last mentioned. The expansion of intuitiveness, making it dynamic in substance and also presentation, will fuse the route in which we encounter account in an undeniably intelligent, non-straight or multi-direct way

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Context + Audience The intended interest group is taught men and ladies between 25-35 The substance will engage this gathering in light of the fact that the characters themselves are individuals from it, and the issues and subtext which will be played out are commonplace and widespread to them The organization will speak to this gathering since they have grown up amid the introduction of new media, and have witness direct the impact of this on customary story shapes Cross-over crowds would incorporate technophiles, gamers, and enthusiasts of funnies and liveliness

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Prototypes: Layouts How can the page/board format be adjusted for the screen?

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Prototypes: Characters and Set-pieces

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Prototypes Close-up, photographic

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Prototypes Close-up, hand-drawn

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Prototypes : Components of a self-collecting movement comic Page Conflict Character Animation Inciting Incident Panel Background Animation Crisis Resolution Sound (3 Layers) Background music Background enviromental commotion Foreground character sound impacts

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Prototypes: Settings

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Prototypes: Character Animation

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Prototypes: Background Animation

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Prototypes: Video Reference

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