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My weight . Plot as an element of time information was procured:. Try not to utilize bended lines to associate information focuses
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Prudy\'s Problem and How She Solved It Question of the Day How would you know when you have an issue?

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Words to Know Enormous Scattered Strain Realize Collection Shiny

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VOCABULARY STRATEGY for Unfamiliar Words DICTIONARY: You can simply utilize a lexicon to discover the significance of a word you don\'t have the foggiest idea. A lexicon lets you know the word\'s significance and how to state the word. The words in a lexicon are recorded in sequential order arrange.

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Steps for Using a Dictionary Look at the main letter in the word and turn in the lexicon to the segment for that letter. Utilize the guide words at the highest point of every page and what you think about the letter set to help you discover the word. Perused the definitions. On the off chance that the word has more than one significance, choose which meaning you think fits in the sentence. Attempt that significance in the sentence to check whether it bodes well.

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I utilized a lexicon to discover the importance of these words. Gigantic - extraordinarily surpassing the regular size, degree, and so forth.; enormous; huge Scattered - scattered; muddled Strain - to extend past the best possible point or utmost

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Realize-to get a handle on or see obviously. Gathering something that is gathered; a gathering of items or a measure of material aggregated in one area . Sparkly brilliant or reflexive in appearance.

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Let\'s perused Get Organized and experiment with these word implications. Are there tremendous heaps of stuff in your room? Are your things scattered all around? Is your storage room mess putting a strain on the entryway? At that point it\'s an ideal opportunity to make a move! Initially, understand that this will require significant investment and work. Take a gander at every thing. Ask yourself, "Do I utilize this? Will I ever utilize this?" This data will help you choose what to dispose of and what to keep. Take the things you are disposing of. Placed them in vast junk sacks. Is it accurate to say that they are fit as a fiddle? Give them away to a philanthropy. If not, toss them out.

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Next, take the things you are keeping. Placed them into gatherings. Assembled every gathering in one place. Put every one of the books on a rack or table. Hang the garments in the storage room or place them in drawers. Do you have a gathering of articles, for example, rocks, postcards, or stamps? Show them together on a rack, table, or divider. Presently vacuum and tidy your room. Congrats! You have a gleaming, clean, and efficient room.

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Prereading Strategies Genre: Fantasy Prudy\'s Problem is a dream. A dream is an anecdotal story in which no less than one component in the story is impractical. Review and Predict Preview the title and outlines. Utilize the lesson vocabulary in your expectation.

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OBJECTIVES Identify fundamental thought and supporting points of interest. Utilize fundamental thought to screen and repair.

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SET OUR PURPOSE We will read to discover what Prudy\'s issue is and does she get it unraveled. Keep in mind to search for the principle thought and supporting subtle elements as we read.

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PHONICS COMPOUND WORDS Homework - home work What is the importance of each littler word? Home - where you live . Work - an assignment or employment So what does homework mean? An undertaking that you do in where you live.

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COMPOUND WORDS A long word like quake appears to be hard at initially, however when I look all the more carefully, I see that seismic tremor is a compound word. That implies it is comprised of two shorter words, earth and tremor . I know earth and I think shudder signifies "shake," so it\'s anything but difficult to make sense of that a seismic tremor is a development of the ground.

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PRACTICE Break them into little words Playground Classmate Placemat Doorstop Housefly Raindrop Eyelid Doorstop Thunderstorm

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Read Words in Context The seller was pushing a pushcart loaded with organic product. He stumbled all alone shoelace . I like the open air , swimming pool.

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Writer\'s Workshop Write Clearly Let\'s compose an issue arrangement passage. I could expound on the issue I have with keeping the clothing washed at my home. Illustration: I am having an issue with keeping the clothing washed at my home in light of the fact that when I get one load washed two more are prepared to go in.

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What might you be able to expound on? Math Keeping your room clean Homework Making it to Free Break Friday Deciding what to wear

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