TAKS Perusing Grades 3-8: What Results Let us know About Understudies and Projects.

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TAKS Reading Grades 3-8: What Results Tell Us About Students and Programs ... Vital arranging among perusing, math and custom curriculum populaces in ...
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TAKS Reading Grades 3-8: What Results Tell Us About Students and Programs 2004 Midwinter Conference Casey McCreary, Director of Reading Division of Curriculum Jana Deming, Program Specialist Division of Student Assessment Texas Education Agency

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Contents Reading Data Grades 3-5 Components of the SSI Reading Data Grades 6-8 Preparation for High School Resources Contacts Texas Education Agency

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TAKS execution information are valuable: in helping schools assess the scholarly accomplishment and advancement of individual understudies in assessing the viability of instructional projects at the classroom, school, area, and state levels ULTIMATE GOAL: To enhance understudy learning and instructional projects Texas Education Agency

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What do we know from the information? Inspect TEKS under every goal in light of understudy execution Think about conveyance of guideline to enhance understudy learning Ask examining questions Look at the current year\'s scores utilizing one year from now\'s measures Look at understudy populace bunches Texas Education Agency

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How We Did Overall Grades 3-5 *96% Met Standard after 3 rd opportunity Texas Education Agency

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A Different View: % of Items Correct by Objective Texas Education Agency

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A Different View: From the Phase-In Report *First organization just Texas Education Agency

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Student Population Groups: Percentage That Met the Standard NCLB Texas Education Agency

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Performance Standards SBOE picked a two year stage into meet council proposal e.g., Grade 3 Reading TAKS 2003 - answer 20 of 36 accurately 2004 - answer 22 of 36 effectively 2005 - answer 24 of 36 accurately Note 2005 standard is at board suggestion when SSI-GAR apply interestingly to Grade 5 understudies in perusing and math Texas Education Agency

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Reading: Instructional Questions How is rundown being taught? How is perspective being taught? Are understudies being requested that look at the creator\'s mentality towards his/her subject? How are setting pieces of information being taught ? Texas Education Agency

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Reading: Instructional Questions Paired choices first show up on Grade 4 TAKS Reading and proceed with Grades 5-8. How are you get ready in Grades K-3 for these matched choices? Are region stores spent on fitting and credible materials versus purchasing "test prep" materials? Texas Education Agency

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Reading: Instructional Questions Do your library media focuses and classrooms include: Expository materials from age fitting diaries, daily papers, magazines, handouts, and so on. On-line content Graphic representations, for example, Venn outlines, story networks, maps and diagrams Dictionary, thesaurus, lexicon/thesaurus combo Materials that can be matched or connected Texas Education Agency

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3 Components of the Student Success Initiative (SSI) Grade Advancement Requirements Texas Reading Initiative Texas Math Initiative Texas Education Agency

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SSI: Grade Advancement Requirements Strategic arranging among perusing, math and custom curriculum populaces in readiness for 2005 and 2008 Possible principle changes for 2005 incorporate elucidation of "understudy who is enlisted at the season of testing" Revisions will be posted on-line and appropriated by means of Agency Listservs Texas Education Agency

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SSI: Grade Advancement Requirements Rule change from a year ago: SDAA understudies taking instructional levels K-3 SDAA are qualified for all parts of SSI-GAR, including programmed maintenance parcel A SSI-GAR area has been added to the ARD Manual and is accessible on-line Updated Prepare for Success (shading) guardian pamphlet and flyer accessible on the TEA Assessment page (SSI join) Texas Education Agency

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Optional for 3 rd Testing Opportunity SSI:GAR Alternate Assessment 2004 Grade 3 rundown will incorporate ITBS 2004 Terra Nova and Logramos might be added to list if practically identical passing measures are made Process and methods for selecting the Alternate Assessments for 2005 Grade 5 perusing and math are being viewed as Texas Education Agency

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SSI: Texas Reading Initiative Grades K, 1, and 2 Teacher Reading Academies (TRA) accessible in Online variants 3TRA expected in an Online rendition April 2004 4TRA CD and supporting materials have been sent to ESCs for dispersion to areas ARI financing is distributed for K-4 perusing and math intercessions for 2004 and K-5 in 2005 2003-2004 ARI/AMI Guidelines posted on Initiative site page Texas Education Agency

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SSI: Texas Math Initiative http://www.tea.state.tx.us/math/Texas Mathematics Initiative (TMI) http://www.accesstmds.com/tmds/Texas Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment System (TMDS) stateini@tea.state.tx.us TMI Inquiries Texas Education Agency

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How We Did Overall Grades 6-8 Texas Education Agency

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A Different View: % Items Correct by Objective Texas Education Agency

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A Different View: From the Phase-In Report Texas Education Agency

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Student Population Groups: Percentage That Met the Standard Texas Education Agency

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Reading: Instructional Questions Is it comprehended that recipes don\'t generally work while deciding the significance of a word ? How is creator\'s art being taught? How are understudies being taught to distinguish the reason for a content? How is creator\'s association being taught? Texas Education Agency

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Questions, cont. How are you get ready understudies for combined choices and triplets? Center school is the scaffold to secondary school which has testing tests that require scientific and basic intuition aptitudes. Do your center school understudies have the open door and introduction to direction that will guarantee this extension is effectively crossed? Texas Education Agency

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Middle School In planning for the HS TAKS Pair informative materials with related abstract pieces (e.g., distinctive adaptations of the same story, or a verifiable fiction determination with a memoir) Use chapter by chapter list from embraced perusing or writing course books to combine by topic or unit Use socially assorted content that speak to the extensive variety of the understudy populace in Texas Use message that backings perusing in the substance regions Texas Education Agency

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Middle School In readiness for the HS TAKS Authentic writing Triplets (utilizing scholarly content, descriptive content & visual representations that are specifically connected) Visual representations (e.g., political toons, pages, notices) Reading ability guideline to avert crevice amongst basic and secondary school Open-finished perusing questions Texas Education Agency

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Prepare for Open-finished (OE) Items Does every day direction incorporate open doors for understudies to utilize content confirmation to bolster their individual thoughts regarding what they read (in arrangement for OE things on the secondary school tests) ? Texas Education Agency

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OE Items HS understudies will answer 3 OE perusing things because of The scholarly determination The interpretive choice Both the abstract and informative choices (traverse things) OE things taking into account Obj. 2 abstract components/systems Obj. 3 breaking down & assessing content Texas Education Agency

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OE things, cont. Understudy reactions up to 5 lines up to 8 lines for traverse things Scoring 0=insufficient 1=partially adequate 2=sufficient 3=exemplary scoring rubric in scoring guides on SA site Texas Education Agency

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OE things, cont. Content proof is basic for achievement Response can\'t be adequate without content confirmation Students must give content proof from both determinations for traverse things Texas Education Agency

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High School Student Performance Grade 9 TAKS Reading Spring 2003 82% Met Standard Spring 2003 OE reaction to scholarly choice Score 0-16% Score 1-70% Score 2-14% Score 3-0% 70% got a "1" in light of the fact that their reaction needed content confirmation; execution on traverse things was significantly weaker Texas Education Agency

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GRADE 9 TAKS READING SPRING 2003 OE ITEM LITERARY SELECTION How does Gan change from the earliest starting point to the end of "A Brother in Need"? Support your answer with confirmation from the choice. Texas Education Agency

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OE Student Response "At first he couldn\'t have cared less about his sibling in light of the fact that just gave him a little shack to live in with a little land parcel for cultivating. He never welcomed his sibling to his home. He changes since he sees none of his companions are genuine companions and aren\'t willing to help him. At the point when no one else would help him his younger sibling helped him without a second thought." And the score point is… Texas Education Agency

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Score point 1-incompletely adequate The understudy shows what Gan resemble toward the start of the story (at first he couldn\'t have cared less about his sibling) and backings this thought with content confirmation (just gave him a little shack to live in… ) . Despite the fact that the understudy gives motivation to Gan\'s change (he sees none of his companions are genuine companions and aren\'t willing to help him) , he or she doesn\'t state how Gan really changes in the story. Texas Education Agency

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OE Student Response "He turns out to be more open to his sibling. Before all else after his dad kicked the bucket, he took everything with the exception of a shack and a patch of area. He offered that to his sibling. At the point when the contention of a homeless person kicking the bucket in his home, nobody would help him with the exception of his sibling. When they discovered reality it made him understand how his sibling ought to be dealt with." And the score point is… Texas Education Agency

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Score point 1-somewhat adequate The understudy addresses Gan\'s change by giving one and only unclear general explanation (He turns out to be more open to his sibling) . While there is content proof to bolster a precise portrayal of Gan at the b

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