TB Pandemic in Tajikistan.

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Tajikistan. Nation Background. Previous Soviet Union Republic in Central ...
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TB Epidemic in Tajikistan ALI BUZURUKOV BU School of Public Health bjali@bu.edu

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Pamir –highest heaps of previous USSR

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Tajikistan Country Background Former Soviet Union Republic in Central Asia Total populace 6.O66 million Approximately the extent of Wisconsin: 143,100 km 2 Landlocked Mountainous nation

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Country Socioeconomic Background GNP $ 360 80% underneath destitution line Mostly provincial populace 72% 44% under age 15 98.6% education rate Pop. Development 1.7%

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COUNTRY HEALTH INDICATORS Infant death rate 57/1,000 Maternal death rate 130/100,000 Life hope during childbirth 68.3 years 19.4 specialists for every 1000 patients

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1991 1995 1997 Allocations for Health % of GDP 4% 1.4 1.6 Per capita uses $ 300 $6.2 $ 2.7 Source: State Statistical Agency, HDR 1998

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TB administrations "Free treatment" Two TB focuses 59 territorial dispensaries Two Republican complex doctor\'s facilities Four provincial doctor\'s facilities One Children clinic

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Factors adding to TB Epidemic Collapse of human services framework Civil war and immense relocation forms Poor treatment & determination "Cerebrum channel" of Medical individual Drug supply at 10% No solid insights

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TB Mortality and Incidence Rates in Tajikistan (MOH) WHO Estimate: 267/100,000 Ahad Fazelad

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Reported Cases of TB 1980-1998 (MOH) Notification

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" Tajikistan does not have pilot regions under DOTS-you can make sure they have NO clue about the degree MDR TB " Quote from Ian Small, Head of Mission, Médecins Sans Frontières, The Aral Sea Program With the breakdown of Soviet social insurance framework, irresistible maladies flare-ups have ended up incessant, particularly in rustic zones.

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Children and TB 20% Extra-pneumonic TB 30% in Children Only TB Children healing center for 96 beds Street Children Orphan young lady remaining before her wrecked home http://benevolence.org

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Children TB Hospital in Dushanbe financed by poor state spending plan

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What is to be finished? Government duty to maintain TB control Sputum smear microscopy to identify irresistible cases Standardized short-course treatment regimen with direct perception Regular, continuous medication supply Monitoring and reporting framework

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Need for International guide TB drugs DOTS advancement Research Partnership

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