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Telegesis ZigBee ® innovation

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Content Telegesis Products What is ZigBee? ZigBee PRO system The present & future part of ZigBee Application illustrations

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Telegesis – UK based ZigBee Specialists Designer and maker of modules – world\'s biggest offers of modules in view of Ember innovation Ember Corp - Developer of radio chips and work organizing programming ZigBee Alliance - Telegesis is a Participant Member setting ZigBee measures

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ETRX2 Range based upon EM250 chip ETRX2 ETRX2PA ETRX2HR ETRX2CF ETRX2USB ETRX2DVKA dev pack ETRX2DVKA Plus unit Ethernet Access Point Router Road delineate little shape consider module go in light of cutting edge Ember chips Q2 2009

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Telegesis Module Features • ETRX2 Dimensions - 37.75mm x 20mm • UART interface with DMA for simple correspondence • 128k glimmer, 5kbytes SRAM • 12 broadly useful I/O lines and 2 simple information sources • Supports 4 distinctive shut down modes for broadened battery life • Current utilization beneath 1uA in profound rest mode with self wake up • Hardware upheld encryption (AES-128) • Wide supply voltage run 2.1V – 3.6V • Conforms to FCC CFR 47 Part 15 (USA) Conforms to ETSI EN300 328 V1.6.1 (2204-11) • Operating temperature run: - 40°C to +85°C Full information sheets and details accessible at

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Telegesis Command Layer Telegesis AT-style programming interface – best of class All usefulness of EmberZnet PRO cross section innovation can be gotten to by means of the Telegesis charge layer – no requirement for inserted firmware skill from the client. Basic and far reaching. For instance: AT+EN Establish PAN AT+SN Scan Network for different hubs AT+JN Join next best system AT+DASSL Disassociate Local Node Designing ZigBee arrangements is made simple and speedy. All Telegesis manuals and documentation can be downloaded from the Document Center at

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Training and bolster Telegesis spends significant time in ZigBee. We give fantastic and quick support to all module clients – regardless of what size of utilization. - interfaces all clients specifically to master counsel on Telegesis charge layer and ZigBee innovation Telegesis configuration bolster – on the off chance that you require help with firmware or equipment plan we can offer assistance. Either with in-house aptitude or through our system of master specialized accomplices Telegesis does custom firmware – where bespoke firmware is expected to address particular applications Telegesis can give programming turns Telegesis offers instructional classes in all parts of ZigBee innovation - enquire at for terms and course content

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What is ZigBee? "ZigBee" implies two things: A worldwide collusion of organizations, established in 2002: Promoters (15 including Ember), Participants (counting Telegesis) and Adopters (totaling more than 280) 2. A worldwide particular for interoperable, minimal effort remote gadget correspondence The most recent discharge is the ZigBee PRO list of capabilities – completely self recuperating, work organizing radio innovation

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Promoter Members

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Why pick ZigBee? Moment access to different providers of consistent radios and programming stacks. At present 19 ZigBee Compliant Platforms accessible from 15 merchants – "stage" being stack & chip blend Benefit from endeavors of numerous providers to build up interoperable standard Allow end client to concentrate on their application advancement and not things, for example, security administrations, organize directing, appointing devices, and so on

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Star versus Meshing ZigBee Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,GSM

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ZigBee – The Technology Comparing ZigBee with different Wireless Standards

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Wireless Network Technology INTERNET/AUDIO COMPRESSED VIDEO TEXT MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL VIDEO ZigBee 802.11b 802.15.3/WIMEDIA Range more than 1.5Km with PA module 802.11a/HL2 & 802.11g SHORT < RANGE > LONG Bluetooth 2 Bluetooth1 LOW < ACTUAL THROUGHPUT > HIGH

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ZigBee PRO Network 1 Co-ordinator/FFD Routers/FFDs Sleepy End Device/RFD Under ZigBee PRO the co-ordinator sets up a PAN ID and hubs inside range impact joining

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ZigBee PRO Network 2 Co-ordinator/FFD Routers/FFDs Sleepy End Device/RFD As switches join a ZigBee PRO system they work with each other

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ZigBee PRO Network 3 Co-ordinator/FFD Routers/FFDs Sleepy End Device/RFD End gadgets don\'t normally assume a dynamic part in systems – being snoozing more often than not

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ZigBee PRO Network 4 Co-ordinator/FFD Routers/FFDs Sleepy End Device/RFD The subsequent system is exceptionally strong and dependable

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ZigBee PRO Network 5 Co-ordinator/FFD Routers/FFDs Sleepy End Device/RFD Assume a steering hub is harmed or lost from the system

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ZigBee PRO Network 6 Co-ordinator/FFD Routers/FFDs Sleepy End Device/RFD Note that loss of a hub is not disastrous in most ZigBee PRO systems and may not unfavorably influence the system by any stretch of the imagination

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ZigBee PRO Network 7 Co-ordinator/FFD Routers/FFDs Sleepy End Device/RFD Nodes will look for option information ways back to the co-ordinator. This procedure is persistent with ZigBee PRO considering a changing radio environment inside a system

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Typical ZigBee PRO set-up End gadgets, more often than not battery fueled Routers, generally mains controlled Mesh Link Star Link Co-ordinator/FFD Router/FFD Sleepy End Device/RFD Co-ordinator Mixed Star and Mesh topologies

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Summary of Main ZigBee Features Supports vast number of hubs Easy to send Multiple merchants Very long battery life Secure (128 piece encryption) Reliable and self mending Low cost Can be utilized comprehensively (2.4GHz)

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BUILDING AUTOMATION SENSOR NETWORKS security HVAC AMR lighting control get to control PC & PERIPHERALS PERSONAL HEALTH CARE ZigBee ® Wireless Control that Simply Works INDUSTRIAL CONTROL RESIDENTIAL/LIGHT COMMERCIAL CONTROL handle control resource & environment administration security HVAC lighting control get to control grass & plant water system Target Markets temperature observing natural checking M2M interchanges SENSOR NETWORKS quiet checking wellness observing mouse console joystick

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Recent ZigBee showcase development expectations In-Stat, expects 120 million ZigBee chipsets will be sold in 2011, utilized for the most part in a mix of switches, end focuses and doors. There will be 120 million ZigBee gadgets by 2010. Most investigators are anticipating noteworthy development for ZigBee silicon. A mid-run gauge is that this market will be justified regardless of a billion dollars in the vicinity of 2008 and 2010.

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Smart Energy & Home Automation ZigBee innovation can be utilized to deliver viably exclusive answers for applications or to create items that are good or interoperable with other like items in the commercial center. To convey the ZigBee logo and be completely interoperable you have to construct your application in light of an open profile. On the ZigBee PRO list of capabilities various Public Profiles will be accessible. These as of now incorporate the Smart Energy and Home Automation profiles. More open profiles are coming soon… Commercial Building Automation, Telecom Applications, Personal Home Health Care

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ZigBee Architecture & Profiles App "Intended for ZigBee" Can\'t utilize ZigBee logo Private MSP HA SE ZigBee Product Certified Can utilize ZigBee logo ZigBee Cluster Library ZigBee PRO Feature Set ZigBee stack - ZigBee Compliant Platform ZigBee 2007 Specification IEEE 802.15.4

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ZigBee ® Applications

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Collecting and sending information ZigBee module wakes & sends temperature level readings at settled interims Set to caution & send information when readings break allowed extend GSM Mobile GPRS Data ZigBee remote connection

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View information remotely by means of Internet

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Alarm notice E-mail sent to assigned individual SMS message sent to cell phone Application Design: Comtech Limited

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ZigBee applications Used to screen weight/temperature at the well head Intrinsically Safe sensors utilize ZigBee innovation to transmit well head readings from Hazardous Area to a protected region Sensors are utilized for both changeless and impermanent establishments where the fast organization times spare significant apparatus time Application by Wireless Measurement Ltd.

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ZigBee applications Industrial Valve Control: Using ZigBee remote to control the incited and manual valves Sugar production line at normal encompassing temperatures of more than 45°C Stainless steel plant with fortified solid floors Rodent assaults on link lodgings implied high disappointment rate on cabled control framework In this unforgiving environment ELTAV made 100% parcel progress with ZigBee Application by ELTAV Wireless Monitoring Ltd.

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ZigBee applications Temperature observing in business kitchens: Temperature sensors mounted onto fueled FFD ZigBee modules send normal readings by means of their system to a PC situated in the bosses office This information is put away on location and sent through landline to a server where the information is went down and used to redesign a site where every one of the kitchens in the chain can be ceaselessly checked Application by Monika

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ZigBee applications Cold Chain temperature checking: Sensors are introduced in the refrigerated trailers for temperature controlled haulage Temperature information and trailer personality are transmitted to the tractor unit where GPRS innovation transfers payload temperature, motor administration information, and GPS area to a web server Goods acknowledged or dismisses before the trailer entryways are opened sparing important time and expanding trust in icy chain honesty Application by Wireless Measurement Ltd.

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ZigBee applications Operating & overseeing inn safes: By making

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