Telehealth in Michigan: A Status Report .

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Telehealth in Michigan: A Status Report. Sally Davis. Imagine a world where anyone can get health care when they need it. Defining the field. Telehealth Events Connections Telemedicine Clinical consults Patient encounters Store and forward Telehome Care Informatics.
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´╗┐Telehealth in Michigan: A Status Report Sally Davis

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Imagine a world where anybody can get human services when they require it.

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Defining the field Telehealth Events Connections Telemedicine Clinical counsels Patient experiences Store and forward Telehome Care Informatics

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Finding reality in definitions NICU newborn child to mother Neonatologist to pediatric specialist Pediatric reverberate transmission Pediatric surgery follow-up Dietician to parent

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Technology basically Equipment Room frameworks, set tops, clinical, work area tops, home wellbeing, home checking Transmission ISDN T-1 Internet Protocol Bandwidth POTS 128kbps and past

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Status of Telehealth in Michigan Established Networks UPTN, REMEC, DOC, VA Applications Why these system? Rustic Funding Activity level Others: UMHS, Hospice of Michigan, Lifeways Mental Health

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Why it bodes well for us.. Climate Isolation Sparse populace Travel time, dangers and separation Quaternary social insurance 18+ hour drive

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Success Measures Steady development and extension Continuation post start Integration into framework Multiple utilizations Evidence of acknowledgment Administrative bolster Value to the association Continuous target assessment

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Developing Networks Northeast, HNHS, Alpena, Southwest Michigan RHI financing Applications Challenges in creating Practitioner purchase in Start up subsidizing Process Practicality Sustainability post allow subsidizing

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Michigan Challenges Licensure, qualifications Payment, repayment Safety, Liability Infrastructure Privacy, Security

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UPTN Web Site

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Michigan Telehealth Policy Group Web Site

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