Tenacious Protection Using E-DRM Technology .

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Diligent Assurance Utilizing E-DRM Innovation. Jason Sohn @ Fasoo 06/18/2008. Official Rundown. Key Worth Recommendation of Big business DRM (E-DRM) Ensure your insight resources and customer's classified data even from insiders and after the conveyance
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Determined Protection Using E-DRM Technology Jason Sohn @ Fasoo 06/18/2008

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Executive Summary Strategic Value Proposition of Enterprise DRM (E-DRM) Protect your insight resources and customer\'s private data even from insiders and after the conveyance Fully use your IT ventures Take most out of your accomplices and customers Comply with administrative compliances

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Information spill Document break is only a tick away~ Emergence of high innovation E-mail, CMS, PDM, ERP and so forth. Records shared Increased Risk of Losing Confidential Information The volume of reports shared detonates because of the effective appropriation of archive dissemination/administration frameworks Loss of information from insiders are expanding drastically

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Unauthorized User Unauthorized User Unauthorized User Authorized User Authorized User Partner Application Systems (CMS, KMS, and so on.) File-server Hackers Are you secured? Existing security arrangements are powerful to shield from programmers (pariahs) however neglect to avert report spill by approved clients (insiders) Unauthorized User Firewall, IDS, VPN, Date encryption, Authentication, ACL, PKI, …

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A Glance at Enterprise DRM You can control record uses

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E - DR M for Persistent Protection of Documents An answer that ensures data relentlessly, even after it has been conveyed, and it is firmly required in the market. E - D RM empowers industrious control of report utilize Who and where ( D evice, N etwork address, … ) How (View, Print, Print watermark, Edit, Copy/Paste, Screen catch, Revoke, … ) When ( Set p eriod, H ow long, H ow numerous, … ) E - D RM follows the log of record uses E-DRM covers all borders: PC, File-server, Application Systems, E-mail, FTP, CD/DVD/USB, Web, and so forth. E - D RM is the main precise arrangement against archive spill by the approved clients (answer for insider risk administration).

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Content Encrypted Content Encryption Decryption Rendering Applications Key Management Data Encryption Is Not Enough The encryption key should be conveyed safely After unscrambling, the substance is crazy. It can be utilized and sent openly

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Identifier Metadata Signature Encrypted Content License Rendering Applications Metadata Signature Secure Container DRM Packager Policy Secure Container Metadata License DRM Server Architecture Model of Enterprise DRM Technology Content utilize is administered by DRM Client as indicated by the approach of DRM Server Key conveyance is mechanized by DRM Server

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Deployment @ S Group Ad-hoc DRM (Securing deliverable document w/o overseeing was sent for all S Group organizations\' E-mail frameworks since November, 2006 Server DRM (ERM encryption @ download/transfer from Apps) was sent since May, 2002 for more than 50 S Group Companies and anticipated that would finish for all S Group organizations before 2008. (S Electronics, SDI, SDS, Life Insurance, Fire & Marine Insurance, Corning, Semiconductor, Electro Mechanics, Heavy Industries, Networks, Foundation, SERI, Card, Total, Fund, and so forth.) PC DRM (Enforce programmed ERM encryption from all PC) was conveyed since December, 2006 for 3 S Group Companies and anticipated that would finish for all S Group organizations before 2009 (S Electronics, Life Insurance, Engineering, and so forth.)

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Benefits @ S Group E-DRM frameworks are effectively sent and running under S Group organizations\' condition that has more than "300,000 dynamic clients, 1,000,000 aggregate exchanges and 100,000 record bundling exchanges for each day by and large. Permitting S to have finish assurance of their archives and application frameworks including MS Office, PDF, different CAD applications, PLM, KMS, CMS, Web Collaboration, and so on against both untouchables & insiders. S Group\'s security foundation is currently considered as a best work on benchmarking case to raise key estimation of association by completely using between association correspondence, information administration and follow controls.

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Strategic Value of E-DRM Technology Inter-association Communication Competitive Advantage Knowledge Management Regulatory Compliance

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Wrap-up Any Questions? Request: jsohn@fasoo.com

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