Tennessee-Tombigbee Conduit Advancement Opportunities Gathering.

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Car Appropriation Nourishment LIFE SCIENCES Tennessee-Tombigbee Conduit Improvement Opportunities Meeting PLASTICS Patterns/Overhauls TVA ED Programs What Would You be able to Do? Financial Improvement Patterns in Monetary Advancement Car Market On the move
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Car DISTRIBUTION FOOD LIFE SCIENCES Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Opportunities Conference PLASTICS

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Trends/Updates TVA ED Programs What Can You Do? Financial Development

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Trends in Economic Development Automotive Market in Transition

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U.S. Car Market – 2008 versus 2007 (7 months) Ford 15 % GM 18% Chrysler 23% Honda 3% Hyundai Nissan Toyota 7.5% Return

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Trends in Economic Development Automotive Market in Transition Competitiveness keeps on expanding on all ventures Megaprojects - still the blessed chalice Project Timelines Accelerating Heavy Capital Investment , yet employments hard to get a hold of Cash impetuses as opposed to expense credits Weak Dollar pulling in outside makers to U.S. Fuel costs offer favorable position to water transportation Also drives organizations closer to their clients Energy Efficiency and Renewables from ecological weights LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green

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TVA Operation Update Power Coal Transportation Logistics

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How is Coal Transported? Percent of Total Coal Receipts Truck 7% Barge 22% Rail/Barge 37% Rail 34% Next 7

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TVA Fossil Plants Coal Basins utilized by TVA Other Coal Basins Where Does TVA Buy Coal? TVA Spends $3 – 4 Billion Annually on Coal PRB-24% ILB-41% CAPP-13% Uinta-22% PRB = Powder River Basin, Wyoming Uinta = Colorado and Utah ILB = Western KY and Illinois CAPP = Eastern KY and WV & VA Return 8

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TVA Operation Update Power Coal Transportation Logistics Coal keeps on assuming significant part in future era River transport may assume bigger part in blend Watts Bar 2 (TN) – 12 months into 54 month development schedule Bellefonte (AL) - Under survey River/Land Management Industrial Development of Land – Yellow Creek Port Continued Rainfall Below Normal (74%) Operating at Minimum Flows for route

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The Drought Continues….. Next

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Services and Tools - Marketing We offer one-stop site choice administrations “TVA’s Megasites Certification system ought to now be viewed as the best quality level for vast monetary advancement projects.” Eddie Lehner, SeverCorr CFO Certified Megasites

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Services and Tools - Marketing Megasite Program Results (in this way) 4 Sites Sold Direct Jobs – 5000 Capital Investment – $4 Billion “Best Community Development Program we have ever done” – John Bradley, SVP TVA

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Services and Tools – Community Readiness Building the Local ED Organization Responding to RFP’s Preparing for Prospect Visit Technology awards Spec Building project ARC Infrastructure venture organization

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Services and Tools – Technical Services Site Mapping Concept Plans Virtual Spec Building Renderings - Existing Building “TVA has gone from a financial improvement onlooker to a financial improvement pioneer in the south.” Southern Business & Development Magazine

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What Can You Do…..In Times Like These? Provincial Cooperation expands your impact and range Targeted Recruitment to expand going through effect Work with Existing Industries for Opportunities Build your Recruitment Team Community Preparedness Know Your Product - Improve Your Product Site Readiness is critical to aggressiveness Understand your Client’s Needs Make the Business Case

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Put the TVA Economic Development group to work for your group

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Services and Tools - Marketing We’re concentrating on particular high-development targets Economic examination was directed to target developing divisions that are most appropriate for the Tennessee Valley Automotive Distribution & warehousing Food industry Plastics

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System Inflows Above Chattanooga in 2007/2008 1,800 1,600 D0 1,400 D1 Median Cumulative Weekly Inflow (1000 cfs) . D2 1,200 D3 1,000 800 D4 2008 600 2007 400 200 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

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