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Illustration Project. Pick a valuable framework, not a hidden technologyStart with a
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Term Project Pick a framework (talk about decision with me) Want straightforward usefulness, security issues, entire framework (e. g., customer and server side) Submit a 1-2 page proposition to administration (Dr. Hery) Assess dangers, dangers, vulnerabilities Develop a security strategy Do an abnormal state framework security configuration Present a "preparatory outline survey" (PDR) to administration (incorporate hazard investigation, approaches, framework engineering) Iterate on hazard appraisal, arrangement, plan Present a last "basic plan audit" (CDR) to administration and the class Write a last answer to administration on above

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Example Project Pick a valuable framework, not a hidden innovation Start with a "mission require articulation" Describe the CONOPS Make express (and most likely reasonable) presumptions about foundation Major venture steps: Thorough hazard examination Develop security strategies Perform the framework security designing. Utilize the hazard examination and arrangement to decide the security capacities required, and after that to build up an engineering that has all the security capacities and equipment, programming segments to uphold the security strategies Major venture deliverables: Proposal Preliminary plan survey (PDR) Critical outline audit to class (CDR) Final investigate the outline

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Major DoD Project Design Reviews Systems Requirements Review (SRR) Usually, a first survey before getting too far into the venture, well before the PDR. We will consolidate them. SRR is an introduction (with supporting documentation) to administration and "the client" to audit every one of the necessities that are utilized as the reason for the framework plan and advancement. Every later prerequisite and outline choices ought to be traceable back to these necessities. Administration has the privilege to force changes on the prerequisites Preliminary Design Review (PDR) The PDR is an introduction (with supporting documentation) to administration and "the client" demonstrating the preparatory outline, before point by point plans are created. The reason for existing is to get the input on the plan (from outside the outline group) before it is too far along and to get "mid course rectification" Management may raise issues that are not tended to legitimately by the outline Critical Design Review (CDR) A last audit of the itemized configuration before beginning improvement, coding, COTS item choice and procurement, custom item prototyping, and so forth

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PDR for the Term Project High level necessities Functional Requirements (what the framework ought to do) Risk examination to distinguish resources that should be ensured Any lawful prerequisites Any corporate or hierarchical security arrangements excluded above High Level Security Policies System Architecture

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PDR (Continued) Develop an abnormal state security design in light of the prerequisites What security innovations and procedures will be utilized (firewalls, crypto, IDS, and so on.) Where are they to be utilized Develop a "Security Compliance Matrix" List all security prerequisites, and show what parts of the security innovation and procedures are utilized to meet the prerequisites Do a security prerequisites traceback Show how every security innovation or process depends on a necessity Present any security "exchange considers"

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Security System Engineering Process for PDR (in blue) Mission Need CONOPS Assets at Risk Threat Analysis Functional Rqmts Prelim. Chance Analysis Legal Rqmnts Primary Sec Rqmts System Arch. Evaluate Corp/Org Policy Security Arch Other Rqmts Derived Sec Rqmts System Design Risk Analysis Vulner. Examination Assess Security Design

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PDR (proceeded with) PDR will be a 30 minute introduction to administration The principle reason for existing is to ensure the venture is in good shape before you go too far. No review will be doled out for this, exclusive the finished venture. Introduction will be outside of class hours and planned amid March 17 or March 18. Timetable will be settled on March 16 Supporting reports might be given Electronic duplicates of all materials ought to be given Management maintains all authority to recommend extra prerequisites in the event that you make the issue to simple :- ) Management additionally claims authority to propose an improvement of the issue to spare you from yourself.

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CDR for the term extend The CDR will survey the PDR material The other SSE undertakings will be finished: Detailed framework engineering Threat and helplessness investigations Detailed Security Policies worked out Every approach ought to have an authorization instrument, specialized or procedural Detailed security configuration giving points of interest, for example, What is equipment versus programming Algorithms Specific items, if fitting Trade studies to bolster decisions, where proper The CDR will be an introduction to class and a full report (ideally utilizing Word, or as a PDF)

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