Terrace Drills.

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At this stop, the Backyard Drills Caravan Crew was helped by lively Dundee Advisors, Tom Jarvis and ... Scottish Bag-funnel shows, rivalries, sellers, and children exercises. ...
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Patio Drills™ Caravan Orillia Event – July 21 st OVERVIEW The Backyard Drills Caravan made a stop in Orillia, Ontario Saturday July 21 st , and added some kick to the 30 th Annual Scottish Festival. At this stop, the Backyard Drills Caravan Crew was helped by lively Dundee Advisors, Tom Jarvis and Darren O\'Halloran, and in addition their right hand Jennifer Racho. Numerous individuals from Dundee supported soccer groups, similar to the Ramara Soccer Club, likewise turned out to participate on the good times! The Orillia Scottish Festival has been a long-running occasion that elements various attractions, for example, their parade, Scottish Bag-channel appears, rivalries, merchants, and children exercises. Tony Shaw, the occasion facilitator, trusted this was their greatest turnout yet, with an expected 15,000+ individuals who went to. From the minute we opened the Backyard Drills, until the minute we shut, there were dependably scores of individuals gathered around our region. Found advantageously near the passageway, the brilliant Dundee tents, signs, and standards got the consideration of about everybody who cruised by. Before the day was done, we had more than 270 kids and guardians take an interest in the Drills, making this stop our best one yet! "It\'s so extraordinary to have you folks here! We don\'t have excessively numerous exercises outfitted towards youngsters. You\'ve made our occasion significantly more diversion for the children. Much obliged! " Tony Shaw, Event Coordinator QUICK FACTS Promoted on 2 Radio stations: CICX-FM and CHAY–FM Average Length of Radio advancements: 8-10 Minutes # of Listeners per ¼ Hour – CICX 3,133 and CHAY 3,245 Promoted in 2 print articles: Orillia Packet & Times (July 10 & July 25 Impressions for 2 articles: 45,425 Event Date: Saturday July 21 st Type of Event: Backyard Drills Community Event Name of Event: The 30 th Annual Orillia Scottish Festival # of People at Event: 15,000+ # that took an interest in Drills: 270+

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THE PHOTO BOOTH Advisors Tom Jarvis, and Darren O\'Halloran made fantastic utilization of the Photo Booth. They utilized this as a chance to present themselves and their administrations. They made it more diversion for the families by inspiring them to take senseless photographs. More than 90 photographs were taken! "This has been our most loved part of the entire occasion. Trust you return one year from now! Christina Flemming, Event Participant and Mother LOCATION We had an extraordinary area – a substantial green region by the passageway and the children play area. Our area was additionally on the parade course, so a large number of individuals got the chance to see the Dundee tents, signs and flags. Joined with the blue skies and a blustery 27°, it was the ideal day to play some soccer drills! CONCLUSION The turnout, the area, and the climate all had gigantic influence in making the Orillia stop our best Backyard Drills Caravan stop yet. Be that as it may, what truly put this occasion over the top was the assistance from Dundee Advisors. The Advisors assisted with enrollment, the photograph corner, and pulling in families to our region by putting tattoos on the youngsters. They had numerous chances to become acquainted with individuals from their group. They made the day pass by smoother, as well as advanced the Dundee brand in a major manner! Generally speaking, the occasion was fabulous and I trust it comes back to Orillia in future years as we would gladly take an interest again." Darren O\'Halloran Dundee Wealth Management Advisor

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