Terrorism Strikes Russia Attacks from August 24 to September 3, 2004 .

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Terrorism Strikes Russia Attacks from August 24 to September 3, 2004. “Disaster in the Sky” Russian Plane Bombings August 24, 2004. Russia Plane Bombings August 24, 2004. Overview.
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Fear based oppression Strikes Russia Attacks from August 24 to September 3, 2004

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"Debacle in the Sky" Russian Plane Bombings August 24, 2004

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Russia Plane Bombings August 24, 2004 Overview Two Russian regular citizen air ships on household flights beginning from Moscow\'s Domodedovo Airport slammed close to each other at roughly 2300 (neighborhood time) According to open sources, the Russian Security Service, FSB, guarantee that one female suicide aircraft on every plane could explode an ad libbed touchy gadget (IED) in mid-air, killing each of the 90 travelers and team. No data is accessible on how the IED was carried on the plane. No Americans were on the flights "Islambouli Brigades" asserted duty regarding the assault Russians authorities are exploring two Chechen ladies as the primary culprits

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Russia Plane Bombings August 24, 2004 Modus Operandi Media reports demonstrate two female psychological militants loaded up the flying machines at Moscow\'s Domodedovo Airport and may have pirated explosives without recognition or could explode the explosives pre-set on the plane by an insider (No M.O. has been affirmed) Volga AviaExpress Flight 1303, a Tupelov-134 on the way to Volgograd, was found in the Tula district, around 100 miles south of Moscow, in the wake of vanishing from radar at around 2056 hrs Sibir Airlines Flight 1047, a Tupolev-154 headed for the Black Sea resort Sochi, vanished from radar over the Rostov-on-Don locale, around 500 miles south of Moscow close to Russia\'s fringe with Ukraine, minutes after the main stream slammed The Federal Security Service, or FSB, announced hints of the dangerous Hexogen, generally known as RDX, at both crash locales Witnesses report seeing blasts in midair

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Russia Plane Bombings August 24, 2004 Sibir Airlines Flight 1047 Volga AviaExpress Flight 1303 Destinations

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Russia Plane Bombings Claim of Responsibility "Islambouli Brigades" distributed an announcement on a site asserting obligation regarding the assault "There will be, God willing, more waves until we mortify the heathen state called Russia," the gathering promised The Islambouli Brigades is named after Lt. Khaled Islambouli, the pioneer of a gathering of activist Islamists who killed Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in Cairo in 1981 No data is accessible to check the validity of the gathering or the announcement\'s claim The gathering likewise asserted duty regarding the August 31 Moscow Subway Bombing

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Russia Plane Bombings Suicide Bombing Suspects The FSB presumes that two Chechen females, Amanat Nagayeva, 30, and Satsita Dzhebirkhanova, 37, did the assaults. Visas for Nagayeva and Dzhebirkhanova were found at the crash destinations in the Tula and Rostov locales, yet their remaining parts have not been recognized The Moscow Times detailed that Russian law requirement are watchful for extra suspects including Roza Nagayeva (the Subway besieging suspect), Imam Nagayeva, and Maryam Taburova. The two plane besieging speculates shared a Grozny (Chechnya) flat with Roza and Maryam. The Moscow Times reports that four of the ladies are accepted to have flown out to Moscow in August to do suicide assaults.

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Russia Plane Bombings August 25, 2004 Warden Message Russian specialists have affirmed that two regular citizen carriers smashed at roughly 11:00 p.m. on August 24th in independent episodes. Reason for the accidents is under scrutiny. Both flights started from Moscow\'s Domodedovo Airport. One flight (Sibir #1047) was headed for Sochi and slammed in Rostov oblast, the other flight (Volga-Aviaexpress #1303) was destined for Volgograd and smashed close Tula. There is right now no affirmation that both of these accidents included fear based oppression. In another occurrence prior at night of August 24th, a touchy gadget went off at a transport stop on Kashirskoye Shosse in Moscow, harming a few people. This occurrence is likewise as of now under scrutiny. While the reasons for these episodes stay under scrutiny, American nationals in Russia ought to practice alert and stay watchful and mindful of these uplifted dangers when arranging utilization of or utilizing any type of open transportation and ought to maintain a strategic distance from vast open get-together. American subjects voyaging or living in Russia are prompted that the potential for fear based oppressor activities, including activities against regular citizens, is as of now high, and will remain so especially through the up and coming races in Chechnya on August 29th. The US Embassy stays in close contact with both Russian and US experts on this matter and will inform through this channel regarding any further related improvements. As the Embassy keeps on creating data on any potential security dangers to U.S. nationals in Russia, it offers valid danger data through its site (www.usembassy.ru) and the consular data program records, accessible on the Internet at http://travel.state.gov. Data is accessible from the Embassy\'s American Citizen Services unit at (095)728-5577 or moscowwarden@state.gov likewise voyagers may acquire exceptional data on security conditions by calling 1-888-407-4747 sans toll in the U.S. then again outside the U.S. what\'s more, Canada on a standard toll line at 1-317-472-2328.

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Suicide Bombing Strikes Moscow August 31, 2004

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Suicide Bombing Strikes Moscow August 31, 2004 Overview At roughly 2015 hrs (nearby time) a female suicide aircraft exploded an extemporized dangerous close to the Rizhskaya (Riga) metro station in upper east Moscow Various media reports affirm 10 setbacks and 51 wounds; 49 were hospitalized (No AMCITS revealed) Police said the blast was adjoining the Rizhskaya (Riga) tram station and Krestovsky retail establishment The bomb brought on noteworthy office harm to the metro station entrance - shattering entryways and windows and in addition touching off 2 vehicles A female suicide plane from Chechnya was recognized in the assault

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Suicide Bombing Strikes Moscow Modus Operandi Rizhskaya (Riga) metro station According to Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, the plane attempted to enter the metro station yet pivoted subsequent to seeing two policemen close to the passageway processing archives and seeking packs. She then exploded the bomb in a group at Prospekt Mira - Peace Avenue Moscow\'s metro framework could have been the proposed focus on The ad libbed touchy gadget contained up to 2.2 lbs. of explosives consolidated with a few metal jolts to augment losses FSB announced that the dangerous utilized as a part of the bombarding was Hexogen, which is a similar unstable that was utilized as a part of the August 24 plane bombings

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Suicide Bombing Strikes Moscow Suicide Bombing Suspect Press reports assert that a 29 year-old Chechen lady, Roza Nagayeva, exploded herself outside of the Rizhskaya station Roza is the sister of Amanat Nagayeva, the lady associated with exploding the impact on load up a Volga-AviaExpress Flight 1303, which slammed close Tula on August 24 The Moscow Times revealed that Russian law implementation as of late conveyed photographs of five presumed Chechen revolutionaries including the two plane shelling suspects Amanat Nagayeva and Satsita Dzhebirkhanova; Imam Nagayeva; Maryam Taburova; and Roza Nagayeva The Moscow Times reports that four of the ladies are accepted to have ventured out to Moscow in August to do suicide assaults Roza shared a loft in Groznyy (Chechnya) with her sister, Dzhebirkhanova and Taburova

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Similarities Between the August Attacks The three assaults all utilized female suicide aircraft to target regular folks The effective, very much arranged assaults demonstrate that the fear based oppressors led noteworthy pre-operational observation The aircraft utilized Hexogen, a strong, generally sheltered and cheap hazardous The three psychological militants were completely dedicated to affliction They focused on different types of open transportation, disturbing activity entering/leaving Moscow

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Possible Motives for the Attack Retaliation assaults for the Kremlin-upheld Chechen Presidential Elections hung on August 29. Previous Chechen President Akhmed Kadyrov, likewise supported by Russia, was killed by Chechen Rebels in October 2003 Possibly to undermine soundness in Chechnya, as Russian President Vladimir Putin declines arrangement with Chechen Rebels Russian authorities assert a conceivable association between Chechen Rebels and al-Qaeda; Putin has recommended the August 24 plane bombings are attached to universal fear based oppression No pointers propose that Americans were focused in the assaults

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Increased Security Measures in Moscow Police expanded watches and archive checks at airplane terminals, metro stations, and prepare stations Schools all through Moscow expanded safety efforts and gave formally dressed watchmen. As per press reports, each of the 1,600 schools in the capital will soon be outfitted with close-circuit cameras and changeless security monitors Airlines that routinely direct flights amongst Moscow and the United States have expanded safety efforts to test travelers and their baggage for explosives Security has been fixed at offices of Russia\'s atomic vitality part The Moscow specialists have drop all official and diversion occasions gotten ready for City Day, an occasion to stamp the commemoration of the establishing of Moscow which was set for September 4-5

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Female Suicide Bombers "Dark Widows" Who? Chechen females who do suicide bombings missions in vengeance or edginess for losing spouses, siblings or fathers who were associated with Chechen radicals Woman ideologically influenced by Chechen-based Islamic fanatics They might be socially minimized or alienated by relatives They might be roused by money related pay Why? Chechen lady can move around more unreservedly and unnoticeably than Chechen men

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