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Share.Your eBook Notes Instantly with Other Students and even Your Professor! ... Sheet Highlighted eBook Chapters. Chosen Book with Navigation Pane ...
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What can an eBook Do, That My Traditional Text Can\'t? Look … .Use Your Textbook simply like you utilize Google Share … Your eBook Notes Instantly with Other Students and even Your Professor! Save … eBooks are a large portion of the expense of Textbooks

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Go to http://textbooks.vitalsource.com

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Enter the Author or Title in the Search field

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Once you find your content, select add to truck

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New Users should enlist by selecting the "Register here" catch. Existing clients sign in with Email and Password

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Complete the Visa data, select buy. You will get an email from VitalSource with guidelines on the best way to download the VitalSource Bookshelf peruser And your eBook

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Downloaded Bookshelf Organized Content Downloaded eBooks Highlight Labels Note Access

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Left Pane-Library Organization Center Pane-eBook Library Right Pane-Highlighted eBook Chapters

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Selected Book with Navigation Pane Open Three Tab Navigation: Contents, Figures and Notes

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Chapter Organization

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Access Figures, Photos and Tables Independently of Chapters

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Insert Notes with Important data and labeled to arrange study aides and that\'s just the beginning.

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Search Capabilities The Search for "Cell" Finds 1417 Results, and Highlights every Reference

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Highlight Capabilities with Multi-Color Highlighters with Customizable Tagging Labels, for example, Study Guide, Test, and Exam

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VitalSource Service and Support VitalSource Technical Support: day in and day out telephone support: 1.800.610.5382 Email: support@vitalsource.com

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