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The “I Care” Positive Parenting Character Curriculum Gives Parents Purpose, Character-Building Skills, Power, and Potential. Parental Involvement. Community Involvement. Character Development. “I Care” Connects Families, Schools, and the Community for the Betterment of Children .
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The "I Care" Positive Parenting Character Curriculum Gives Parents Purpose, Character-Building Skills, Power, and Potential

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Parental Involvement Community Involvement Character Development "I Care" Connects Families, Schools, and the Community for the Betterment of Children

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"I Care" characterizes parental contribution as the quantity of positive associations happening between the guardians, or minding grown-ups, and the tyke.

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"I Care" has numerical responsibility measures for parental association, character improvement, and group contribution.

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The On-Line "I Care" Parental Involvement Data Collection & Evaluation Service gives month to month measures to the accompanying: Parents Trained Parent Participation Parental Involvement Positive Teacher-Parent Contacts Mastery of Character Development Community Involvement in Character Development

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"Boosting parental inclusion utilizing this curricular approach has expanded test scores at my school and has given the documentation and measures required for government reviews." — Principal; San Jose, California "The \'I Care\' Program has helped me to oversee parental association better in every one of my schools. The information every month lets me know and the school contacts where help is required." — Parent Coordinator; Wilkesboro, North Carolina "A few principals in my region said they have seen a positive change in the demeanor of educators since we began executing \'I Care\' five years back. So it\'s affecting understudies, as well as educators also." — Parental Involvement Coordinator; Selma, Alabama Testimonials "After the execution of \'I Care\' was so effective in one of my secondary schools, I knew it would be fruitful in each of the 26 of my schools. Since we have actualized for a long time, despite everything I feel unequivocally that \'I Care\' is supporting the understudy scholarly upgrades we are accomplishing." — Superintendent; Albany, Georgia

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Customer Service with a Smile Parenting & Character Education Curricula On-Line Data Collection & Evaluation Service "I Care" Offers: Parent & Teacher Resource Materials On-Site & Conference Training Services

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S A F E Sequenced for Success (Not simply arbitrary exercises, however an educational programs wanted to accomplish profundity of comprehension and that assembles one positive conduct on another.) Active to Assure Acquisition (Students go from comprehension to doing to living it out.) Focused on the Future (Provides understudies with a life–long establishment of character attributes and passionate abilities fundamental for adapting to a future loaded with new innovation, new employments, and new difficulties.) Encompassing Excellence (Continuously enhancing to ensure family, school, and group segments are as well as can be expected be.) "I Care" Is a S.A.F.E. Educational programs

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Academy of Careers & Technology High School; San Antonio, Texas—(1 High) Allamakee Community School District; Waukon, Iowa—(2 Elementary) Dallas County Schools; Selma, Alabama—(9 Elementary, 2 Middle, 3 High) Dougherty County Schools; Albany, Georgia—(16 Elementary, 6 Middle, 4 High) Hopi Head Start; Kykotsmovi, Arizona—(9 Centers) J. K. L. Bahweting School; Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan—(1 Elementary) Lawton Public Schools; Lawton, Oklahoma—(12 Elementary, 2 Middle) Rapides Parish Schools; Alexandria, Louisiana—(9 Elementary, 1 Middle, 1 High) Sumter County Schools; Americus, Georgia — (4 Elementary, 2 Middle, 3 High) Tuba City Unified School District #15; Tuba City, Arizona—(2 Elementary) Wilkes County Schools; Wilkesboro, North Carolina—(10 Elementary) Some Locations Where "I Care" Is Used

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