The 2004 Monhegan Island Occupant and Entrepreneur Study Exhibited to LURC September 7, 2005.

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Amid both visits FutureMetrics accumulated around 500 studies from island guests. In 2004 ... Muskrat evacuation. Japanese barberry evacuation. Monhegan Associates. Monhegan Associates ...
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The 2004 Monhegan Island Resident and Business Owner Survey Presented to LURC September 7, 2005 From work done on the island by FutureMetrics, LLC Bethel, ME FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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In August, 2004, FutureMetrics, a Bethel, Maine financial counseling firm, spent a week on Monhegan Island. The 2004 visit was a follow up to a one week visit in 2003. Amid both visits FutureMetrics assembled around 500 studies from island guests. In 2004 the guest review was supplemented with a unique overview created particularly for island inhabitants, property proprietors, and/or entrepreneurs. This presentation is about the inhabitant/proprietor study. Both the occupant and guest reports and this PowerPoint are on the circle that you have gotten. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Key Points There is an innate pressure between the cravings of entrepreneur and non-entrepreneur inhabitants. Non-entrepreneur inhabitants can\'t bolster the present island economy. Overnight guests, especially those that stay for a week to two weeks, are crucial. Monhegan Associates is not presently interceding the strains extremely well. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Some Demographics when all is said in done, inhabitants are knowledgeable (fundamentally over the national normal). The pre-charge salary levels of island occupants that are entrepreneurs however don\'t relate with the instructive profile. Pre-charge livelihoods are, by and large, around 20% underneath what the instructive profile would propose. Salary levels are very diverse for individuals from Monhegan Associates versus non-individuals. Monhegan Associates respondents have a normal salary of $98,000/year while non-individuals have a normal wage of $47,000/year. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Business, Resident and/or Property Owner Data Of the respondents to the overview, 39% are entrepreneurs or neighborhood laborers and 61% are inhabitants or property proprietors that don\'t possess a business or work on the island. 61% of the overviews were finished by individuals from Monhegan Associates. Of the entrepreneurs in the information, just 43% are likewise individuals from Monhegan Associates. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Revenue Sources FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Spending by Property Owners The normal yearly spending on arranging by property proprietors was $390. The normal on repairs was $1900. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Spending by Residents Island occupants buy around half of their staple goods on the island. The rate of basic need buys are decidedly corresponded to wage levels (the higher the pay the more probable they are to purchase more basic needs on the island). Basic need buys are likewise adversely connected with length of stay (the more drawn out the finish what has been started goods they are liable to buy on the island). FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Spending FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Spending all things considered, inhabitants ate around 3 suppers for each week at island eateries or sandwich shops. Notwithstanding, as with mixed refreshments, the normal is skewed by countless (15%) that eat no less than a feast a day out. The shorter the finishes what has been started likely individuals are to eat out. Guests that stay two weeks or less eat out 2.6 times more much of the time than guests that stay for a month or more. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Resident Characteristics About 30% of the property proprietors lease their properties amid the warm season. The normal number of weeks leased is 6. Excluding those that live on the island year round, the normal property proprietor lives on the island for 13 weeks . FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Revenue Sources The normal leaseholder has been leasing their property for a long time (the most extreme is 24 and the base is 2). The normal week after week rent charged by proprietors is $1045. This is a 41% expansion more than 5 years back when the normal rent was $740 every week. [Note: 40% of the properties that are utilized as habitations by the proprietors are winterized yet most are not lived in over the winter.] FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Resident Characteristics The normal inhabitant/proprietor has been coming to Monhegan for a long time (some have lived on Monhegan every one of their lives). FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Crowding FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Crowding Interestingly, around 10% of the respondents thought the island was in the "greatly swarmed" range in the month that they thought to be the slightest swarmed month. Those respondents, with one special case, are year round inhabitants. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Crowding Business proprietors, by and large for August, proposed a perfect level of swarming that was around 17% higher than non-entrepreneurs. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Crowding Non-entrepreneurs were in the lion\'s share as far as deduction the island was more swarmed than they might want to see it. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Crowding FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Fee? We represented the accompanying: "Imagine that every grown-up guest (non-inhabitant) needs to pay an expense to step onto Monhegan. (NOTE: This expense may be utilized to keep up the island\'s trails, notable historic points, and foundation.) How high do you think the charge would need to be all together that a critical number of fleeting guests would choose NOT to come to Monhegan? Normal = $19.90 Not one reaction proposed a zero dollar charge. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Fee? (Guest Response) FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Island Stewardship Also: Trail disintegration control Poison ivy control Muskrat evacuation Japanese barberry expulsion FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Monhegan Associates FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Monhegan Associates FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Conclusion (1 of 5) In a general sense, the island is encountering a brilliant time as far as the harmony between keeping up its legacy and its monetary base. Choices that will keep it that way, and in this way hold quite a bit of what makes Monhegan what it is and hold the financial base, are vital. From a natural perspective, in this microcosm of restricted area, new water, and waste release, any future development is extremely constrained. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Conclusion (2 of 5) Like some alleged "eco-goals," a developing prevalence and a changing guest demographic are powers of progress that numerous find contrary with the past. Past and future will dependably be distinctive. However for Monhegan\'s economy, lost the past might be awful. As we noted in the Visitor Survey Report, the island\'s economy relies on upon the center of long haul summer occupants and travelers that desire to spend a week or so on the island . FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Conclusion (3 of 5) Monhegan Associates has assumed a key part as the island\'s territory steward. The support of the wild qualities of the greater part of the island and the look after the biological community has likely been pivotal for keeping the guest encounter an extremely positive one. However there is a conspicuous pressure amongst individuals and non-individuals. The vision for the island group\'s future must recognize the requirement for a working group and a traveler economy and additionally for an unblemished, confined, and wild goal. Open and delegate gatherings from which the choices made speak to the greater part of the island\'s partners must be the standard going ahead. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Conclusion (4 of 5) The island\'s economy is right now solid. In any case, the eventual fate of that wellbeing relies on choices made at this point. Those choices will need to intercede the inalienable contrasts that we have seen amongst business and non-entrepreneurs. FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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Conclusion (5 of 5) Finally: Monhegan is a retreat for the well off, a home to a working group, and a spot for guests from an expansive arrangement of foundations. However Monhegan has restricted options for economical development. What is the arrangement that the group has for adjusting these necessities inside these requirements? Monhegan\'s guests\' essential thought process in going to the island is undermined by the developing fame of the goal. What will Monhegan\'s people group decide the way to the future ought to be? FutureMetrics – Bethel, ME

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