The 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Diversions: An Impetus for Associations, Advancements and Maintainable Legacies.

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The 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Diversions: An Impetus for Associations, Advancements and Maintainable Legacies Ann Duffy Corporate Supportability Officer, VANOC CSA Yearly Meeting - June 16 2009 Associations? OHSAS 18000… Presentation Focuses Investigating Associations
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The 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games: A Catalyst for Partnerships, Innovations and Sustainable Legacies Ann Duffy Corporate Sustainability Officer, VANOC CSA Annual Conference - June 16 2009

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Connections? OHSAS 18000…

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Presentation Points Exploring Connections Standards? what\'s more, Innovation? Contextual analysis : Vancouver 2010 convincing vision collective model Standards and best practices Preview on right on time legacies

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Vancouver 2010: Facts and Figures

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17 days of Olympic Games occasions 10 days of Paralympic Games occasions 5,500 Olympic Games competitors and authorities 1,350 Paralympic Games competitors and authorities 80+ nations in Olympic Games 40+ nations in Paralympic Games 10,000 media agents 3 billion overall TV viewers 75 million visits worldwide to Vancouver 2010: by the Numbers

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VANOC Project Lifecycle: a starting, a center, and end Post-Games Phase Foundation Phase Strategic/Business Phase Games Time Pre-Games Planning & Operatioms Phase 2010 2008 2004 2005 2006 2007 2009

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A Compelling Vision

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Defining Sustainability at VANOC Managing the social, financial and ecological effects and chances of our Games to deliver enduring advantages, locally and all inclusive Environment Social Economic

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VANOC Mission and Vision “To fabricate a more grounded Canada whose soul is raised by its enthusiasm for game, society and sustainability” Mission “To touch the country\'s spirit and rouse the world by making and conveying a phenomenal Olympic and Paralympic involvement with enduring legacies”

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Accountability Environmental Stewardship and Impact Reduction Social Inclusion & Responsibility Aboriginal Participation & Collaboration Economic Benefits from Sustainability Sport for Sustainable Living Six Sustainability Performance Objectives

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A Collaborative Model

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VANOC, Partners and Sponsors Federal Government of Canada Province of British Columbia Four Host First Nations City of Vancouver Resort Municipality of Whistler City of Richmond City of West Vancouver Contributing Communities TOP Corporate Sponsors Domestic Corporate Sponsors Official Suppliers Canadian Olympic Committee Canada Paralympic Committee

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Showcasing Solutions Profiling advancements with Venues, Villages, Services Inspired by our Sponsors and bolstered by VANOC and our Government Partners This symbol/sign will show up at Games-time on venue and town signage, in electronic media and our site Sustainability Star Program

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Standards and Best Practices Supporting our Vision and Culture

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Benchmarked best practices Olympic Games, FIFA, Commonwealth, industry… Stakeholder Engagement Materiality, Inclusiveness, Responsiveness Address natural, social and monetary effects and opportunities Management System Plan, Implement, Check, Review, Improve Reporting structure VANOC’s Sustainability Management and Reporting System

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Award: 2006-07 VANOC Sustainability Report 2009 CERES & ACCA Report Award for Innovative Reporting Knowledge Transfer Sustainable Sport & Event Toolkit (SSET) Sustainability

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Benchmarked best practices Olympic Games, FIFA, Commonwealth, industry… Bid Commitments Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (BC; Canada) Canadian Green Building Council Target Minimum LEED Silver Rating Barrier Free Guidelines VANOC’s Venue Development Program

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Benchmarked best practices Past Games, industry… Bid Commitments Corporate Social Responsibility VANOC and WorkSafe BC’s: “Legacy of Safety Program” North American Occupational Safety and Health (NOASH) Week Award in the Special Project Category Safety Management System OHSAS 18000 VANOC’s Legacy of Safety Program

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Sneak Preview of Sustainable Legacies

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Green building rules: Reduce waste, contamination and water utilization Improve indoor and outside air quality Increase vitality proficiency Cost-viable operations Accessible Piloting LEED Neighborhood Design Guideline Athlete Villages: Vancouver and Whistler

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Vancouver Olympic Center (Curling, wheelchair twisting)

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The Whistler Sliding Center (Bobsleigh, luge, skeleton)

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Whistler Olympic Park (Cross-nation skiing, biathlon, ski bouncing, nordic consolidated)

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Cypress Mountain (Snowboard, free-form skiing)

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VANOC 2010 Carbon Strategy 1. Know -How much carbon we are discharging, freely track and report on it 2. Lessen -As numerous outflows as could be expected under the circumstances at source 3. Be Responsible - Offset discharges that can\'t be decreased or dispensed with - Carbon Offset Sponsor for immediate and roundabout emanations 4. Adjust and Activate to others -Use the 2010 experience to build familiarity with and cooperation in environmental change arrangements

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BC Hydro’s Green Energy Innovations BC Hydro’s Green Energy Innovations task will supply clean energy to the 2010 Winter Games, including electrical force era to supplant a lot of diesel generators.

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Coca-Cola 100% Carbon Reduction Plan Reduce and Calculate Olympic Footprint Reduction Initiatives : Equipment – EKOfresh coolers, Energy Management System Hybrid vehicles Air Travel, Torch Relay Vehicle Usage, Equipment/Freight Purchase best quality level counterbalances North American Firsts: without hfc Insulation sans hfc Refrigeration Increase Energy Efficiency by 35%

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Sustainable Transportation VANOC Right-sizes vehicles, carpooling, no sitting out of gear Participate in Annual Commuter Challenge Transportation included with Event tickets Partners: Hydrogen Highway Showcase Province of British Columbia Natural Resources Canada Resort Municipality of Whistler City of West Vancouver Port Metro Vancouver General Motors of Canada BC Hydro and VANOC.

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Sponsor: Coca Cola takes the Zero Waste Challenge 100% holder accumulation in secure venues and 95% of waste will be redirected from landfills

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Inner City Contributions Non-market lodging units Training, employments and business opportunities Sponsor: RONA Vancouver 2010 Fabrication Shop 3. Social Inclusion and Responsibility

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4. Native Participation and Collaboration Four Host First Nations Protocol : Economic Development : Business opportunities Commercial imprint & logo Games time structure Sport Development Youth outreach for game Culture and Awareness Poster dispatch Aboriginal workmanship at venues and functions E-bulletin

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Economic Benefits from Sustainability Buy Smart Program 2010 obtaining force bolsters moral sourcing and social, natural and monetary execution Includes: Procedures, codes and benchmarks guiding board of trustees reporting, reviews partner engagement organization with the 2010 Commerce Center (BC Government) site

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6. Game and Sustainable Living

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Torch Relay: Inspire Canadians Sponsors: RBC Coca Cola Canadians can select themselves Torch bearers will be normal Canadians who are the ordinary saints in our groups. Numerous will roll out improvements – of all shapes and sizes – to decrease their natural foot shaped impression ONE individual can have any kind of effect by encapsulating the Games\' soul through making positive move in their group.

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Vancouver 2010: Canada’s Games Integral piece of VANOC’s society and vision Inspire individuals of all ages and brief group pride Create a human legacy of administration, game, society and maintainability Motivate Canadians to have any kind of effect and make their very own platform

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What will the world see in 2010?

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Thank you w

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