The Administration Difficulty.

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There is no single approach to plan pioneers or get ready for administration ... 1390 Cavalier Way. Roebuck, South Carolina 29376. 864-576-4212. ...
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The Leadership Dilemma Dr. Gregory L. Cantrell June 16, 2009

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Leadership "Truths" Leadership is situational and changes with people and occasions There is no single approach to get ready pioneers or get ready for initiative A pioneer is somebody who has adherents Leadership has moral ramifications The investigation of verifiable figures helps us to comprehend authority

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Leadership issues for the 21 st century Decreasing money related backing for government funded instruction Increasing interest for responsibility Increasing desires Increasing clash Increasing social difficulties Teacher quality issues Decreasing number of qualified candidates for Administrative positions

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Leaders must have the capacity to… Listen viably, understanding both substance and feelings Validate the exactness of the data got Speak honestly and unmistakably and talk straightforwardly to the issue Be sure about existence, self, and one\'s work

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Leaders must have the capacity to… Keep ebb and flow, integrate information and use research Self-spur and have the capacity to move partners Try new thoughts, go out on a limb and urge others to do as such Articulate reason, set up a dream and move trust in schools

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Leadership procedures for these "testing times" Get our of the workplace and course with your partners Build solid unions Persuade as opposed to constrain Subscribe to trustworthiness and respectability Never carry on of retribution or disdain

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Leadership systems for these "testing times" Have the valor to handle treacherous feedback Be an expert of Paradox Be unequivocal Lead by case Establish objectives

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Leadership techniques for these "testing times" Be results arranged Choose as your central subordinates individuals who want duty and go out on a limb Encourage advancement Master the specialty of open speaking Preach a dream and constantly re-assert it Donald T. Phillips, "Lincoln on Leadership", 1992

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Closing contemplations

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Dr. Gregory L. Cantrell Associate Superintendent Spartanburg School District Six 1390 Cavalier Way Roebuck, South Carolina 29376 864-576-4212

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