The Advanced Vehicle Research Center Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conversions, Recharging Stations, Smartgrid Support, CN .

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The Advanced Vehicle Research Center Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conversions, Recharging Stations, Smartgrid Support, CNG, Hydrogen, Energy Storage Military and Off-Road Test Site. Danville AVRC. 16,000 s.f. engineering building on 14 acres in the Cyberpark
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The Advanced Vehicle Research Center Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conversions, Recharging Stations, Smartgrid Support, CNG, Hydrogen, Energy Storage Military and Off-Road Test Site

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Danville AVRC 16,000 s.f. designing expanding on 14 sections of land in the Cyberpark Will consolidate network good motor test cells Other car and transportation organizations will rent space and utilize benefits in close term Adjacent 266 sections of land for military and rough terrain testing to mil specs.

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AVRC Virginia, Danville The Danville area is served by Danville territorial air terminal and RDU International

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AVRC Virginia, Danville

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AVRC our identity and what we do Four columns ; -Commercial -Research -Education -Strategy

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COMMERCIAL Plug-in Electric Conversions Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Upgrading the Hybrid Toyota Prius with 5KW Lithium Ion battery pack 100+ MPG achievable More vehicles finished to date than some other East Coast association. As of late extended to incorporate Ford Escape and others V2L and V2G

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OTHER COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS and administrations Engine driven or PTO - 8 kW or 16 kW Solid State control era - fits under hood and gives a phenomenal versatile in Iraq and Afghanistan, vigorous power source-perfect for utility vehicles, development, military, and so on. Battery Electric Refrigeration Units for refrigeration trucks to spare fuel, dispense with lingering.

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OTHER COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS and administrations Compressed Natural Gas transformations for the Ford Focus and Fusion from Altech - Eco.

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COMMERCIAL AVRC Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fleet Leasing Program In today\'s financial surroundings, armada chiefs are looking all the more carefully at their armada fuel costs. Renting a Toyota Hybrid Prius or a CNG Ford Focus is an alternative that could have all the effect. AVRC can offer a 36 month rent choice on either the CNG Ford Focus or a completely changed over module half and half Toyota Prius

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COMMERCIAL SmartGrid arrangements – Recharging Stations This is the Coulomb ChargePoint energizing station, gave by the Advanced Vehicle Research Center in Danville Virginia, civility of Novacharge , the approved Virginia affiliate of Coloumb advances. You can take in more about Coulomb Technologies at

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COMMERCIAL SmartGrid arrangements – Recharging Stations It\'s called a clever charging station, and it is prepared to connect to today\'s current power framework or to the cutting edge control matrix, the \'SmartGrid\'. This is the way electric and module half breed autos now accessible industrially, or underway will have the capacity to \'top off\' while out and about. The AVRC has accomplished more than a hundred Hybrid Toyota Prius transformations, more than some other association. You can see precisely how a Coloumb charging station is worked from the accompanying connection

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COMMERCIAL SmartGrid arrangements – Recharging Stations The unit is remotely associated with the ChargePoint organize, and if charging is interfered with the unit will consequently close down and it can be restarted remotely. It\'s ground blame secured for wellbeing. For the future SmartGrid , it is likewise bi-directional, which will permit you to offer power back to the electric organization amid times of pinnacle request. Advantageously, it can likewise serve as a stopping meter, and you can charge your electric vehicle and pay for your stopping in the meantime.

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COMMERCIAL SmartGrid arrangements – Recharging Stations ChargePoint Network memberships are sold in units of "sessions," an exchange that covers the succession from module to plug-out. Sessions might be bought in 3 courses: each one in turn; in a piece of 10 sessions/month; or in boundless sessions/month. A session has a greatest term of 24 hours, after which an extra session will be charged, each extra 24-hour time span. It\'s significant that Electric and module half breed proprietors will at present likely do a large portion of their charging at home, however it\'s great to realize that there will dependably be a charging station close-by. What\'s to come is going to a parking structure close you!

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F150 Ford "electric half and half conversion" RESEARCH & COMMERCIALIZATION Transportation Energy, Technology and Development "Zed drive" is a straightforward change for a live back hub. It utilizes an extra pinion outfit get together in a hand crafted lodging to join the electric engine. This lodging replaces the back cover plate on the current back pivot. Ultracapacitors and batteries are fitted underneath floor of the plate bed or pickup body. The framework can be energized through the matrix and regenerative breaking.

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F150 Ford "electric crossover conversion" RESEARCH & COMMERCIALIZATION Transportation Energy, Technology and Development

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RESEARCH & COMMERCIALIZATION Transportation Energy, Technology and Development Portable Hydrogen Refueling Station outline and fabricate archive (finished) Ethanol Efficiency in High Compression Engines (finished) FREEDM consortium ventures (progressing) New development in Danville to incorporate best in class motor test cells with network availability for DoE CDP (began) DANVILLE, VA - (MORTS)

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RESEARCH - Mobile Hydrogen Generation and Storage Station, Design and Build Document AVRC finished a plan & manufacture record that permits schools, specialists and others to develop a versatile H2 Mobile Generation refueling Station (H2MGS) - which can be truck or trailer-mounted, worked from an ace bill of materials with itemized directions. An answer for the H2 foundation issue.

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RESEARCH - Ethanol Efficiency in High Compression Engines Two vehicles have been changed over to keep running at altogether higher pressure proportions to enhance utilization of ethanol.

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COMMERCIAL & APPLIED RESEARCH Technology Business Development University of Illinois/NPL have built up a novel all fluid energy unit with sodium borohydride (NaBH 4 ) as the fuel and hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) or air as the oxidizer NPL, Dr. George Miley, University of Illinois Fusion inquire about, (IEC) Inertial Electrostatic Containment.

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COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH Transportation and the Power Grid FREEDM at NCSU Future Renewable Electric Energy Development & Management Member of the multi-college FREEDM consortium. DESD and DEGD will consider improvement of blame tolerant microgrids Transportation is a key component, fixing to home and office stockpiling gadgets

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EDUCATIONAL Workforce Development Alternative Fuels Training Course Online segment from National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) incorporated with more momentum substance and hands-on preparing by Advanced Vehicle Research Center staff. Enrollment segment for Industrial Partners. AVRC is beneficiary of subcontract for give granted from DoE to NAFTC to grow facilitate preparing for EMT and First Responders to best address elective vehicle mischances .

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EDUCATIONAL Workforce Development Alternative Fuels Training Course

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STRATEGIC Special Projects Workforce Development Plan and Feasibility Studies AVRC contracted to build up a North Carolina car achievability concentrate on for Northampton, North Carolina. AVRC contracted to create a practicality concentrate on for Danville, Virginia office. AVRC contracted with the National Aerospace Development Center (NADC) to create a North Carolina Strategic Aerospace Workforce Development Plan, now accessible to people in general online at AVRC built up a plausibility study in 2009 for an option vitality inquire about focus being worked by the Wise County Industrial Development Authority with budgetary support from the Tobacco Indemnification Commission and VACEDA. In 2010, the AVRC was granted an agreement to deal with the Appalachia America Energy Research Center .

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STRATEGIC Special Projects APPALACHIA AMERICA ENERGY RESEARCH CENTER SUMMARY With a mission of building up a perfect vitality hatchery in the Lonesome Pine Regional Business and Technology Park, AAERC can plausibly give long haul support to the commercialization of new vitality advancements and the organizations that include this industry by seeking after two noteworthy objectives.

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STRATEGIC Special Projects First is to be an impetus for financial advancement by making new occupation openings inside this development industry; the brooding of little vitality arranged new companies with monetarily reasonable advances can bolster a bigger system of providers and administrations. Second is to effectively advance item improvement and permitting to make maintainability plausible for the Center inside an a few year time allotment.

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The Advanced Vehicle Research Center THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION CONTACT:

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