The Advancement Basic ~ Upgrading Positive Instructive Change through Innovation.

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The Advancement Basic ~ Upgrading Positive Instructive Change through Innovation The Noteworthy Aneesh P. Chopra Secretary of Innovation April, 2008 Plan for Dialog I. The Development Basic II. Three Levers for Change III. Coda ~ "More with Less" The Advancement Basic
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The Innovation Imperative ~ Enhancing Positive Educational Change through Technology The Honorable Aneesh P. Chopra Secretary of Technology April, 2008

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Agenda for Discussion I. The Innovation Imperative II. Three Levers for Reform III. Coda ~ “More with Less”

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The Innovation Imperative Thriving Technology Sector a Key Pillar of Virginia’s Competitiveness Technology Drives Virginia Economy Virginia Atop the Nation’s States In 2007 American Electronics Association noted Virginia has the most noteworthy centralization of tech laborers in the country Sixth least unemployment rate in the country (3.1% starting July 2007) Kaine Administration: 44,329 new occupations and $5.9 Billion in new interest In 2006 , named Virginia the best state for business 32% of every single new employment statewide made in the innovation division (year finishing June 2007 ) Wages in the innovation segment speak to 29% of all Virginia pay rates (year finishing June 2007 ) Employment Growth 2Q06 versus 2Q07 2.1% 1.0% All Industries Technology Sector Source: Virginia Economic Trends 2Q2007, Chmura and Virginia Employment commission; AeA Cyberstates 2007 Report

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“Drilling Down” on Anxiety National Indicators Warn of Anxiety with Global Economy CNN/Opinion Research Poll October 2007 Changes in Share of Employment By Occupational Skill WSJ/NBC Survey December 2007 “What do you think remote exchange implies for America … an open door … or a threat…?" “Do you think the way that the American economy has turned out to be progressively worldwide is great … or terrible …?" 46% 45% 58% 28% Opportunity Threat Good Bad “The Sagging Middle” “There is still solid interest for top of the line workers…But…demand is expanding for a few specialists at the low end of the pay scale: the ones who wipe temples in doctor\'s facilities, tend to kids…and stand watch. The failures? “The hanging middle” – D. Wessel Source: “ How Polarizing Job Scene Squeezes Middle,” WSJ 10/12/07; CNN/Opinion Research, 10/07; WSJ/NBC Survey, 12/07

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Three Levers Working to Ensure all Virginians Benefit in the 21 st Century Economy I State R&D Investments II An Innovation Infrastructure III Filling Tomorrow’s High-End Workforce #Investing in Guided Innovation: Support $1.2 billion R&D objective through state financing, motivations to advance corporate exploration #Universal Broadband: Develop open private organizations to guarantee access to minimal effort fast administrations #‘STEM Education: Strengthen Virginia’s K-12 framework by developing tomorrow’s science and building pioneers SoTech Agenda #VRTAC Reform #CIT Agenda #Workforce Reform

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Virginia Performs Council on Virginia’s Future Indicators Reveal Strong Performance Source: Virginia Performs Website (

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Too Many Virginians Left Behind Educational Attainment, Test Scores Affect Our Ability to Compete Educational Attainment Virginia Test Scores and Economic Growth OECD Countries “in today\'s worldwide economy…too many…kids aren\'t being arranged sufficiently for…either… work or college…our guidelines have not kept pace” – Governor Mark Warner Nation’s Governors neglected to accomplish 1989 objective to accomplish top positioning in science and math by 2000 ; “had the guarantee been satisfied …, our outcomes propose that GDP would by 2015 be 4.5% greater”– Professor Eric Hanushek, et al. Source: Council on Virginia’s Future; “Action Agenda for Improving America\'s High Schools,” Mark Warner, February 22, 2005; NGA “Education and Economic Growth,” Education Next, Hanushek, Jamison, Woessman, Spring 2008

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Filling Tomorrow’s High End Workforce Dual Strategy to Improve Our Finest, Extend Opportunity to All Redesigning K-12 Curriculum Virginia got a $500k stipend from the NGA to set up a system of STEM bases based on Career and Technical Education; banded together with NASA to reinforce science, material science center norms and acquaint approach with K-12 building Promoting AP Results Virginia is one of 14 finalists for the $125M ExxonMobil supported awards to drive up the usage of AP exams and the monetarily compensate understudies for scoring a 3 or more noteworthy; obliges $2.4M in private coordinating trusts contributed more than 5 years Providing Leaders, Hands-on Competition Virginia is home to one of the biggest FIRST Robotics local rivalries that draw 1500+ understudies every year; conceivable development to incorporate extra destinations over the Commonwealth to scale up cooperation “From Competence to Excellence” “Our training objective ought to be to advance genuine fabulousness by moving past our emphasis on fitness, as measured by scores on state administered tests of least expectation.” Governor Tim Kaine

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THEORY S K I L C O M P O N E N T S HANDS-ON Nothing But Questions Theoretical Physics Experimental Physics Addressing the Curriculum Gap Discover dialects to quantitatively portray existing world Discover & depict existing world Design & construct new frameworks Fabricate & work new frameworks Build or repair existing frameworks/segments Traditional Welding HVAC Electricity Plumbing Electronics Manufacturing (Surgeon 19 th C.) A+ Comp Repair Comp Network Admin CISCO Network ORACLE Internet CAD Model & Simulation Algebraist Geometer Topologist Statistician Physicist Chemist Biologist Research MD Astronomer Geologist Aerospace Automotive Chemical Electronics Computer Civil Model & Simulation Research Surgeon Wind Tunnel Aircraft Maintenance Airframe/Powerplant Particle Detectors Integrated Circuits 21st Century Focus on modernizing educational programs (more lab work, rising innovations) Focus on new educational programs (more connected/case technique, vocation way) 2-yr school/OJT 4-yr College (+) 4-yr College (+) 4-yr College (+) HS with National Certifications CTE Current K-12 “Gap” Traditional Academic Source: Jim Batterson, NASA * Sometimes “Instrument Maker”

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Career Pathways ~ A Case Study Health IT a High Growth, High Wage Occupation for All Virginians Clinical Coder opening rate in Northern Virginia 11.5% , with a normal 2,500 FTE request by 2020 Clinical Data Coding Career Studies Certificate Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Certified Coding Associate (CCA) Northern Virginia Community College Tidewater Community College Host of Online Programs Average Income 2005 Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) (Associate Degree) $35.0K $17.4K Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) (Bachelors Degree) DeVry University Host of Online Programs Galax Per Capita Clinical Coder George Mason University (proposition) College of St. Scholastica (online) University of Illinois at Chicago (online) With five years experience, coders can make between $50-75,000 Masters of Science degree in Health Information Management

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Traditional Curriculum Development Too Slow to Modernize Logarithms for Computation Instructional Presence Source – NASA Langley Research Center, Planning Office

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Dramatic Pace of Change in the History of Calculations

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Framework for Reform A Comprehensive Approach to Educational Innovation Online Collaboration Program Re-Direction Traditional Lessons: Curriculum Development - Wiki Counting Idea Sharing Across Regions History Reading Building a 21 st Century Curriculum STEM Community Networking New Skills to Incorporate: Innovation Needs Assessments Problem-Solving Invention Incorporating Emerging Technologies Web-based Games Instant informing Social systems administration destinations

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Coda ~ “More with Less” Taxpayers Consistent on “Price” Willing to Pay for Government Virginia’s “Price” of State/Local Government Cents/$ Personal Income Beyond “Best Managed State” “Our objective is to be the best overseen state, additionally to go past – to quantify state government against the best business associations. All exceedingly powerful associations consistently survey their financial plans and systems, continually searching for approaches to enhance and execute best practices. - Governor Kaine July 2007 Budget Memo Despite expanded speculations required for instruction, medicinal services, open security and transportation, Virginia’s authentic resistance for open ventures drifts underneath 15% Additional speculations ought to be subsidized (at any rate to a limited extent) by reserve funds created inside of existing projects – re-distributing failing to meet expectations resources one spending plan device to consider Source: Public Strategies Group; Governor Kaine July 2007 Budget Memo

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Public Sector Innovation Adoption Holds Promise to Drive Efficiency Productivity Investment Fund in a nutshell Technology Adoption Life Cycle gorge Capital: Governor Kaine built up $3M store in January 2007 to rearrange government operations Goals: notwithstanding working expense reserve funds , PIF urges organizations to lower constituent exchange time and development the Governor’s key execution measures Competition: Only 25% of all qualified office applications earned financing Portfolio: Across two rounds, we are expecting a 4-1 ROI on $1.4M contributed to support the accompanying funds activities: Gov Population early adopters Time Accelerated Adoption Life Cycle Requirements Gov Dept of Tax: Image Cash Letter DMV : Workforce Mgmt System DMME : Field GIS Tax #2: Corporate E-File Tax #3: Eliminate Vouchers ODU: VIDEO-D-U Population Acquisition x early adopters Time Source

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