The Antiquarianism of Air Attack Covers.

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. . Why paleohistory?. Not simply pyramids and potsMaterial society advises distinctive stories to authentic documentsGrowing enthusiasm for the later past. Recollecting the past - air strike cover painting, UK. . . The Brisbane Line. Initially brought up in 1908 by Lord Kitchener1938: populace of Australia at 7 millionFear of Japanese invasionAdelaide is an objective.
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The Archeology of Air Raid Shelters Alice Gorman Department of Archeology Flinders University

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Why prehistoric studies? Not simply pyramids and pots Material culture recounts distinctive stories to verifiable archives Growing enthusiasm for the later past Remembering the past - air assault shield wall painting, UK

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The Brisbane Line First brought up in 1908 by Lord Kitchener 1938: populace of Australia at 7 million Fear of Japanese intrusion Adelaide is an objective Air attacks and maritime experiences

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South Australian Defense Society Founded by Natalia Davies in 1933 Raise mindfulness and show ARP Membership for the most part ladies Gender parts on the home front Demonstrating air strike precautionary measures in Adelaide

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Official association 1939 - Commissioner for Civil Defense designated 1941 - Emergency Powers Act Jan 1942 - plans for air assault notices "in reverse" in SA

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Conflicting perspectives on ARP Building resolve or making distrustfulness? ARP: Sham or Shelter? 1940. By a gathering of Australian Scientists for the Research Group of the Left Book Club of Victoria

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Personal Public Corporate Military Subterranean Above ground Cellars and storm cellars Caves Tunnels Slit trenches Types of air assault protect Mackay, Qld

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Features of air attack covers Shield from flying garbage Entrance highlights impact verification Robust strengthened solid Ventilation Sanitary offices Entrance - Isle of Sheppey, UK

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Subterranean Air Raid Practice, Australian General Hospital, Sydney, August 1942

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Deep trench Belsize Park, UK Very costly "Sanctuary mindset" Not utilized as a part of Australia

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Concrete funnels Adelaide, March 1942. Air strike shield in Botanical Gardens.

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Dual reason pillbox Brisbane City Council open sanctuaries Design permitted block dividers to be disassembled - utilized as transport safe houses, open toilets, after the war 16 legacy recorded today

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Slit trenches Adelaide 1942 - burrowing air strike trenches Whitmore Square Most ordinarily utilized sort as a part of Australia

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Public air attack protect UK - intended to fit 50 individuals Many air assault shield plans take after open toilets

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Anderson protect Designed 1938 for use in patios 2 million in Britain by 1939 Manufactured by Lysaght in Australia

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Morrison shield June 1941 Sleeps 2-3 individuals and serves as a table amid the day

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Backyard trench Adelaide 1942 Air Raid Precautions were a family undertaking

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"Our air strike shield" Recorded by Jack Davey, April 1942 We " ve got a house around the ocean, We " ve been occupied with the ARP, We " ve fabricated a place where we can conceal, Now it swells when we get inside. It " s made of sacks topped off with sand, And every one of the neighbors loaned some assistance, When it was assembled, we raised a yell, We surged in and now we can " t get out.

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Air attack stuff

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The Repat covers Three underground sanctuaries - 1942 Up to 300 individuals Military - restorative Filled in the middle of 1958 and 1970

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The Repat extend 2004 - Repat approaches Department of Archeology, Flinders University 2004 - Preliminary unearthings reveal a way 2005 - Oral history gathering October 2006 - Geophysical overview

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What will we learn? Development: speaks to level of dread? Style: what are the impacts? Utilize: inward floor arrange, antiquities Informal utilize: is there any proof? School protect in Croydon, UK

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Contemporary pertinence Social memory Can material culture intercede fear? Cool War, atomic fortifications Responses to dangers in post 9/11 world

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What\'s next 2007 - finishing of geophysical overview Excavation to reveal air strike covers

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