The ARGUS Programming of the SDC-venture.

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The ARGUS Programming of the SDC-venture Anco Hundepool Measurements Netherlands Washington, August 1999 Factual Exposure Control the harmony between the requirement for (to an ever increasing extent) data and the security of the respondents Factual Revelation Control
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The ARGUS Software of the SDC-venture Anco Hundepool Statistics Netherlands Washington, August 1999

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Statistical Disclosure Control the harmony between the requirement for (an increasing amount) data and the respondents\' security

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Statistical Disclosure Control Need for nitty gritty smaller scale information documents electronic productions processing force of clients Need for more point by point tables But....!!!

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Statistical Disclosure Control Protection of security of respondents persons, undertakings, establishments Respondents must have the capacity to trust Statistical Offices! Dangers: Intruders/programmers Accidental acknowledgment Advanced record linkage systems

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Statistical Disclosure Control Produce ‘safe’ datafiles and tables Apply information change methods Preserve as much data Implemented in ARGUS!

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Framework of advancement of ARGUS SDC extend incompletely sponsored by EU (fourth Framework) Co-operation between The Netherlands, Italy (+Spain) and UK

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General points of SDC venture Methodological exploration in SDC microdata, tables concerning insights, OR geological information (general) SDC Software improvement microdata ( m - ARGUS) tables ( t - ARGUS)

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SDC venture individuals Netherlands CBS (ARGUS) TU-Eindhoven (OR for microdata) Italy Istat (with Univ. of Rome) (Research/testing) CPR-Padova (with Univ. Tenerife) (OR for even information)

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SDC venture individuals UK ONS (information) Univ. Manchester (with Univ. of Southampton) (Research on SARs) Univ. Of Leeds (Geographical information)

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Main programming created in SDC-venture m - ARGUS (CBS and TUE) smaller scale information t - ARGUS (CBS and CPR) plain information

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Ideas of m - ARGUS Intruder uses data of distinguishing variables (e.g. district, sex, age, instruction, occupation) to distinguish records. This prompts the delicate data

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m - ARGUS Levels of security open utilization documents (PUF) smaller scale records for specialists (MUC) colleges, contract and so forth safe-setting

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Ideas of m - ARGUS a rundown of blends of distinguishing variables must checked discover worth mixes that are perilous e.g. |a x b x c| <= limit edge relies on upon level of assurance Public utilization documents Micro information for specialists (contract)

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Ideas of m - ARGUS dispose of the perilous blends by worldwide recoding (age - > agegroup, area - > region) neighborhood concealment (attributing missings) intuitively/consequently with least data misfortune (entropy)

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m - ARGUS For microdata Developed in Borland C++ Windows-95/98 Version 3.0 last SDC-adaptation intelligent/programmed worldwide recoding programmed nearby concealment

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Features of m - ARGUS can deal with huge microdata records just tables got from microdata are being utilized adaptable worldwide recoding alternatives for programmed blend of worldwide recoding and nearby concealment (TU Eindhoven)

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Addit. elements of m - ARGUS Micro-collection Top/Bottom coding Rounding

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m - ARGUS metadata microdata Generate tables Recoding plans Global recoding Local concealment Micro conglomeration Top/base coding Rounding Report metadata microdata

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m - ARGUS info information Data: Fixed configuration ASCII Metadata Name Position Missing qualities (2) Identification level Hierarchical coding Codelist (pick.)

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Using m - ARGUS perusing information document producing tables apply worldwide recodes nearby concealment create safe record create report

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Ideas of t - ARGUS recognizable proof of delicate cells utilizing e.g. predominance principle in any event n (e.g. 2) supporters to a phone whole of biggest 3 givers >= 75% (one vast patron could recalculate the commitment of its rival) simple part

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Ideas of t - ARGUS Eliminate/secure touchy cells (crucial step) by applying SDC procedures table update cell concealment adjusting intelligently and/or consequently with least data misfortune (e.g. cell weights)

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Ideas of t - ARGUS cell concealment in tables with marginals distinguish essential delicate cells ensure essential cells by stifling extra (auxiliary) cells to avoid recalculation (to some estimate) with negligible data misfortune (CPR)

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t - ARGUS 3-D tables intelligent table upgrade essential & optional cell concealment enhancement schedules for programmed cell concealment adjusting

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t - ARGUS metadata microdata classification codelists overhaul adjusting concealment report Safe table

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Features of t - ARGUS Initial gone through microdata Determine likewise best k per cell - >sensitive cells Table update conceivable without backpedaling to microdata Uses methods for optional cell concealment utilizing condition of-the advancement calculations (CPR) Prepared for connected tables

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t - ARGUS Data: settled arrangement ASCII Meta information: Variable name Start. position Field length Status

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t-ARGUS Apply worldwide recoding Protect document with optional concealment Rounding Safe table as ASCII or .WK1 (in addition to report)

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t - ARGUS Version 2.0 last SDC-adaptation obliges business OR-solver (Xpress by Dash, UK, 600 GBP)

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Future/CASC Computational Aspects of Statistical Confidentiality New European venture proposition (2000-2002) Extending ARGUS New research Additional joint USA/EU-venture?

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CASC-m Concentration on business/financial information microaggregation PRAM Noise-expansion/veiling

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CASC-t Hierarchical tables Linked tables Optimal arrangement vz. heuristics Different info positions

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CASC-group Statistics Netherlands Istat (Italy) ONS, Univ. Southampton, Manchester, London, Plymouth (UK) Bundesambt, IAB (Germany) Stat. Catalunya, Univ Tenerife (Spain)

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Contact Anco Hundepool Statistics Netherlands PO box 4000 2200 JM Voorburg The Netherlands email fax: +31 70 3375990 telephone: +31 70 3375038

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