The Asian American Showcase: A Lucrative Undiscovered Open door for Caribbean Tourism exhibited to.

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The Asian American Showcase: A Lucrative Undiscovered Open door for Caribbean Tourism displayed to. December 9, 2005. Who Is The Perfect Focus For Caribbean Tourism ??. Sizeable Populace with future development Taught/Well-off Continuous Voyagers (solid per-trip spending) Close Nearness
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The Asian American Market: A Lucrative Untapped Opportunity for Caribbean Tourism introduced to December 9, 2005

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Who Is The Ideal Target For Caribbean Tourism ?? Sizeable Population with future development Educated/Affluent Frequent Travelers (solid per-outing spending) Close Proximity Distinctly Targetable/Reachable

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Financial Services

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Who are the Asian Americans?

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The Asian American Market 11.9 million: 4.2% of the US populace (incorporates 1.7 million multiracial Asians) 10.2 million: 3.6% of the US populace (single-race Asians just) 50+% in CA, NY, TX 12% of California 10% of NYC, 10% of LA, 30% of SF Key optional markets: Chicago, DC-MD-VA, Houston/Dallas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta Fastest developing racial gatherings in the U.S.- 49% populace development since 1990 (White 5.8%, Black 15.8%, Native American 22.9%) Highest middle HHI > $9,000 in front of non-Hispanic white Asian $55K, Non-Hispanic White $46, Hispanic $33k, Black $30k Highest level of instructive achievement: 44% BA or higher Non-Hispanic White 28%, Black 17%, Hispanic 11% One of the most astounding rates of entrepreneurial action 1997: 893K organizations across the country = $302 billion in income 1997: 11% of all organizations in CA, 8% of all organizations in NY

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The Asian American Market Asian family units are more probable than some other gathering to be in the $75K or above yearly wage range. Source : US Census Bureau, Census 2000

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Top Asian Groups in the U.S. 87.5% of Asian Americans are represented by the main six subsegments*: In rank request by national populace Chinese 2,432,585 Filipino 1,850,314 Asian Indian 1,678,765 Vietnamese 1,122,528 Korean 1,076,872 Japanese 796,700 *Note : just incorporates Asians who reported a solitary race. Source : US Census 2000

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% Of Foreign Born Asian-American Demography: Foreign Born & Language Preference In-dialect Preference The mind greater part of Asians are remote conceived and display a comparing solid inclination for in-society/dialect interchanges. As of Census 2000, and without precedent for history, Chinese is currently the 2 nd most pervasive outside dialect talked in US families after Spanish. * NOTE: US Census measurements for Japanese are selective of Japanese expats/remote understudies, more or less 250k in any given year. These gatherings are profoundly Japanese-dialect favored. Source: Foreign Born Current Population Survey, 2000; In-Language Preference Census 2000

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Asian American Media Landscape Asian American in-dialect inclination for interchanges is prove by a rich in-dialect media environment

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Asian Media Cost Source: NBC Spot Sales, Nielsen, Bravo, Kang & Lee

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Chinese Media CPM Geo

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Asian Americans - Geographic Distribution

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Asian-American Demography: Geographic Distribution Over 50% of Asians live in three states: California, New York, Texas 76% of all Asians live in the main 10 states 90% of all Asians live in the main 20 states Source: U.S. Evaluation Bureau, Census 2000

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Closest Asian Feeder Markets For The Caribbean Boston Total Asians - 231,492 Top Groups: Chinese - 83,238 Asian Indian - 42,153 Korean - 33,164 New York Total Asians - 1,437,583 Top Groups: Chinese - 504,793 Asian Indian - 398,425 Korean - 171,423 Chicago Total Asians - 389,403 Top Groups: Asian Indian - 115,501 Filipino - 82,936 Chinese - 69,662 Washington DC Total Asians - 393,957 Top Groups: Asian Indian - 86,496 Chinese - 76,596 Korean - 74,052 Houston Total Asians - 224,303 Top Groups: Vietnamese - 64,155 Asian Indian - 51,678 Chinese - 47,022 Atlanta Total Asians - 133,073 Top Groups: Asian Indian - 35,761 Vietnamese - 24,248 Korean - 21,862 Dallas Total Asians - 192,726 Top Groups: Asian Indian - 48,854 Vietnamese - 45,488 Chinese - 34,581

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Asian Profile In Core Caribbean Feeder Markets Source: Census 2000

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Opportunities to Market Tourism to Asian Americans

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Asian American Traveling Behavior Since Asian-Americans have, by and large, the most prosperous family units in the US, they are among the most alluring purchaser gatherings of people for advertisers of global travel items: Most prone to go via air. Well on the way to travel five star or business class. Well on the way to spend more on a for each excursion premise. Source: The Minority Traveler

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Top Five Popular Destination Activities Gambling is the most mainstream vacationer destination action for Asian Americans took after by Nightlife and Theme Parks Source: The Minority Traveler 100=Total U.S. Household Travel

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Asian American Traveling Behavior by and large, Asian Americans take longer outings (4.4 evenings) when contrasted with the normal local explorer Source: The Minority Traveler 100=Total U.S. Residential Travel

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Asian American Traveling Behavior Asian Americans have a tendency to spend all the more vigorously per trip when contrasted with the normal local voyager Source: The Minority Traveler 100=Total U.S. Household Travel

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The Tourism Industry Competitive Landscape in the Asian American Market

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Asian American Tourism Industry Competitive Landscape US Tourism State visitor sheets City Destinations National Landmarks Environmental Parks & Sanctuaries Theme destinations Domestic inn networks, carriers, rental autos Canada Tourism National traveler board, commonplace, city Mexico Tourism National vacationer board, resort destinations, inns, other. South America Tourism National visitor sheets European Tourism Pan-European traveler powers National vacationer sheets City destinations Regional destinations (Mediterranean) Eurail Airlines, inns, property/auto rentals International Airlines International Cruise lines International inn networks Other travel & recreation showcasing Asia Africa Other locales

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The Only Active Category …..

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In Conclusion, The Asian American Market… Has a perfect target profile for a wide mixed bag of Caribbean marketers… Can be unmistakably come to/tended to through devoted Asian media and showcasing channels …. Displays a close finish absence of aggressive disarray in the travel & recreation classes !!

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Thank You !!!

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