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BATEC worked together with TechBoston (Boston Public Schools), Career ... BATEC and its accomplice TechBoston team up with Career & Technical Education, Tech ...
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Powerful Outreach Strategies to IT Students Lessons Learned by BATEC National Career Pathways Network Louisville, Kentucky October 10 – 13, 2007 Jibril Salaam, BATEC Higher Education Consultant Deborah Boisvert, BATEC Director

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THE BATEC MODEL CONCEPT: The Model Concepts depend on the K-16 Education Model and the Higher Education Access Initiatives drove by the Massachusetts Department of Education to close the accomplishment crevice MISSION: PERSONALIZE understudies\' school mindfulness in IT instruction encounters CUSTOMIZE projects to fit understudy and secondary school needs CONNECT all levels of learning including industry PROVIDE TOOLS & RESOURCES to make and backing an economical framework

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THE BATEC MODELS Model 1: Early College Outreach Mini-Technology High School Fairs Community College Fair Regional Technology College Fair Model 2: Academic Assessment & Intervention Accuplacer Pilot Program Bridge-To-Community College Program Model 3: Technology Career Readiness Tech Apprentice Program BATEC Student Leaders Program

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EARLY COLLEGE OUTREACH MINI-TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL FAIRS: Institutionalized individual secondary school outreach programs intended to construct more familiarity with IT studies and vocations while making school access open doors for understudies. The projects are held at the grounds of each of the BATEC school accomplices and are gone to by secondary school seniors selected in IT programs. Objective : Create more focused on enlistment endeavors concentrated on neighborhood "feeder" innovation secondary schools Outcomes: Over 500 understudies from BATEC accomplice schools partook in school visits and participated in application workshops and hands innovation exercises (Boston Public Schools, TechPrep, And MVOTEC)

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EARLY COLLEGE OUTREACH COMMUNITY COLLEGE FAIR: Structured to give data about instructive pathways and open doors offered by the area\'s Community Colleges for seniors who have not yet concluded their school arranges. Objective : Connect Community College Partners with undecided secondary school seniors Outcomes: Over 300 undecided seniors associated with 6 Regional Community Colleges BATEC worked together with TechBoston (Boston Public Schools), Career & Technical Education, and TechPrep

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EARLY COLLEGE OUTREACH BATEC REGIONAL COLLEGE FAIR: Event intended to construct IT instructive mindfulness and school pathway associations for secondary school youngsters who are selected in innovation courses. The occasion incorporates workshops on Financial Aid, College Admissions, IT Career Exploration and a One-on-One College Advising session. Goals: Convene a provincial IT reasonable to manufacture understudy mindfulness about the school and vocation application prepare and to interface them with all IT centered territorial universities Outcomes: 23 High Schools and more than 1000 IT understudies took an interest; 45 local IT centered schools (2-yr and 4-yr) went to. BATEC joined forces with TechBoston (Boston Public Schools), Gear Up, TechPrep, and KAPLAN

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ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT & INTERVENTION Accuplacer Pilot Program: BATEC and its accomplice TechBoston work together with Career & Technical Education, Tech Prep and the Boston Public Schools to address a noteworthy issue confronting innovation understudies seeking after advanced education - the College Placement Test or Accuplacer. Numerous IT secondary school graduates who assume the Test position into therapeutic school level courses. These therapeutic positions affect the understudies\' school participation, monetary guide, and accomplishment toward graduation. Perceiving the need to address this issue, an experimental run system was created with five secondary schools, which were assigned as evaluation destinations.

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ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT & INTERVENTION BRIDGE-TO-COMMUNITY COLLEGE: BATEC collaborated with Community Based Technology Centers and Community College to make innovation instruction pathways for grown-up learners. This system furnished grown-up learners with two credit-bearing innovation courses consolidated with English and Mathematics coaching. Moreover, appraisal and scholastic advising backing were given to the selected understudies to encourage full school registration. Targets: To help non-conventional group inhabitant understudies, inspired by innovation, understand their potential for advanced education through a 2 year school pathway. Results: For 9 weeks understudies took an interest in an every other week evening program amid the late spring and spring semesters. 2007 information: 18 understudies acknowledged, 15 finished 3 credits, 11 finished 6 attributes And finished application to select in the Host junior college

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ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT & INTERVENTION Objective: Inform direction guides and instructors who are not acquainted with the test about the substance and issues this test presents to their understudies Conduct a test case system to analyze understudies\' aptitudes in English and Math. Utilize the test information to assemble support from school pioneers to make healing English and Math assets for the understudies (i.e. coaching and after school programs). Build up a pertinent information directs model toward advise effective school move. Results: A companion of youngsters were tried in 2006 and retested as seniors in 2007 after a casual mediation (i.e. illuminate understudies, guides & educators about scores) 2006 information: 121 youngsters tried: 8% set in school English and 92% in formative English; 4% in school Math and 96% in formative Math. 2007data: 139 seniors tried: 14% set in school English and 86% in formative English; 8% in school Math and 92% in formative Math

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TECHNOLOGY CAREER READINESS Tech Apprentice Program: TechBoston (Boston Public Schools) with the backing of its accomplice BATEC built up the Tech Apprentice Program. It is intended to make paid summer openings for work for secondary school understudies enlisted in innovation courses. Understudies apply their propelled aptitudes performing work capacities including Desktop Support, Quality Assurance, Database Management, Applications, Web Design and Graphics. Objective: Connect secondary school understudies to genuine innovation occupations and IT pioneers; Stimulate understudies\' enthusiasm for innovation profession and manufacture the pipeline for IT workforce Outcomes: Summer 2006: 26 understudies set in paid innovation employments Summer 2007: 54 understudies put in paid innovation employments

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TECHNOLOGY CAREER READINESS BATEC Student Leaders: It is intended to concentrate on fruitful understudy engagement. Understudies are tapped to help with enlistment and different territories; and to apply their different innovation abilities through free classroom innovation ventures work with personnel. The understudies are recognized as a different gathering (sex, ethnicity, projects of study, year in school) of applicants chose by employees. Each BATEC accomplice establishment initiates 5 to 10 dynamic pioneers. Their obligations likewise include: Provide specialized backing to Community Technology Centers; Assist with PC mentoring at neighborhood Community based-associations Provide PC support over the school and divisions Serve as PC guides for nearby secondary schools.

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BATEC RESOURCES Website: www.BATEC.ORG : Where you can download data and material Community College Outreach Tool Kit: BATEC built up an enrollment manual as an asset for its advanced education foundations. This toolbox is an orderly manual for help affirmations staff address a scope of enrollment undertakings. Accuplacer Curriculum Manual: To be distributed in late Fall 07. Intended to: Familiarize instructors with the Accuplacer test, its effects on understudies, and its connections to MCAS and SAT. Help instructors to comprehend the educational modules substance of Accuplacer, MCAS and SAT-Reasoning. Give school executives information driven data of their understudies\' school scholastic availability. Advise Students with information driven scores about their school scholarly availability.

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NEED MORE INFORMATION Please contact: Jibril Salaam, M.S. BATEC Higher Education Consultant TechBoston, Boston Public Schools 55 Malcolm x Blvd, Building 1 Roxbury, MA 02120 617-590-4908

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