The BC Provincial Nominee Program .

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Description The BC Provincial Nominee Program. Prepared for the BC Biotech Industry Roundtable June 1, 2006. Economic Immigration Programs Ministry of Economic Development . What is the BC PNP?.
Slide 1 The BC Provincial Nominee Program Prepared for the BC Biotech Industry Roundtable June 1, 2006 Economic Immigration Programs Ministry of Economic Development

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What is the BC PNP? Special program under BC – Canada migration consent to speed up passage of monetary migrants for changeless living arrangement Allows BC to pick outsiders to meet its financial & work advertise needs Administered by Ministry of Economic Development in association with Citizenship & Immigration Canada

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Program Components Business Attract business visionaries to build up organizations & put resources into BC Strategic Occupations Help BC bosses enroll & hold very qualified remote laborers

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Strategic Occupations Categories Skilled Workers Managers, experts, experts & exchanges Public Sector Health Professionals Physicians & RNs enlisted by wellbeing powers International Graduates Foreign graduates with BC degrees

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Strategic Occupations Criteria Recruitment of remote laborer a) meets key aptitude needs & b) has monetary advantages to BC Job offered is lasting, all day Pay & benefits meet industry standards Candidate meets livelihood prerequisites Candidate is probably going to settle effectively in BC Employer\'s reputation/prospects positive

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International Graduates Must have finished student/graduate degree presented by a perceived BC foundation Priority fields: Health Sciences, Natural & Applied Sciences, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Digital Media, & Business Application must be submitted inside 1 year of fulfillment of studies Must have an offer of perpetual, all day vocation in a gifted occupation

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What\'s the Process? Employer initiates outside laborer Employer & competitor submit application together to BC PNP BC PNP audits application (4 – 6 weeks) Nominee applies to CIC for perpetual inhabitant visa (work allow can be issued for impermanent livelihood/passage) CIC conducts restorative, security & criminal record verifications/issues visa (8 – 10 months)

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