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What is the "Boat for World Youth" Program? Fundamental Exercises on load up the Boat Post-Program Exercises - The Boat for World Youth Program - Last redesigned May 2009 Dispatch via plane Global Youth Advancement Trade Youthful Center Pioneers of Common Society Bunches Improvement
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What is the “Ship for World Youth” Program? Fundamental Activities on load up the Ship Post-Program Activities - The Ship for World Youth Program - Last upgraded May 2009

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Dispatch via plane International Youth Development Exchange Young Core Leaders of Civil Society Groups Development Japan-China Youth Friendship Exchange Japan-Korea Youth Friendship Exchange on load up boat Ship for World Youth Ship for Southeast Asian Youth International Youth Exchange Programs by the Cabinet Office of Japan International youth trade programs by the Japanese Cabinet Office offer the taking part Japanese and outside adolescents to extend their kinship and comprehension through different trade exercises, and urge them to increase worldwide perspectives and create aptitudes required in the field of global participation. Send around 40 Japanese young people to 4 nations for 18 days and welcome 48 outside adolescents from everywhere throughout the world for 18 days, to experience topic arranged trades, for example, conventional society and welfare. Send 25 Japanese adolescents to China for 15 days, welcome 30 Chinese young people to Japan for 15 days, to trade exercises. Send 25 Japanese adolescents to Korea for 15 days, welcome 30 Korean young people to Japan for 15 days, to trade exercises. Send 24 Japanese youthful pioneers to 3 nations for 10 days, welcome 39 remote youthful pioneers to Japan for 15 days, in the fields of Elderly People, People with Disabilities, and Youth. Around 140 Japanese and 140 remote young people from everywhere throughout the world live respectively for approx. 40 days and participate in return exercises on board and in the nations to be gone to. Around 40 Japanese and 290 young people from ASEAN nations live respectively for approx. 40 days to participate in return exercises on board and in the nations to be gone by.

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- 3 - 1. What is the Ship for World Youth Program?

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The Ship for World Youth Program The Ship for World Youth Program is a Japanese Cabinet Office supported global youth trade project, welcoming roughly 140 remote adolescents from 12 nations and 140 young people from Japan to live respectively on board the boat for approx. 43 days and develop their companionship and comprehension. 63 nations including Japan have taken an interest in this way, with 31 ports of call having been gone by. Whole of taking an interest nations: 63 Sum aggregate of nations went to: 31

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Japanese Youth Goodwill Cruise Program Ship for World Youth Program (Starting from monetary year 1988) The Ship for World Youth  -Program Outline - International trade by boat initially began as the “Japanese Youth Goodwill Cruise” program in 1967 (financial year), which permitted Japanese young people to visit remote nations port by port. Later on, the project created to incorporate more outside members, and turned into the “Ship for World Youth” program as it is known today. Dispatched Japanese young people to remote nations in a period when it was hard to travel abroad Enabled Japanese adolescents to have encounters abroad and extend their comprehension of global issues Increased the quantity of outside adolescents to mirror the times\' pattern Encouraged multinational trades

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Developing Practical Skills in the system of International Cooperation Gaining a More International View Nurturing the Spirits of International Cooperation What are the Ship\'s Objectives for World Youth Program? The Ship for World Youth system goes for cultivating adolescents to accomplish initiative qualities in a more internationalized society than any time in recent memory, through living respectively and speaking with each other for more or less 43 days on load up the boat. Members with different social, provincial and word related foundations By living with others with distinctive societies , members will have a more adjusted and worldwide perspective towards the world Activities at Ports of Call Discussions Club Activities Through correspondence with members from diverse nations , members will learn fundamental conventions and states of mind in universal collaboration By taking activity in exercises including members from your own particular as well as different nations , members will learn nuts and bolts of authority and reasonable abilities in the setting of global participation Committees Voluntary Activities

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How a Letter Group is Formed Japan Australia Bahrain Ecuador Egypt Greece India Kenya ・・・ Group A Group B Group C ・・・ One member from an appointment will be a gathering – a chance to become more acquainted with every one of the assignments Life in a “Melting Pot” Each member has a place with a Letter Group. A few from Japanese designation and one from different appointments make a gathering. Bunch exercises are one of the key components on board the boat.

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What a Letter Group is Like Fiji/age 32/Culture and Youth Ministry Official Australia/age 27/Police Canada/age 22/Olympics competitor India/age 20/Student Saitama, Japan/age 28/Language instructor Hokkaido, Japan/age 30/Hotel Staff Fukuoka, Japan/age 26/Customs Officer ・・・ An extensive variety of occupations and age bunches in a gathering Participants from Different Places, Ages, and Occupations Participants are not just various as far as social and social situations, however ages, occupations and nations of inception. This makes a special open door for members to take in considerations and encounters not the same as your own.

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- 9 - 2. Fundamental Activities

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Activities at Ports of Call Discussions Seminars Committee Activities Voluntary Activities The Ship for World Youth Main Activities While there are occasions and exercises pre-orchestrated by the Cabinet Office, for example, port-of-call exercises and courses on board the boat, the members will likewise have advisory group exercises which everybody are obliged to join, and free exercises which the members are allowed to arrange and compose. Official Activities sorted out by the administration to be gone to, for example, kindness calls, institutional visits, Course Discussion subject visits, school visits and games trade with nearby young people , and so on. Future Vision Club Activities Course Discussions Environment Seminar Each member joins one of the panels, and arranges and composes installed exercises National Presentations Sports & Recreation Farewell Festival Exhibition PY Seminar Press Using leisure time, members deliberately plan and sort out study sessions and gatherings.

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Activities at Ports of Call Activities at ports of call incorporate graciousness calls, discourses and games trade with nearby young people, and visits to different foundations. Graciousness calls Visits to offices/associations identified with Course Discussions Social commitments exercises Sports, gatherings and social trades with neighborhood young people Cultural trade and visits to nearby schools and welfare organizations to encourage comprehension of worldwide issues Meeting with President of Tanzania Course Discussion topic visit in Australia

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Joining Onboard Activities (1)  -Course Discussion - Course Discussion began from the seventeenth Ship for World Youth program as its center system. The taking an interest youth pick one course and examine about the point under the normal subject “Participation of Youth in the Society.” The point of the “Course Discussion” is to extend the participants’ comprehension and information in the theme, and also to make them be mindful their parts in the general public and enhance their down to earth abilities in the related ranges. Addresses by the counselors Discussions Workshops Examples of the courses Volunteerism Education Environment Corporate Social Responsibility Youth Development Inter-Cultural Understanding

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Joining Onboard Activities (2)  -PY Seminar - The taking an interest youth take activity in sorting out classes. This project is intended to make more chances to impart novel ways to deal with arrangement to different issues in every nation and create global perspectives among the members. Locally available, PY Seminar Committee will be in charge of organizing sessions. Any member may sort out a course. Each member picks one of the workshops to go to . Samples of Seminar Topics Nuclear weapons and peace Global warming Human rights Culture stun

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Joining Onboard Activities (3)  -Club Activities - Onboard, anybody can begin a club. By exercises to present one\'s area or society, or to share trans-national or all inclusive premiums, members take in an incredible arrangement from each other and extend fellowship. Get together with different members with comparative intrigues and begin a club Communicating non-verbally, for example, music and move Examples of Clubs Taiko (Japanese drums) Club Cultural trade Experience national outfits Chado (tea function) Music, move

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National Presentations Sports and Recreation Farewell Festival Planning and Organizing Onboard Activities (1)  -Committees - A period\'s lot on board the boat is devoted to council exercises. Through advisory group exercises, you will learn functional abilities to work with or lead different members fundamental in a universal group. Examining with advisory group individuals with diverse contemplations, traditions and basic detects Forming an obligation of trust through exercises that make progress toward basic objectives

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Planning and Organizing Onboard Activities (2)  -Voluntary Activities - Participants will have a great deal of leisure time on load up the boat. Beside board of trustees exercises, members are allowed to arrange and sort out examination sessions, study gatherings, and occasions. The members make the life on board. Members should take activity in making the life on board additiona

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