The Brilliant Prospects Rules for Wellbeing Supervision of Newborn children, Kids and Youths, Third Version.

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The Brilliant Fates Rules for Wellbeing Supervision of Newborn children, Kids and Young people, Third Release New Open doors in the Essential Consideration of American Youth 3 rd Party Logo The National Get together on School-Based Social insurance Webinar February 20, 2008 Joseph F. Hagan, Jr., MD, FAAP
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The Bright Futures Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children and Adolescents, Third Edition New Opportunities in the Primary Care of American Youth

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3 rd Party Logo The National Assembly on School-Based Health Care Webinar February 20, 2008 Joseph F. Hagan, Jr., MD, FAAP Co-manager, The Bright Futures Guidelines, 3 rd Ed.

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Objectives Upon fruition of this address, you ought to have the capacity to: Appraise the progressions prescribed in the 3 rd version of the Bright Futures Guidelines . Acknowledge new substance in wellbeing supervision visits. Discover approaches to upgrade cooperative energy between wellbeing supervision and school wellbeing Covet the Bright Futures Toolkit . Furthermore, solicit parts from inquiries!

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Disclosures Neither Dr. Hagan nor any of his family have money related connections to uncover. No off name employments of medications or gadgets will be examined

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Bright Futures Guidelines—3 rd Edition The Initiative\'s Centerpiece Bright Futures: Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents, 3 rd Edition

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Assumptions We all need to do our best occupation in well tyke, wellbeing supervision visits BUT… There are time requirements There is an absence of agreement in regards to substance Existing Guidelines repudiate each other

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Assumptions Office or Clinic We think here are missed open doors We may not be giving the right administrations We may not be giving administrations in the best and productive design We may be taking the wrong shortcuts We may have cerebral pains We may be behind in our calendars

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Assumptions School Based Clinic You think here are missed open doors You may not be coordinating advices and direction with the group You may be taking the wrong shortcuts You may have migraines You may be behind in your timetables

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The Well\'s Content Child Visit Disease discovery Disease aversion Health advancement Anticipatory direction Trade privileged insights: It’s about wellbeing, not about heart mumbles! What\'s more, you’d better address the patient/parent needs or motivation!

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Lofty objectives:

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“What’s Bright Futures ?” Bright Futures is an arrangement of standards, methods and apparatuses that are hypothesis - based, proof - driven, and frameworks - situated, that can be utilized to enhance the wellbeing and prosperity of all kids through socially suitable intercessions that address the present and rising wellbeing advancement needs at the family, strategy, group, and wellbeing frameworks levels.

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Announcing… In organization with HHS, MCHB BF Education Center BF Pediatric Implementation Project Multidisiplined Chairs and Expert Panels Pediatricians, family solution doctors Pediatric and family nurture professionals Specialists in Oral Health, Mental Health and Nutrition Educators Families

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Bright Futures Guidelines, Third Edition Guidelines Ten Health Promotion Themes Embedded “Provider’s Manual” 31 Well kid visits Bright Futures Toolkit Bright Futures Pocket Guide Bright Futures Systems Change Curriculum Bright Futures Systems Change Toolkit

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Important changes:

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Rethinking Well Child Care The Rethinking Child Health Supervision Project J. Path Tanner, MD, FAAP Martin T. Stein, MD, FAAP Lynn M. Olson, PhD, Linda Radecki, MS, and Mary Pat Frintner, AAP Department of Practice and Research Rethinking Child Health Supervision, Commonwealth Fund, 2005-07 Qualitative investigation of guardian and expert standards for a formatively arranged type of Well Child Care

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Rethinking Well Child Care Parents do worth well youngster care, and are persuaded to go to visits to pick up: consolation in regards to their child’s wellbeing and improvement consolation that they are making a decent showing data vaccinations, fundamental referrals

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Rethinking Well Child Care Primary consideration clinicians most unequivocally embraced the significance of: building up remedial associations with their patients and families being receptive to the kid and family’s individual needs enhancing backing for exhaustive consideration, both inside of the practice and in the middle of practice and group

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In the School Based Health Clinic I think there are the same professional qualities I think there are the same youth values There are likely the same qualities to families

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Easy changes:

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What’s New? Ten Health Promotion Themes For survey, for showing Perhaps for families and patient instruction Bright Futures Visits An implanted supplier manual 31 individual visits (+ pre-birth visit) Conforms to AAP Periodicity Schedule

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What’s New? Needs for every visit Five Anticipatory Guidance points Developed by Expert Panels Anticipatory Guidance test questions

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What’s New? Screening Tables for every particular visit Universal screening Selective screening, in light of danger evaluation Evidence and Rationale

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What’s in it for you? What is the worth for school based wellbeing centers? Maybe, by what means will school based wellbeing facilities include esteem? Group consideration Coordinated consideration Cooperative consideration

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What’s in it for you? Coordination of consideration Shared information base Shared plans

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Promoting Family Support Promoting Child Development Promoting Mental Health Promoting Healthy Weight Promoting Healthy Nutrition Promoting Physical Activity Promoting Oral Health Promoting Healthy Sexual Development and Sexuality Promoting Safety and Injury Prevention Promoting Community Relationships and Resources Shared learning base Ten Health Promotion Themes

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Shared motivation Health advancement needs Five need points for every visit Age particular

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Shared plans Anticipatory Guidance Follows five needs Content Sample questions Guidance proposals

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Why change? Confirmation and Rationale Transparent Allows clinician usage choices New efficiencies It’s easy…

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It’s truly simple.

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The Bright Futures Visits The 1 year visit Sorry—I’ve just got activity for this visit. More to go ahead school matured youth! Look for the ricocheting 12 month old!

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Context The 12-month-old stands gladly, to some degree bandylegged, stomach projecting. Strolling, a standout amongst the most energizing formative points of reference, happens close to the toddler’s first birthday, carrying with it expanding autonomy.

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Social-enthusiastic Tell me about your child’s average play. Plays intelligent diversions, eg, look a-boo, pat-a-cake Imitates exercises Hands you a book when he needs to hear a story. Does your youngster don\'t hesitate to investigate or remain exceptionally near to you\'re side? Waves bye-bye Has an in number connection with guardian or noteworthy parental figure Shows trouble on detachment from guardian

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Some cases Early, center and late puberty: Priorities and Screening

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In summary…

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The Bright Futures Visit Includes: Solicitation of parental and youngster concerns Surveillance and screening Discussion of certain visit needs for enhanced tyke and juvenile wellbeing and family work after some time Strengths based appraisals and expectant direction 12.5 % 1.5% 12.5 % 12.5 % 12.5 % 12.5 % 12.5 % 12.5 %

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The Bright Futures Visit An age-particular well kid or wellbeing supervision visit Designed to permit experts to enhance their wanted standard of consideration Encourages group and practice particular alterations

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The Bright Futures Toolkit Tools for practice! (Coming soon!) Visit history polls Interval history Surveillance data Risk evaluation questions for selective screening Visit diagram frames Anticipatory direction apparatuses

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The Bright Futures Toolkit Developed by the BF Pediatric Implementation Project To go with BF Guidelines, Third Edition Enhances execution of Bright Futures

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Big results!

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Results: A wellbeing supervision visit concentrated on family needs and needs A wellbeing supervision visit with a higher standard of consideration A wellbeing supervision visit applicable to your group A wellbeing supervision visit with time for individual specialist information, variety and personalization

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Results! In other words… A Bright Future for Health Supervision! …and for your key work in our schools!

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Bright Futures Contact Information Telephone: 847-434-4223 Email: New site: Staff contacts: Darcy Steinberg-Hastings, MPH, Director of the Bright Futures Education Center and Pediatric Implementation Project, Jane Bassewitz, MA, Manager

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