The Claremont Schools Worker Advantage Obtaining Gathering.

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Representative Benefit Purchasing Forum. I. Advantage Plan Selection Process. Joint Committee ... Advantage Level and Reimbursement. System Availability. Low Employee ...
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The Claremont Colleges Employee Benefit Purchasing Forum October 6, 2008 Presented by : Andrea Utley, Vice President

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Employee Benefit Purchasing Forum I. Benefit Plan Selection Process Joint Committee Strategic Planning Meeting (April) Renewal Planning Meetings (July) II. Advantage Competitiveness Benefit Menu and Choices – Wide and adaptable Benefit Level and Reimbursement Network Availability Low Employee Cost Share Percent III. Late Enhancements 2009 2008 and earlier arrangement years

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I. Advantage Plan Selection Process 2

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I. Advantage Plan Selection Process 3

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I. Advantage Plan Selection Process 4

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I. Advantage Plan Selection Process 5

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II. Advantage Competitiveness 6

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II. Advantage Competitiveness 7

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III. Late Enhancements 8

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