The commitments Muslims owe to the Heavenly Quran.

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The commitments Muslims owe to the Blessed Quran By Dr. Muhammad Haq And the Emissary will say: " O my Ruler! Verily my kin betrayed this Qur " an." (Al-Furqan 25:30) THE LINE OF Activity FOR THE MUSLIMS
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The commitments Muslims owe to the Holy Quran By Dr. Muhammad Haq

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And the Messenger will say: “ O my Lord! Verily my kin forsook this Qur ’ an.” (Al-Furqan 25:30)

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THE LINE OF ACTION FOR THE MUSLIMS Because, right now, the Muslims themselves are uninformed of the Holy\'s teachings Qur\'an. In this way, an intense scholarly and scholastic development - back to the Qur\'an - is required keeping in mind the end goal to spread and scatter the learning and intelligence of the Holy Qur\'an, both on a general scale for the advantage of our masses and on the largest amount of grant with a specific end goal to change over the informed and keen first class of the Muslim society.

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By an abnormal occurrence that shows the Maulana ’ s otherworldly and scholarly family relationship with the Holy Prophet (SAW), we have a comparative wording in a custom which keeps running as take after: “ O individuals of the Qur ’ an! Try not to make the Qur ’ an a cushion (that you may rest over it and put it in the face of your good faith). You ought to rather present it day and night; proliferate it (everywhere throughout the world), read it in a satisfying voice; consider over its importance so that you might Prosper.”

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Let me at the end of the day look for Almighty ’ s assurance against our being incorporated among such individuals, and finish up my talk with the accompanying supplication to God which is by and large offered on finishing the entire\'s recitation Qur ’ a however which, I accept, ought to as often as possible be offered so that Allah (SWT) may allow us quality to satisfy the obligations we owe to His Book. O my Lord! Be lenient to us due to (our connection) with the Qur ’ a; make it for us a pioneer, (and a wellspring of) light, direction, and kindness, cause us to review from it what we have neglected to comprehend; give us quality to discuss it day and night; and make it a supplication for our salvation, O Lord of the universes. Ameen

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Let me at last present you the endowment of a supplication to God which shows up in a custom described by Abdullah Ibn Mas‘ud (RAA). It is really a petition to God which the Holy Prophet (SAW) endorsed for his Companions (RAA) as a solution for considerations and stresses. The petition to God keeps running as takes after: O Allah ! Verily I am Your bondsman, the child of Your bondsman, and the child of Your bondsman. I am under Your Control. My fore-secure is Your Hand . Your choice is to be executed about me, and just might be Your judgment for my situation. I beseech You — tending to You with each one of those names that You have named Yourself with, or that You have taught any of Your animals, or that You have uncovered in Your Book, or that You have wanted to keep mystery in the Unseen\'s domain — to make the Qur’an a wellspring of enjoyment for my heart and of light for my bosom, and an instrument of dissipating my misery, and heading out my considerations and stresses. Acknowledge this supplication to God of mine, O Lord of the Words.

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