The Credible Present.

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Time. Cognizance. SpeciousPresent. = time as it most straightforwardly and particularly shows in experience. . . Be that as it may, speciouspresent: particularlycontroversial (
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The Specious Present \'the brief term of which we are quickly and relentlessly sensible\' James

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Consciousness Time Specious Present = time as it most specifically and unmistakably shows in experience

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BUT: presumptive present : especially dubious (& confusing) Does it truly exist? Is it safe to say that it isn\'t dumbfounding?

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My points: Survey the primary choices + remark on James\' position Isolate some key presumptions spurring the diverse positions Defend a neo-Jamesian origination Counter some late reactions of Sean Kelly\'s Explore a couple of suggestions

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Specious Present: why accept? Essential reason: to comprehend our experience

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"change itself is something promptly experienced ." (James,WPE) Some progressions = too ease back to ever be seen (development of oak tree). Some are too quick (speeding shot). Some are simply right : we straightforwardly capture them.

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Seeing movement:

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Enter SP: \'every one of the adjustments set up of a meteor appear … to be contained in the present.\' (Clay) 1 sec t 2 t 1 So: our direct perceptual mindfulness can\'t be restricted to a durationless moment

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Further information: \'incredible profundity\' Most basic sensations have some transient profundity Strictly durationless tone = difficult to imagine

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More by and large: (common) continuous flows are ceaseless every stage is experienced as offering route to the following

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A riddle about length: \'a center of around twelve seconds, up to a moment\' (James) We\'re not specifically mindful of what we encountered a moment prior Or even a few moments!

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(Partially) conceivable finding: James: \'the for all intents and purposes cognized present is no blade edge, however a saddleback\' SP legitimate (e.g. 1sec) Vivid expectations Vivid fleeting recollections

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Retentionalist quick experience of progress happens in a solitary minute presumptive present does not by any stretch of the imagination reach out through time Extensionalist prompt experience of progress is not bound to a solitary minute credible present is spread through time Making feeling of SP: two fundamental models

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Extensionalism: 1 SP probable present B C genuine (clock) time

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Extensionalism: surges of SPs progression of tones Pulse rendition (Whitehead, Sprigge) progression of tones Overlap form (Russell, Foster)

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Retentionalist Model: 1 SP more past B less past Specious present C D E clock time B C D E

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B C D C D E D E F E F G Retentionalist Model: 3 SPs progression of tones continuously

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Retentionalist Model: full radiance progression of tones progressively

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James: Retentionalist or Extentionalist??

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\'Plausible present\' = what James was focused on James = Extensionalist So: recognize \'credible present\' hypotheses from Retentionalist approaches Sean Kelly (late suggestion):

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James = Extensionalist? stream convention \'span pieces\'

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James\' Stream teaching encounters brought together by soul-substance (logic) encounters not bound together (induction) REJECT Experience brings together itself, synchronically & diachronically by means of " conjunctive relations\'

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Conjunctive relations: \'The conjunctive connection that has given most inconvenience to theory is the co-cognizant move , so to call it, by which one experience goes into another when both have a place with the same self. … this feeling of congruity in that most close of every conjunctive connection\'s (WPE)

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But: James = Retentionalist! \'The information of some other part of the stream, past or future, close or remote, is constantly blended in with learning of the present thing\' Volkmann has communicated the matter splendidly: \'if An and B are to be spoken to as happening in progression they should be at the same time spoke to\'

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James\' SP chart: immaculate Retentionalism! \'The sentiment past time is a present feeling\' presumptive present B C D E clock time B C D E

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Diagnosis: In Principles James is pulled in various bearings: Retentionalist when in logical mode Extentionalist when in phenomenological/philosophical mode

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Terminological Recommendation: \'Plausible Present\' – for any record which ascribes clear transient profundity to encounter E.g. Retentionalism E.g. Extensionalism

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Retentionalism: primary supporters Kant Ward James(/2) Lockwood Brentano Broad (L) Husserl Dobbs

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Retentionalism: inspiration (i) Avoid! mindfulness Can we truly be specifically mindful of what lies before? (Then again the future?) Or is hyper vision ordinary? Past Present Future

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Retentionalism: inspiration (ii) Simultaneous Unity Thesis (SUT) : to be captured as progressive, substance must be exhibited together in awareness at the same minute viewed as aphoristic by Volkmann, Ward, James, Husserl, Dobbs

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SUT involves Retentionalism

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Objections to Retention 1: Why aren\'t these accomplished as a harmony, as opposed to a progression? B presumptive present C D E time B C D E

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Main arrangements: Broad\'s "presentedness" Dobbs\' "gravitas" Husserl\'s maintenances indistinct impossible No matter: regardless it might be feasible for transitory experience to have obvious fleeting profundity

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Objection 2: phenomenologically questionable Are we truly mindful, at every minute , of a transient spread of substance? I\'m just mindful of what\'s going on now!

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Objection 3: costly and intriguing Multiplies complete amount of involvement in universe maintenances

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Exotic: Dobbs (& Broad): legitimately saw, maintenance model = two-dimensional time Specious present Experiential (broad) time Ordinary (move) time

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2-D time understanding = completely legitimized more past B less past worldly interim C D E clock time B C D E

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2-d time view: powerless Phenomenal time standard time Surprising & vital disclosure? On the other hand unnecessary place?

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Objection 4: James\' understanding lost? Stream: divided Stream: nearby stages UNIFIED

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Extensionalist Alternative?

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Two Extensionalisms stream Pulse rendition stream Overlap variant

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Fragments stream … progression of tones BETTER: secures congruity of cognizance progression of tones

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Overlap Model: fundamental fixings = Jamesian length square single plausible present Parts spread crosswise over time AND experienced together as a progression

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Diachronic co-awareness = straightforwardly experienced progression/tirelessness A B A B Does mean: specifically listening to A-being-trailed by-B Doesn\'t mean: listening to An and at the same time listening to B (i.e. before it has happened !)

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Diachronic co-awareness: In cognizance together, however as a progression (not all the while = retentional model)

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Overlap model: from pieces to streams Stream of awareness

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Overlap: no (undesirable) duplications D C SP1 D E SP2 F E SP3 Overlapping SPs have basic parts (D in SP1 = D in SP2, and so on)

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The deviated character of diachronic co-awareness relationship? The inborn character of incredible substance? What clarifies the obvious course of experience? More conservative alternative

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Duration-pieces innately changing: movement! movement!

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Overlap however no \'worldly modes\' (= stark) Jamesian saddleback more past simply past present "we have a steady feeling sui generis of pastness, to which each one of our encounters falls prey" James \'qualities\'/natural properties

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B C D C D E D E F E F G Modes are understandable in Retentionalist Model progression of tones progressively 3 numerically unmistakable encounters - changing properties not an issue

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Not in Overlap Model: present SP1 D C SP2 D E simply past A solitary affair, at a specific time, can\'t have distinctive and inconsistent inborn properties around then!

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But: with element substance, worldly modes aren\'t expected to represent saw entry: movement! movement!

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Extension + (certain structures) of Retention Realistic probable present foresights Fringe emotions & pictures tactile center transient recollections (echoes)

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Was James an Overlap Extensionalist? On occasion … .

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A B C D E F G B C D E F G H C D E F G H I \'lingerings of the past dropping progressively away, and the approaches without bounds making up the misfortune\'s

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Extension/Overlap v. Retentionalism KEY ISSUE Simultaneous Unity Thesis

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Accepting Overlap = dismissing SUT Non-synchronous D C But bound together: experienced together

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Why acknowledge SUT? James: oblige Kantian knowledge A specific origination of time A magical presumption

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James: \'A progression of emotions, all by itself, is not a sentiment progression\' True! Yet, Diachronic co-cognizance CDE C D E C D E Difference can be clarified in Extensional way additionally…

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second Motivation: a Neo-Rationalist Assumption? Eg: solidarity of awareness requires something SIMPLE (non-developed, sans part) - so a transient spread of substance must be bound together by a non-broadened encountering Question: why trust this?

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If we dismiss purpose of mindfulness then: Unity a result of between experiential relations (in Jamesian style)

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Why SUT? 3 nd inspiration Tacit responsibility to presentism?

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If the truth is this way: No past No future time then Extensionalism ca

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